Ways To Make Your Bungalow Feel Bigger

If you have decided to park your life in a Bungalow rather than a two-story house, you will notice a whole different way of living and it can actually be an awesome place to live. A Bungalow has no risk of you falling down the stairs when texting, the space is often open and bright, and you will often get a large outdoor space to enjoy all year long. But with the absence of a top floor you will lose a little bit of space, and here are some of the top ways you can add more space to your living area this winter in a bungalow.

“My Ideal Living Space Set Up… “

Work on height

Height is always going to be a big thing when it comes to a Bungalow and you will want to create an illusion of height if you want to make the room feel and look much bigger than it is. The main benefit of a Bungalow is the fact that the ceilings will be higher than a regular home and you can really turn this into a feature of the home by having some stunning beams on show and even thinking about installing a skylight or two for extra light and to draw the eye upwards when people visit the house.

Think light colors

If you want to add space and life to any small home you will always need to think about the type of colors you paint on the walls. For example, if you live in a bungalow and the walls are currently a warm red or plum color this will make the space feel more enclosed and although this can be super cozy in the winter, in the summer you will feel boxed in and oppressed. The best decision you can make is to choose a lighter color such as pastels and whites to create bright walls and allow you to add bright colors and personality with pieces of furniture and accessories, and this will create a modern contemporary design.

Knock down walls

Now, if you have supporting walls in your Bungalow we would obviously say to ignore this…. but if not, get the sledgehammer out! The main thing which you can benefit from by living in a bungalow is an open living space, and you can pretty much have the living room, dining room and kitchen all opened up and this can be an awesome home. Think about also changing your doors at the back of the house to sliding doors and bring some floor to ceiling windows for extra light and brightness. It will make a huge difference to the home immediately.

Play with texture

When you are trying to stick to pretty light colors and to make sure you have a sense of spaciousness in the home you will want to think about adding texture for a more rounded design. For example, you can think about bringing a mixture of wood, tile, and fabric into one space all in the same color but in a slightly different hue to give some depth of design. Having a grey carpeted floor with a grey sofa and a furry grey blanket, for example, can look great if the shades of grey vary.

Have legged furniture

If you want to bring more space into the living room without any effort whatsoever the easiest thing you can do is find a coffee table with long legs and get a sofa and chairs with legs too. The reason for this is that when you have the furniture with a space between the floor, you can see the space underneath the item which gives the illusion of the room being bigger than it is. The same thing applies if you were to have a room with lots of clear ornaments such as candle holders and vases.

Multipurpose items

Why have a bookshelf,  a DVD case, a sofa and a set of drawers? A lot of the time you can buy multipurpose items which make storage much easier and it rids you of needing lots of items of furniture clogging up the space in your home. For example, rather than having a DVD case, you can use your ottoman to store everything neatly inside without taking up much room at all. The same goes with storage underneath your bed and other things.

Keep it clean

If you really want to have a large looking home you need to make sure that you keep it clean and get rid of ant clutter which could make it feel cramped. Take the time every so often to clear out things you no longer want or need and this will make a massive difference to your bungalow and allow you to have a spacious and bright home which is inviting to anyone who decides to come and visit you.

Paint the ceiling

Just as we were talking about height earlier, one of the things you can think about if you want to make a small space feel larger is to paint the ceiling. The idea behind doing this to your home is to draw the eye upward as soon as someone enters the room. Doing this will make the room feel larger immediately and it can be a unique design feature which is a fun talking point when people come over. You can choose a bright and bold color, a pastel, or even hang some wallpaper up there for a unique design.

Organize your shelves

Shelving is a big part of any home and they can also make any home look tatty and in need of a clean. If your shelves are cluttered with lots of items and there is no space for anything to shine through, you need to have a clear out and reorganize things. The whole idea of having shelving for decoration is to be able to show off items in the home. If you space things too close together you won’t be showing off your ornaments and the room will look cluttered. Make sure to space items out and only keep items which you genuinely love.

Opt for wooden floors

Carpeted floors are usually the go-to for many of us in the home because it is the norm, but actually, a carpet can sometimes make the space feel more clogged up and cramped. To create a feeling of open space you can think of switching to wooden floors and they will open up the room and will reflect light around to make the home feel much brighter and bigger. It can be a great way to increase the size of your home without much effort at all.

Bring in some reflections

Mirrors will be your best friend when it comes to design in the home and adding a bit of space. When you are decorating the bungalow make sure to add in lots of mirrors to reflect light around the room as well as give the illusion that the room doesn’t end at the wall. It is a super easy way to add space and it will make the home feel much more welcoming.

Have fun with final touches

It is always good to add those final touches to a room to make it feel like a home, and the same applies to your bungalow when you want it to feel larger. To start with, a tall plant in the corner of the room will add to that idea of height and also bring some life and color to your home. You can put out cushions and a throw on your sofa, make sure that the table as a candle on it and just clean up and make the room feel like a home.



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