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How I Pack My Makeup For Travel

Finally I am answering the question, How I pack my personal makeup for travel! For the most part, I feel like I am a very light traveler! I really don’t pack as many items as one would think, especially when it comes to my makeup.

Here is the makeup case that I travel with.

I picked this up from Amazon, and it was very affordable! Only $15.99 for this study and stylish makeup case. Its a bit small but it holds alot and keeps your makeup safe from breakage.

I love that you can adjust the compartments to your very own liking. That was a big selling point for me. Check out its interior.

Pretty nice right!! This is why I decided to use it!

Watch Me Pack My Makeup For Travel

As you see, this case is really spacious! It can hold alot or your makeup. I honestly feel that this makeup case is must have if you travel alot and a need a cute sturdy case to hold your makeup needs. I absolutely love mine. I can’t image traveling without it anymore.

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Stay Fresh & Fabulous On Your Next Flight

Ew. That’s the first thing we want to say. Just Ew. Flying is a necessity if you want to get to any destination in the world that isn’t your home country. The further you go, the more ew you feel. Flying is notoriously annoying, and it definitely isn’t known for making you feel fresh at the other side. But, considering there’s a big wide world out there for you to explore, you need to find a way to take that ew out of flying. Staying fresh and fabulous is actually more important than you think. I’m  not just writing this article so that you can land in your destination feeling like a beauty queen. I’m writing it so that you can land in your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore. The last thing you want is to land, feel so horrible and tired, and just go to the hotel room to waste your first day. Travel ewness is a real thing, and I’m  about to solve it for you. So, if you have a holiday coming up and you want to make sure you look and feel the part when you land, then have a read of this article, and let me melt all of your troubles away!


Pack Some Essentials In Your Carry On

So, staying fresh and fabulous begins before you even step on the plane. You need to make sure you have a few items in your carry on to make sure that you can actually keep yourself fresh. It’ll work better if you have a handbag with you, because you don’t have to keep getting up and down to find it out of your carry on suitcase. So, the first thing you need to do pack deodorant and some perfume. One of the main reasons why you’re going to feel so ew, is because a plane can be a pretty smelly place, and if it’s hot, then you’ve got such a high risk of sweating a little, and feeling even more horrible. So, if you’re on a long haul flight, take yourself to the bathroom and have a spray of each. If you’re on a short haul, wait until it’s nearly time to land. Just simple spraying some deodorant will freshen you up, and make you feel ten times better. Secondly, take some moisturiser, for both your face and your hands. When you go to the bathroom, have a good wash of your face with cold water. It’ll wake you up, refresh your skin, and allow you to feel more alert. Apply a nice amount of moisturiser, and you really will feel fresh. An added bonus would be to buy a little mouthwash to give you mouth a rinse with. There’s nothing better than fresh breath!


Get Some Sleep

Sleep is so so important if you want to land in your destination and feel good. Obviously, if you’ve got a flight in the afternoon that’s only going to take two hours, then this one doesn’t really apply to you. But if you’ve had a 6 in the morning flight, and your flight is a few hours long, it’s really important that you try to get at least an hours sleep. It really will help to keep you fresh and fabulous when you wake up, as you won’t have that tired, drained look on your face. You can find tips for sleeping on a plane here, as we know to some of you, sleeping on a plane is pretty much impossible! The best thing you can do is listen to some relaxing music, have a gin and tonic or three, and have one of those travel pillows on standby. I definitely wouldn’t recommend drinking too much on your quest for sleep either. Just a little tipple to help you feel cosy will do!


Hydration & Moisturization

Hydration really is important on any length of flight. It’s well known that flying dries out every corner of your skin, making your skin look tired and dry. So, every hour, apply a light layer of moisturiser and lip balm. It might seem extreme, but your skin will thank you for it when you land. You should also make sure you’re drinking a bottle of water every hour. It might leave you needing a wee more than you would like, but it does help to make sure you’re hydrated. Hydration leads to alertness, and it also prevents your skin from drying out. If you’re on a long haul flight, it’s more important to make sure you’re drinking plenty, as you can actually fall ill from not doing so!

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Las Vegas, NV Weekend! – Treasure Island Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas has something for everyone of all ages! It’s a city jammed pack with fun, gambling, and all sorts of exciting entertainment and FOOD!! There was just so much to see and do, it was almost overwhelming! Though I have gone to Las Vegas multiple times, there is always something new to experience.

From the moment you step off the aircraft into the airport, the excitement begins!! There were slot machines everywhere! The sounds of the machines just only adds to the thrill of being in Vegas!

While in Vegas, I stayed at Treasure Island. It was amazingly nice, I picked this resort because at the time I was looking to book, they had the most reasonable rate for a deluxe double room (I booked through Expedia).

The room and very clean and plush, the bathroom is always the selling point for me, it was spacious and luxe!

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Hyatt Regency – Louisville, KY

Flights can be very long and very hard on the body, which is why once the flight is over, you want to have made certain that your hotel in which you will be staying is satisfying! Having nice plush hotel accomodations is very important to me. I consider a few things when selecting hotels.

For me, I love it when the hotel has an airport shuttle service, free wifi, and is in walking distance to local night life. And of course the hotel has to have a nice esthetic! I can relax much better when things are beautiful.

Hyatt Regency of Louisville, KY was really nice, not only was the room estheticially pleasing to the eye, but it was emaculately clean! The location is really great too, I was in walking distance to almost everything! 4th Street Live is literally right outside the front door of the hotel. There are so many nice bars and live entertainment! There just happened to be a Nelly concert that night.

If you are ever looking for a cool place to stay in Louisville, KY then try the Hyatt! This will really make your stay in Louisville,KY that much more memorable.

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Shopping Day in Birmingham,AL – Easy Comfy Dress & Slides

Today was a fun day shopping in Birmingham, AL… I visited The Summit where I did some makeup shopping at Mac Cosmetics.

I wore this easy and comfortable black shirt and black slides with bows. My handbag is by Cherish Kiss.

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Louisville, Kentucky – 4th Street Live!! St.Patrick’s Day

Louisville, Kentucky was a blast this weekend! I didnt know what too expect when visiting Louisville this weekend. Though when I got the invite, I couldnt refuse! As I am always up for an adventure! I flew into Louisville via an American Air lines flight, which was very nice, might I add. I was picked up from the airport by Uber, where he took me directly to the hotel.

For a Free Uber ride up to $5  Use Code:  cameshap19ue

I was fortunate to stay at a beautiful hotel located in the thicko of things! Literally only a few steps away from a night of fun, food, and drinks!! The weather was nice, chilly but not too cold! 

My first night in Louisville was spent exploring 4th Street Live and getting a feel for the area! As this weekend is St. Patrick’s Day weekend,which means green beer and good times!

To describe 4the Street Live, I’d compare it to Beale Street in Memphis, TN but on a smaller scale. Though that doesn’t take from it’s fun factor! It was Amazingly fun and super inviting! I can’t wait to re-visit.

My outfit of the night consisted of my green body on dresss and flat knee boots! Inside my LV pouchette, I kept my ID, cellphone, and cards. When I’m out on the town I like to keep things simple.

For a Free Uber ride up to $5  Use Code:  cameshap19ue

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My Favorite Travel Items

I love traveling! I love to take trips every chance I get. I love road trips but I especially love taking flight. There is something just so serene about flying. Maybe its the high altitudes and being able to look out the window and see nothing but clouds… 

When I do travel by plane, here are a few things that I must have with me.

I always have to have my headphones, mine are Beats by Dre wireless headphones. I love these becaue they are noise canceling and they are wireless which keeps my hands free cords that could possibly get in my way. The battery life with these are great as well, I can go days without charging them. I always have to have a power bank with me!! I can not stand to travel without hadving my phone charged!! Your smart phone is the 1 thing that has to be charged!! In most cases once you land, you have to contact your ride whether its a Uber or your friend to pick you up, call the hotel/hotel shuttle to comfirm check in and or pick up times, or sometimes you may have to use the phone to navigate you to your destination! So having a charging back is very important! 

My ipad is another tech item that I have to have! I love to download a movie or two for some inflight entertainment or listen to music.

My smartphone is always needed, as I use it to navigate the airports as well as keep up with flight details! If your airline carrier offers text alerts, Sign up for them!! They are very helpful!!


While on very long flights, I like to bring along a couple of magazines or a good book to read. Because sometimes long flights seem like forever! 


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My Experience at Fish Market

Dinner at Fish Market Hoover, AL

This was my first time ever eating there and it was so good. I mean, I can’t wait to return.  The staff was really good and really polite. My fish was amazing, I had the stuffed flounder with Greek rice and fired okra. #yummers

The menu was very vast… beware! So many delicious entree to decide on.

The atmosphere was really laid back… casual. Great place to take a first date, family dinner, or have book club meetings (there was actually a club meeting in progress). 

Visit Fish Market as soon as you feel like enjoying some really good seafood. 


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Panama City Beach, Florida Vacation

April 2017, Panama City Beach, Florida.