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2 Ways To Update Your Living Room In Style

Over the past year-and-a-half, you might have been staying home more than ever. Even if you are ready to get out and explore the world again, you still need a place to call home. With that in mind, your home should be comfortable and inviting for you and all you welcome inside. There are some fun and creative ways to make minor home edits for maximum impact.


Whether you spend a lot of time at home or simply enjoy your time there when you are home, you will want a very comfortable sofa. A sofa is a place to relax. The ubiquitous sofa invites you to curl up with a good book and toasty pajamas on a crisp fall day. The sofa beckons you and your friends for a fun night of binge-worthy shows and delicious food and drink.

Keeping all of the ways you can use your sofa at the forefront of your planning, look to the line of swyft sofas. When making your sofa purchasing decisions, consider the color and fabric to match, contrast, or complement with your current furniture. 

Next, measure your current sofa and determine if it meets your needs. Do you like the size and configuration, or are you ready for something new? Perhaps a modular setup will work best for you so you can change up the seating arrangement whenever you please. There are many varieties available. You will surely find the best one for your preferences. Finally, if you are concerned about how the sofa will fit through your doorway and into the interior of your home, they come in well-planned boxes for easy assembly (and disassembly) inside.

To finish off the beautiful look of your new sofa, add in some new throw pillows for coordinating style. Effortlessly throw a blanket over the side of the sofa to complete it all. Get ready to enjoy your new space.


After you decide upon your new sofa, sit down on your current one and take in your walls. Look at what you have. Are you ready for some new adornments? Is your old art a little too familiar at this point? If so, you can rotate your living room art with other rooms in your home. Or, go the DIY route and create something special by you and for you. Here is a unique tutorial on how to create personalized canvas artwork using your photos.

There are a virtual multitude of online art houses where you can spend a little or a lot to get the look you want for your living room. You can create a gallery wall out of your curated collection of existing artwork. Go outside of the proverbial box and use items such as album covers, the records themselves, keys to old homes you have lived in – the sky is the limit!

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Your home is where you spend so much of your time, especially your living room. Make it your favorite place with a comfortable and stylish update that you will enjoy for years.

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