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How To Feel Gorgeous In Your Own Skin

In this world we’re surrounded by images of perfection, whether it’s models on Instagram, old school friends posting their perfect moments on Facebook, or even editorials in fashion magazines. Sometimes it can make you feel less than great about yourself – and if that’s how you feel, here are some tips to help you feel gorgeous in your own skin.

Fake It Til You Make It

It’s time to fake it. When you look around yourself, you’ll probably see hordes of people who look as though they’ve got it completely together, with their dream jobs, perfect partners, flawless looks… but the truth is that nobody feels completely confident, and those people are probably struggling just as much as you are. It’s time to become one of them – fake that confidence and after a while you’ll find that you feel that way too. Make eye contact during conversations, say “Thank you!” when someone pays you a compliment instead of getting embarrassed, and reach out for opportunities that you may not feel you’re qualified for. Chances are, other people have much higher opinions of you than you do of yourself.

Take Care Of Your Body

Of course, none of us should base the way we feel about ourselves on the way that we look – but let’s face it, after perusing places on the internet like this site you might start to feel a little low and down on yourself about your appearance. First of all, you’re beautiful and flawless and you don’t need to make any chances. Second of all, if you want to make any surgical changes, that’s absolutely valid and okay. And third: one of the best ways to feel great about the body that you’re in is to make it as powerful as possible. Start walking more often, take out a membership at your local gym and actually go, start meal planning to make sure that you eat as many nutrients as you’re supposed to. Drink plenty of water, take off your makeup before you go to sleep at night, make sure you floss regularly, go to the doctor to get your pap smear when you’re supposed to, quit smoking, drink less often. When you feel that your body is in great shape, you’ll feel much better about yourself.

Be Kind To Yourself

Finally, it’s time to start treating yourself with as much kindness as you treat those around you. We all say things to ourselves that we would never say to another human being. You should make sure that you surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and who celebrate your achievements instead of pulling you down. Start to practise self-care: take all the vacation days that you’re allotted at work, explore the world, and take time for yourself. Pursue your hobbies in your spare time and read about things that you’re interested in. There are few things more attractive than a person who has passions and things that they love. When you look at your reflection, smile, and remind yourself every day that you’re beautiful.


You deserve to feel gorgeous in your own skin – these tips should help you get out and face the world with a smile.


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