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Well hello! So you are here for the fake bag info huh! Well here it is! The seller name is: Amazing689

I paid only $6.99 for this bag. This bag is a cheap fake but it actually looks good for the tiny price paid. Honestly, this bag is not for me, but I do like the style.

Though when shopping on iOffer,  you have to have patience because these items ship from China. These sellers are not sending these in a way to get them to you any faster, besides, considering the cheap prices… I mean, Can you blame them!?

seller’s link:

Prices are subject to change as each seller has that right to adjust their prices as they see fit. When searching iOffer, use words like: flap shoulder bag, gold chain strap, gg bag, gold g bag, etc…

Though, I do not carry these bags, I do not just throw them away. They are donated.


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