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MUA must haves

MUA must haves

Blonde Bob Wig – MegaLook Hair

Bob Wigs Ombre Color T1b/27 Human Hair Lace Frontal Bob Wigs -Megalook Hair

This wig is by MegaLook hair. This is their bob style wig in the color T1b27, in 14 inches. This is human hair, it takes heat very well and you can color the hair should you need to.

Direct link:

I have really been enjoying wearing bob styled wigs lately. This one is perfect, the density and cut is perfect!

The color is very flattering for brown skin tones.

There were a few fly away hairs around the front, along the part, you simply pull them out or use gel or a wax still for hair to tame them.

Beauty MUA must haves

LED Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirrror

Direct link to mirror: ***The 30% OFF discount code: MBSGNLF9 *** This is the perfect affordable vanity makeup mirror! *Homever vanity mirror with lights can either operated by 4 pcs AAA batteries (not included) or USB cable (USB wire included)to make it work.

Every makeup lover needs a mirror like this! Not only is it affordable, but it is super easy to travel with as well! Initial setup takes just about 20secs! Very easy to use and assemble. This mirror looks great sitting on your vaniyt or counter top.

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MUA must haves

Secure The Wig Sis!! I Tried The Bald Cap Method


This bald cap method seems to be the trend and the key to having your wig lay flawless flat around the perimeter of your head.

So… I decided to give it try as I had a photoshoot recently and I needed mIy wig to behave. It just wouldnt be a good look having my wig sliding around on my head or the lace blowing in the wind to expose my stocking cap! How embarrasing right?!?

Let me say that the bald cap method is extremely effective. My wig stayed in place for 3 days ( though it could have stayed a couple more days). This method does take just about 30mins give or take… mind you that this was my very first time attempting this.

Though I did make a few mistakes along the way that I quickly learned from.

Here are the things you need to do this method:

  • Blow dryer
  • comb
  • got2b glued gel
  • got2b Blasting Spray
  • beige or skin toned stocking cap

Watch Me Try The Bald Cap Method For The First Time

Beauty Makeup by Mesha MUA must haves My thoughts as a Makeup artist

Shayla x Colourpop Perception Palette & C’mon Sis Lipstick

Recently Ive said that I would not buy another darn eyeshadow palette! I have so many palettes and I can admit that they all almost look the same! Yep, I said it! But when I saw the MakeupShayla and Colourpop collaboration, it was a no brainer! I knew it had to have it for a few reasons! 1, I wanted to see Shayla win and 2, the palette had all of my favorite colors in one palette!! It’s perfection! 

I honestly didnt expect these shadows to be soooo smooth and soft! They feel and perform like luxury shadows, such a pleasant surprise! Especially for the price point. This palette is only $23!

There are three lipsticks in the collaboration collection, I only purchased one. I purchased “C’mon Sis”, this lipstick was the right choice for me, as I love pinky nudes.

This is the look I created today using the palette and the lipstick! Nice wearable everyday look. Save $5 on your Order from Colourpop!

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Beauty MUA must haves

Covergirl Matte Made TrueBlend Foundation Swatches – Deep Shades

These foundations are the best affordable matte drugstore foundations yet!!

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MUA must haves My thoughts as a Makeup artist

Cut Crease Stamper!! Cut Crease in Seconds!!

Finally got my hands on the cutcrease stamping tool. I ordered it from Amazon.

Its totally made of silicon for easy use and easy clean up! Using the tool is very easy, all you do is coat the tool with a full coverage concealer, position it on your eyelid, then press it firmly to your lid to ensure that the concealer transfers to your lid. I used LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer as my cutcrease base.

Once the concealer is on the lid, gently blend the edges… then apply lid color of your choice. Here is the result of my first time using this stamper.

Great for beginners who are not yet comfortable at creating a cutcrease using only brushes. Also good for client use as well, makes for a speedy application process and it still looks very skilled and neat!

Very easy to clean, just wipe it off with a makeup remover wipe or a form of wet wipe!



Affordable Fashion Fashion Trends MUA must haves

Cherish Kiss 40cm & 35cm Padlock Handbags- $149 Leather Firkin

40cm Cherish Kiss Padlock Bag

40cm Cherish Kiss Padlock Bag

40cm Bag

This bag is amazing and its priced to sell!! The quality is IMPECABLE! I was so scared upon ordering it…because you never know what youre going to get when you order stuff like this…just because the pictures look great doesnt mean that the item YOU get will be the same. I did my research and read the reviews! People were pleased and were posting pics of thier bags! I was then sold!!

35cm Cherish Kiss Padlock Bag

35cm Cherish Kiss Padlock Bag

I decided to go with Cherish Kiss over all the other companies on Amazon selling this same style bag!

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Link I used to purchase my handbag:

Beauty MUA must haves My thoughts as a Makeup artist

Naked Petite Heat Palette – Urban Decay Cosmetics

 I have been really feeling cutcrease looks these days… This is the look I came up with using only my Naked Petite palette by urban decay. Yes, only using the shaded from this little palette.

This little palette packs a big punch! This is a must have for both advanced makeup lovers and beginners the same!

I love the subtle drama of my look and the colors are perfect for both day and night wear.

My lips are lined with 24/7 glide liner in “Alkaline”by Urban Decay and on the lips I’m wearing “Hearthrob” by Ruby Kisses Cosmetics.  On my cheeks, Im wearing “Passionate” a blush by Coastal Scents.

Lifestyle MUA must haves

Going Natural Just Isn’t For Everyone! | I’m Being Relaxed Shamed!

Going Natural is a big deal for some, I get it! Life changing, liberating, and a “doing it for the culture experience “. I totally get that, and I’m about it for those that opt to go that route. I’m a pro choice kind of woman, I feel that all people should live as they want and do whatever (within reason) to themselves that makes them happy.

For me personally, going natural isn’t an option, few know that I have once tried it. I did it for a little over a year, and I despised it terribly. It’s way to much work for me, not to mention it’s a bit more expensive. Relaxing my hair is better for my lifestyle. Relaxers make my hair more manageable and saves me lots of time on wash days.

So I’ve been back on the creamy crack for just about 6 years. My favorite relaxer to use is SmartPerm.

Normally after washing and it relaxing my hair, I grease my scalp with one of a few of my favorite grease products and moisturize the length of my hair with coconut oil. I love the scent of coconut oil and love the softness that it gives my hair.

My current favorite shampoo and conditioners are by L’Oréal.

But as I said, it’s each person’s choice as to what they want to do with their hair! Just because you feel its right for you doesnt mean that the next person will feel the same. And I could never see myself giving anyone a had time for wanting to be natural just because I dont like it for myself.  Nor will I try to convince a person to relax! Its your hair, your scalp to make that decision.

These comments literally have no chill.. HAHAHA WTF

Be sure to watch my YouTube video response to being “Relaxed Shamed”! 

Beauty MUA must haves My thoughts as a Makeup artist

“Back Talk” Eye & Face Palette – Urban Decay Cosmetics

So! Here’s whats new with Urban Decay Cosmetics! “BackTalk“!! 

Has there ever been a better or more important time to give some serious clapback? Show your unstoppable femme power with Backtalk Palette, a go-anywhere, do-anything kit inspired by Backtalk, our No. 1 selling, cult-favorite Vice Lipstick shade.

Like two palettes in one, this travel-ready case holds eight nude-mauve, soft berry and muted rose Eyeshadow shades on one side and four coordinating shades of blush and highlighter on the other. Forget about being a lady and give ’em what they deserve.

This trend has never been hotter, and these shades are universally flattering on all skin tones. Feeling pretty in pink? Add 3 Sheets, a satin pinky peach shade, to lids, while highlighting cheekbones with our crazy-shimmery highlighter, Party Foul. Or, get deep-blending Shade, a fuchsia satin, into the crease, and finish off your look with Cheap Shot, a medium pink-nude highlighter. No matter the vibe, Backtalk has your eyes and cheeks speaking volumes.

Backtalk Palette takes no prisoners—much like your attitude—and fits 12 gorgeous pigments into one sleek palette. A double-sided, removable mirror acts as a divider between the Eyeshadow shades and the blush and highlighter shades. Our shadows are just as advanced as the packaging: Every shade features our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ for velvety pigments that blend easily, stay rich and last for hours. Now, go get ’em!

Shades included:
3 SHEETS (pale pink-nude matte)
BARE (light pinky-peach satin)
CURVE (metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter)
ATTITUDE (metallic red-copper)
BACKTALK (soft rosy mauve matte)
WTF (reddish brown matte)
SHADE (deep fuchsia satin)
180 (metallic brown-red)

DOUBLE TAKE (rich mauve with slight shimmer)
LOW KEY (pink-peach)
CHEAP SHOT (medium pink-nude)
PARTY FOUL (light pink-nude shimmer)

Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free.

Fill Weight: 
8 x 1.40 g POIDS NET/NET WT. 8 x 0.04 oz

4 x 4.00 g POIDS NET/NET WT. 4 x 0.14 oz

This will be released soon! So signup for the notification as not to miss this launch!!!