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Fun Ideas For Developing Your Own Unique Style

Developing your own unique style isn’t something that happens by accident. This is something you do by experimenting, and really staying committed to the idea of being comfortable choosing an outfit and enjoying it with little stress. Your outfits should be practical and make you feel good about yourself. If they don’t, then you should definitely take a look at some of the tips here that will help you to develop your own unique style.

Find Muses That You Can Take Ideas From

Start by finding fashion muses that you can take ideas from. Remember, this isn’t about copying them – you want to find your own style, not rip style ideas off from somebody else. However, you can pay attention to how they seem to have mixed up their patterns and colors and layered items so that you can do the same with your outfits. Follow pages that you enjoy looking at on Instagram and save outfits you really love for later. You never know when this back catalogue of nice outfits might come in handy to help you dress yourself!

Build Up A Solid Jewelry Collection So You Can Experiment

Something else you want to do is build up a solid jewelry collection. Having plenty of jewelry means you can continue experimenting with your look. Pile on the gold rings for women, wear statement necklaces and earrings, and just have fun with the pieces you wear. They can seriously enhance an outfit, so failure to accessorize is not an option. Even if you want to go for a more minimal look, some jewelry is a must. You can use it to show off your personality and enhance your look perfectly.

Figure Out How You Want Your Outfit To Make You Feel

How do you want to feel in your outfit? By figuring out how you want to feel first you can then build your outfit better. Do you want to feel cool and comfortable? Then throw on some jeans, trainers, and an oversized jumper. Do you want to feel flirty and girly? Maybe a skirt with a t-shirt tucked in and some boots.


Take Pictures To Document Your Look

Always take pictures to document your look. You can then go back and assess what you thought looked good and what you didn’t enjoy so much. Sometimes, you can only learn when you actually wear an outfit why it did or didn’t work. If you were super comfortable all day and felt great, you know it’s a winner. If you got irritated with something you were wearing, you know not to wear it again. It’s all about learning from what you’ve worn in the past.

Book An Appointment With A Personal Stylist

It’s ok to get some help if you need it. Not everybody was born with a natural eye for style! Book an appointment with a personal stylist and you’ll get an idea of the colors and shapes that suit you best.


Do you have any tips? Leave a comment!


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