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Going Natural Just Isn’t For Everyone! | I’m Being Relaxed Shamed!

Going Natural is a big deal for some, I get it! Life changing, liberating, and a “doing it for the culture experience “. I totally get that, and I’m about it for those that opt to go that route. I’m a pro choice kind of woman, I feel that all people should live as they want and do whatever (within reason) to themselves that makes them happy.

For me personally, going natural isn’t an option, few know that I have once tried it. I did it for a little over a year, and I despised it terribly. It’s way to much work for me, not to mention it’s a bit more expensive. Relaxing my hair is better for my lifestyle. Relaxers make my hair more manageable and saves me lots of time on wash days.

So I’ve been back on the creamy crack for just about 6 years. My favorite relaxer to use is SmartPerm.

Normally after washing and it relaxing my hair, I grease my scalp with one of a few of my favorite grease products and moisturize the length of my hair with coconut oil. I love the scent of coconut oil and love the softness that it gives my hair.

My current favorite shampoo and conditioners are by L’Oréal.

But as I said, it’s each person’s choice as to what they want to do with their hair! Just because you feel its right for you doesnt mean that the next person will feel the same. And I could never see myself giving anyone a had time for wanting to be natural just because I dont like it for myself.  Nor will I try to convince a person to relax! Its your hair, your scalp to make that decision.

These comments literally have no chill.. HAHAHA WTF

Be sure to watch my YouTube video response to being “Relaxed Shamed”! 


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