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Air Fried Naked Chicken Wings! #MyBellaLife

Recently, during Macy’s Columbus Day sale I purchased a Bella 2.6 quart air fryer! I have been wanting one of these machines for months now. I was introduced to this kitchen gadget by a friend whom loved it and swore by it. Though I must admit I was skeptical of air fryers, though Im skeptical of anything that has a 30+ minute infomercial.

But after experiencing the air fryer for myself, I was instantly sold! 

This machine makes the perfect wings! Im so happy that I bought it, I mean… it’s perfect for my busy lifestyle. I dont have to worry about messing up a bunch of dishes, pouring messy grease into a frying pan, and not to mention the clean up of all that grease splatter on the stove top! Eww! And there’s no nasty annoying fried food odor lingering around my apartment after using my air fryer!

This is how I prepared my wings! These are fresh chicken wings I picked up from the market. I seasoned them with my favorite seasonings. These wings were packed with flavor!! Yummmers!

My seasonings for my naked wings!

Once my wings were seasoned to my liking, I put them into the air fryer which had been pre-heated for 6 mins. I set the heat to 375. I let my wings cook for just about 36 mins. I did flip them after just about 15-20mins in.

These wings were perfection! Perfect for game night!! And prep and cook time is super easy!! I highly suggest this air fryer to anyone!!

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