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Thanks for stopping in… Check out my new planner goodies! These items are not only chic and cute, but they are super helpful in keeping me on task in life! This planner set up is ACOUNTABILITY IN A BINDER!! I love my new setup from This is the best planner for “get it done” and “goal oriented women!The dashboard reads “She Conquered her Fears”! So Inspirational!

Notiq has different insert options to fit your planning style. For me, I favor the “To Do”, “Daily Briefs”, and the “Goals” inserts are my most used currently. It is very important to stay on task daily and complete both daily and monthly goals. Writing these things down reallty helps you to hold yourself accountable for the things that are most important in your life.Writing and planning is also therapeutic and relaxing!

Here are the items that I ordered from

NOTIQ Q5 Agenda Standard 6-Ring A-5 Size

Exclusive Package Includes:

  • 1 NOTIQ Q5 Agenda Standard 6-Ring A-5 Size | $99
  • 1 NOTIQ Luxury Dustbag | $15
  • 1 Owner’s Agenda Dashboard | $5
  • 1 Set of mini planner cards in Blush | $6
  • 1 Consistency TODAY Bookmark in Blush | $2
  • 1 Rose Gold Floral Paper Clip | $2
  • 1 NOTIQ Planner Decor Card in Blush | $2
  • 1 Starter Set of Daily Brief Planner Inserts in Blush | $14
  • 1 Starter Set of To-Do List Planner Inserts | $14
  • 1 Luxury Rose Gold Rim Pen | $20
  • 1 And She Conquered Her Fears Dashboard | $7
  • Standard complimentary shipping and handling | $13 – $22 avg.
  • Exclusive Package Value | $199

This package included everything you need to begin a sucessful planning system or add to your existing system.

Should you decide to order, use my discount code to save 10%! Mesha10

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