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My Favorite Travel Items

I love traveling! I love to take trips every chance I get. I love road trips but I especially love taking flight. There is something just so serene about flying. Maybe its the high altitudes and being able to look out the window and see nothing but clouds… 

When I do travel by plane, here are a few things that I must have with me.

I always have to have my headphones, mine are Beats by Dre wireless headphones. I love these becaue they are noise canceling and they are wireless which keeps my hands free cords that could possibly get in my way. The battery life with these are great as well, I can go days without charging them. I always have to have a power bank with me!! I can not stand to travel without hadving my phone charged!! Your smart phone is the 1 thing that has to be charged!! In most cases once you land, you have to contact your ride whether its a Uber or your friend to pick you up, call the hotel/hotel shuttle to comfirm check in and or pick up times, or sometimes you may have to use the phone to navigate you to your destination! So having a charging back is very important! 

My ipad is another tech item that I have to have! I love to download a movie or two for some inflight entertainment or listen to music.

My smartphone is always needed, as I use it to navigate the airports as well as keep up with flight details! If your airline carrier offers text alerts, Sign up for them!! They are very helpful!!


While on very long flights, I like to bring along a couple of magazines or a good book to read. Because sometimes long flights seem like forever! 



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