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Smile Direct Club!! I’m getting my Teeth Fixed!!

Guess who’s working on her smile! Me! Yep! I have chosen to go with Smile Direct Club to help me create my perfect smile. There is currently a sale happening right now that I took advantage of!! I ordered my Kit on Friday and received it Monday! Fast!

The Kit is normally like $99, I got it half off!! Guess what though, YOU CAN STILL USE A COUPON CODE to get it even cheaper! I DID!! I paid only $24.99! Yep!

Next Ill pay my deposit, then begin monthly payments of 80 or less per month!

Join The SmileDirectClub TODAY:

Here’s how it works.

In 3 easy steps, SmileDirectClub helps deliver a smile you’ll love safely, discreetly, and without the hassle of in-person monthly visits.

Smile Direct Club makes a 3D image of your teeth to see exactly what’s going on and align your smile. There are two easy ways to make a 3D image: you can visit a SmileShop for a scan of your smile, or SDC can build it from the impression you take using our at-home impression kit. Your 3D smile is reviewed by a duly licensed dentist or orthodontist, who will guide your new smile from beginning to end – with a treatment plan that lasts, on average, 6 months.

Next, SDC will send you a preview of your new smile showing how your smile will transform and begin production of your invisible aligners, as unique to you as a fingerprint. Then they will deliver aligners that guide your teeth into alignment. SDC will also send premium teeth whitening so you can show off those pearly whites.

Don’t wait, Join the SmileDirectClub Now:

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Iced Coffee At Home – NuWave BruHub

I am a big coffee drinker! I love it! I drink a cup (or two) daily. I love to drink both hot and cold coffee! Lately I have been obsessed with iced coffee.

I have been brewing McCafe Iced Kcup pods in my Nuwave BruHub Coffee Maker.

This coffee maker will make you feel like you are indulging in highend coffee each time you use it! I LOVE it! This coffee maker is a total game changer. I love that I can brew my favorite coffee pods as well as brew a full carafe!

My Nuwave BruHub Coffee Maker

Be Sure to watch my youtube video to see just how I make my iced coffee!

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A Tattoo Fit For Any Outfit

When it comes to beauty, there are few lines we won’t cross. We do what we can to keep up with trends. We go all out with makeup hacks which are sure to serve. We even spend hours in front of the mirror trying to find our next look. And, in some cases, we go all out with permanent beauty additions which take our style to the next level.

We are, of course, talking about tattoos. Whether you want your makeup tattooed or your arm, recent years have seen this permanent beauty method gaining in popularity. Most of us now have at least one tattoo somewhere. And, done right, these can compliment any outfit. Done wrong, and you could end up looking like a ruined canvas.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, then, you’re probably curious about how to get tattoos ‘right’. That’s why we’re here with a beauty-lover’s guide to a tattoo which is sure to work with any outfit.

Pick a body part you can easily hide

This may seem a strange point to start on. If you’re going to hide your tat, why should you bother getting it in the first place? But, bear with us. The fact is that if you want a tattoo which suits every outfit, a hideable option is your best bet. We aren’t saying you need to get this on the bottom of your foot. But, opting for your wrist or upper arm may be your best bet. That way, you can get it out when you’re dressing down or heading into town. Yet, you can still cover up when you’re heading for an all-important business meeting. It doesn’t get much better than that for a tattoo which suits every occasion. Before you take the plunge, then, think long and hard about where you make your mark.

Choose your parlor carefully

Next, you need to think a bit about the tattoo parlor you opt to go with. You wouldn’t head to any old salon, would you? Well, taking time here is even more vital. Remember that, whatever this place does to you, you need to live with it forever. Make sure, then, to look at every parlor’s credentials and past work. When you head in to book up, get a sneak peek at their health procedures. In an ideal world, you want to see cleaning gear like this red soap, and plenty of sterile equipment. Only then can you be sure that the tattooist in question is going to do your design real justice.


Keep it subtle

It’s also worth noting that you should aim to keep your design subtle. As with makeup, less is often more in the world of tattooing. If you go all out with a whole arm design, you’ll struggle to ensure it suits your look. Plus, something like this is sure to pull the eye from everything else. By comparison, a classy number on your wrist can set off your look, rather than bulldozing it altogether.

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3 Ways To Deal With Seriously Damaged Hair

Everybody suffers from dry hair from time to time, but for some people, it’s a very big problem. There are a few different reasons that your hair can dry out and get damaged. It might be that you’re not looking after it properly or it might be that you’ve been putting too many products in it. Dying your hair too often and not using good quality dye is a common reason that people end up with seriously damaged hair. If your hair has seen better days and you’re struggling to deal with dryness and lots of split ends, there are ways that you can bring it back to life again. These are some of the best ways to deal with seriously damaged hair.

Wigs And Extensions

If the damage is particularly bad, you might find that it comes out in big clumps when you’re washing it and you have a lot of patches where the hair is very thin. It’s so hard to deal with this and it can have a big impact on your self esteem, so you need to find a short term solution that will get your hair looking great and give you your confidence back. You can use wigs and hair extensions to cover some of the thin patches and get your hair looking healthy again. Now that you’ve got a short term solution that allows you to wear your hair down without feeling self conscious, you can start looking at ways to repair your hair and get it looking healthy again.

Stop Using Hair Dye

Dying your hair is great fun and it’s an easy way to give yourself a completely new look, but so many people go overboard with it. If you’re constantly dying it and changing the color all of the time, that’s when you’re going to do some damage. If your hair is already very dry, you’re just going to make the problem worse. Bleaching is particularly bad if it isn’t done right because it opens the cuticles in your hair to strip the color out. When the cuticles in your hair are weakened, it makes it far more prone to drying out and splitting.  At this stage, it’s best to avoid any colors at all until your hair is healthy again, and then you should only be dying your hair occasionally and doing it with good quality products.

Use Products Correctly

So many people make the mistake of thinking that products are good for your hair so the more you use, the better it will be. But the reality is, using too many products or using the wrong products can do a lot of damage to your hair. The first thing to remember is that you need to use good quality products, not cheap ones. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your hair looking its best. You also need to choose products that suit your hair type. For example, if you have quite fine hair, you need shampoo and conditioner specifically for that, the same goes if you have curly hair. Using the wrong kind of product can do more damage to your hair.

Even the most damaged hair can look amazing again as long as you look after it properly and stop using products that damage it.

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*** 57K GIVEAWAY *** Boujee Thrills & Feels

@TINA LADY  Congratulations & Thank you for being a Subscriber!

Guys!!! I am so excited to host this GIVEAWAY!! This Giveaway is in celebration of my Youtube channel reaching 57K subscribers! To some, this number may seem small, But to me, IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL!! I’m totally over the moon about this!! I feel both Blessed and extremely Thankful for this milestone!! Thank you all for making this happen for me! I love you all!!

Here is what’s up for grabs!!

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And follow me on Instagram @meshamodel @makeupmesha!! Also leave a comment that reads “Enter me” or “Subscribed” in the comment section below!! It’s as simple as that!! THE DEADLINE TO ENTER IS 4/11/19 5:00pm.

The winner will be announced on 04/13!!

Feel free to share this post and tag a friend! Again, Thank you so much!!

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The Timeless Accessory Trends To Try Out

There’s a lot of accessories out there that you can dress up in, but some have more longevity to them than others. When it comes down to it, the older the idea behind the accessory, the longer it’s going to last – coming up with new and exciting ideas for fashion, using new materials, and making your own stylish brand, was all the rave during the 20th century, and that’s when some of the biggest designer brands out there got started.

So let’s think about what kinds of accessories have a timeless element to them – below we’ve got just three of the countless pieces out there that have stuck in the fashion mindset since they were created. These are just the best examples if you’re looking to create something versatile of your own.

A Diamond Ring

Diamonds have a lot of meaning to them, and since diamonds were first discovered in India back in the 4th century BC, there’s been a mystery surrounding them, and a huge demand for them. Diamond is the hardest material on Earth, and that’s something that gets people very interested.

There’s a lot of diamond ring retailers out there, and some stores have dedicated themselves to selling diamond jewellery alone. You can read up on this comprehensive blue nile review if you’re in the market for a diamond piece, as you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth!


A Little Black Bag

Bags are very popular with women, seeing as the pockets on our trousers are never deep enough, and we’ve got way too much to carry along with us just to fit into the pockets on our coats. So it’s clear a middlestep was needed, and that’s where the idea to create fashionable bags came from. And there’s none more fashionable than a little black bag, in the same way the little black dress is an element of timeless style.

The Chanel brand has a bit of a monopoly on using black as a theme for their pieces, and their website has a ‘classic’ bag section dedicated to black clutches that are popular with the consumer. Of course, these bags cost thousands to buy, so anyone who owns one is going to be very proud of their purchase! But these bags are versatile enough to go with any outfit you’ve got on, which only adds to their continued relevance in the modern era.

A Good Trench Coat

There’s a good chance you already own a trench coat, seeing as it’s great for both keeping you warm, and giving your outfit a stylish outer touch to it. And it’s been that way for decades – a trench coat is a sign of a sophisticated person, and there’s a huge call for these pieces in professional settings. Whether you’re a social media influencer, or you’ve got to be at the office in 10 minutes, a trench coat means you can get the job done.

Some accessories truly are timeless, so make sure you know about them.

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24K Wings With My Bella Air Fryer

Look at these wings! OOOO EMMMM GEEE GEEEEEEEE!! These were so beautiful and sooooo yummmy! I made these 24K Honey Gold wings in my Bella air fryer. I have been loving my air fryer! I have been using it regularly since I purchased it.

But these wings are so easy and fun to make! Your family and friends are sure to love these!

Be sure to watch my Youtube video on how to make the 24K Wings!!

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Things To Do In New York City

Over 60 million people every year will visit one city in the US; it is the home to some of the most iconic buildings and monuments in the history of this country. That place is, of course, New York City. If you are interested in being one of those people that visits NYC this year, then here is a look at some of the things you might want to do with your time in the city that never sleeps.


One of the most popular things to do in New York City is to take a trip to the theatre, but this isn’t just any show. This is a show on Broadway, the canyon of heroes. For around a century, theatre has been the centerpiece to Times Square, the place where the great and the good come to see some of the finest plays, musical, and actors from around the world perform. There are always last minute Broadway tickets available, so don’t worry if you arrive without having pre-booked your experience. But do be aware, the more popular shows like Book of Mormon may very well sell out in advance of your trip, so planning ahead isn’t the worst idea.

For some just walking around this part of the city is enough, but if you can get inside some of the historic theatres you will be experiencing something special.


Walking around New York City, it is hard to avoid coming across major attractions. You are never too far away from an impressive structure or monument to past times. For those of you looking for a natural escape, there is Central Park, a green space to help you escape the hustle and bustle of this thriving city. But it is architecture people come to New York to see, and you will not be disappointed.

The most iconic of the buildings in New York is without doubt the Empire State Building. As if it wasn’t unique enough with its over 80 meter spire, the film King Kong cemented its legacy as a piece of American history. Taking the time to ascend to the viewing deck will give you a view of New York that will let you see all the way out to New Jersey and is good for spotting some of the other special buildings in the local area. A little trick for you, a trip to the top of the Rockefeller Center will allow you to view New York with the Empire State Building as its centerpiece.


The final thing to discuss when we talk about a visit to New York is how this wonderful city responded to the greatest attack on American soil. The memorial that now stands where the World Trade Center buildings once stood is nothing short of stunning. You will be in awe at how this city is able to have such a peaceful site that is built for reflection and respect; remembering those awful events of 2001 but also how the country came together and especially New York City.


Period Panties!! |

Ok, Ladies… what do you think of “period panties”? I’m not talking about the panties tucked in the back of panty drawer that are only reserved for those that you are actually on your period. No, period panties are panties designed to be worn without any sort of pad or tampon!! Yep, you drip directly into the panties.

I know this sounds a bit weird, risky, and a bit gross.  The whole idea gives me anxiety. But these panties are said to hold as much as 2 tampons would hold!! Unbelievably amazing though…

“Olivia” Thong $24

Here is a look at the panties:   These are from





Here’s how to use your Lilova


Every body is different, so is every flow. Knowing your flow will help you better take advantage of your Lilova.

1. If you have a very heavy flow, you should wear your Lilova as a back-up to traditional products on your heaviest days. You can still wear your Lilova alone of your lightest days.

2. If you have a regular or light flow, you can wear your Lilova on every day and night of your period, lucky you!

3. Other reasons to use Lilova:

Occasional Spotting

Postpartum Bleeding

Regular Discharge

Mild Stress Incontinence and Light Bladder Leaks

Everyday and Heavy Sweat