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Everyone knows that I’m a youtuber! Not only do I create content, but I’m obessed with watching youtube videos! I have noticed that alot of my favorite content creators have been sporting the cute bags in which they purchased from sites like

And Gucci has been really popular these days!! Gucci has been spotted all over social media on almost all of my favorite vloggers and bloggers.

So, I decided to order a fake! Yes… I know, I know, But I was just so curious. I did it! This is the bag I ordered. This bag, a real one, retails for $2,2200 at Nordstrom. Guys, I love fashion, but Im just not ready to make such an investment this bag.

I paid $12 free shipping for this bag! Here is the sellers info: Jinping220

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    February 15, 2019 at 2:58 pm

    Hi- Looking at purchasing from this seller, would you recommend or no?

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