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This is the very item I didnt know that I needed! Trust me Sis! You will love this organizer!! gave me an opportunity to experience their purse organizers! I never thought of owning one until now!! I mean, I did not realize how practical they really are. I opted for the Large red organizer. It retails for $26.88!!  Direct link:

Here are the dimensions to my very organizer.

Large Organizer
Approx. 11.4(W)*7.1(H) *5.9(D) inch–Fits LV Speedy 35 perfectly, LV Neverfull MM and Other Similar Tote Bags and Handbags.

Product Design:
SINGLE DETACHABLE WALLET POCKET AND KEY CHAIN: 13 Pockets Total Purse Organizer,3 exterior pockets, 10 interior pockets with singly detachable pocket in the middle which can keep valuable articles or used as a separate wallet after detached. Extra detachable long felt keys chain help find the keys easily

I picked the large because I knew it would fit my LV Neverfull as well as my Speedy 35 bags!! This was perfect for me! I think this is a really good choice if you are looking to organize your bag.  Direct link:

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