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Now that the holiday season is over, time to start a detox routine. For me, the holiday season is about good times, good food, and good drinks. I indulged completely this past season! I consumed lots of sweet treats and drank my fair share of eggnog! I believe I gained just about 5 pounds lol. Yep! I indulged and I enjoyed it!

So, now it’s time to reclaim my health and my waistline!

Just like every other New Year Resolution, I want to get fit and loose weight. Though I have had a gym membership for years, finding time during the week to hit the gym is a challenge because I work full-time. I am limited to the weekend only.

But here is how I plan to reset and reclaim my health.

Drinking More Water

I have began to drink more water each day and cutting down my soda intake. Water really helps with craving my need to snack and drinking water keeps the body and skin super hydrated. Overall, it just makes me feel healthier.


Though I work constantly, I find time while home to exercise a bit, Saturdays and Sundays I spend 1.5 hours in the gym each day.

Detox Teas

Detox teas are apart of my daily routine. I drink a tea morning and night because they help boost my metabolism to help promote weight loss and healthy digestion.


Each night, no matter where I am in the world, I make it business to get my full 8 hours of sleep. I have to have a full nights rest to even function properly. If my sleep is off, then my entire day will be off it seems.

I hope you find my suggestions, helpful! Here are a few of my favorite detox tea brands! 

Also here are a few things I like to take to the gym with me!

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Effective Anti-Aging Tips

Let’s face it; most of us dread getting old. When you see that first dreaded wrinkle it’s not a pleasant moment. Firstly, it is important to understand that there are two types of aging that occur in the skin. You have the type of aging which is unavoidable. As you get older your skin becomes less elastic and begins to droop. We can put this down to general wear and tear. However, the aging of the skin can also be brought on by sun damage. This is known as ‘photo-aging’ and it’s something that could have been avoided if you had not exposed your skin to the sun so much while growing up.

Nevertheless, it is not all doom and gloom. Age is just a number and with some top anti-aging tips and treatments you can ensure you stay looking as young as you feel. So, let’s delve right in with the all-important question; how do you stay looking young?


Eat well – Eating well is extremely beneficial for the skin. It is no fluke regarding why you are advised to eat five portions of fruits/vegetables per day. It is also important to drink the daily recommendation of eight glasses of water as well.


Anti-wrinkle products – If you take a look on the internet you will see that there is a wealth of different anti-wrinkle products available. Some of these are suited for use from an early age and they are recommended because they can help to prevent wrinkles. This is more effective in comparison to treating them once they have occurred. Make sure you choose your product with care.

Antioxidant intake – It is important to take a combination of antioxidants through both your supplements and what you eat. Dark colored vegetables are recommended, such as spinach, carrots and squash.

Choose products that come into contact with your skin with care – You can use this  leg shaver product list and other reputable product lists like it to ensure you choose products that don’t have a negative impact on the skin.


Exercise – A lot of people do not realize it but exercising can help with anti-aging. This is because it combats the loss of bone, density, balance, muscle strength and stamina that all typically increase with age.


Sleep – Many individuals undervalue just how important sleep is. You need a minimum of six hours sleep every evening. It is important for the mind and the body.


Anti-aging facial – You have probably heard about facials, but what is an anti-aging facial? Essentially, this type of facial incorporates all of the steps you would expect with the standard procedure, however, the beauty technician will use ingredients that are targeted at aging skin. This could be anything from collagen masks, to a chemical peel, to special serums incorporating vitamin C.

There are actually a lot of beauty treatments that aid with the aging process. Massages can help because they aid with the relief of stress and provide physical benefits as well. As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can keep looking and feeling youthful.


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Build A Killer Wardrobe By Taking Back Control Of Your Clothing Expenses

While we’d all like to be garbed in the latest fashion and wear something new every day of the year, our spending on clothes can sometimes get a little out of control. You can easily spend all of your disposable income on clothes, and then some, and have to pay off massive debts in the future.

Society says that you can’t have your cake and eat it when it comes to clothes shopping, but can you? It turns out that there are many ways to get your clothes shopping expenses down, allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle that you want to lead, without breaking the bank.

Forget Expensive Workout Clothes

Although you might want to look stylish at the gym, there are probably better ways to spend your money. Ask yourself what your priorities are. Would you rather look good in front of total strangers? Or would you prefer to save your budget for beautiful evening dresses to wear when you go out socially? It’s your call.


Swap With Friends

Your friends are probably in the same position as you: they want a killer wardrobe, but don’t feel like they’ve got the money to spend on creating one. Not to worry: try pooling your resources. Ask your friends if you can swap with them, trading older items you don’t want to wear anymore for theirs. You’ll be surprised what you can get out of them using this tit-for-tat method.


Use Wholesalers

Sam’s Club membership is something that came about when retailers realized that people didn’t want to pay high retail prices for everyday items, including clothes. Since then, many wholesalers have entered the market, offering members ways of getting the goods they need cheaply. You can often find clothing bargains if you’re a member of one of these clubs that blow retail prices out of the water.

Trawl Discount Stores

Buying a new Louis Vuitton handbag or Gucci dress is going to set you back a lot of money. But did you know that even the most famous brands like these sometimes fail to shift their stock? When they do, they pass it on to discount retailers who flog it for bargain bucket prices. Check out the discount stores in your area, look for designer labels, and start saving serious money today.


Stop Paying For Tailoring

Professional tailors are great. But if you’ve got a sewing machine, you can do a lot of what they do yourself, especially hemming. Your friend, for instance, might have a pair of jeans that would be perfect, if only the leg length were a little shorter. By hemming yourself, you could save over $20 per item.

Shop In Mens And Kids Sections

Men don’t usually pay as much for clothes as women, and so items in the men’s section can often be a lot cheaper than comparable goods in the women’s. Want a t-shirt or hoodie? Check out these unisex options in the men’s section: you’ll probably find them being offered at a discount, saving you money.


2019 Resolutions – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! 2018 really whizzed by! 2018 was a bittersweet year for me… I had many ups and many downs. New Year’s Day 2018 was the day my boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up. January 2, 2018 (I know that seems fast, but it happened randomly) I met a new guy that helped me through my heartbreak with lots of laughs, kind words, and tons of humor. It was definitely what I needed. Then just about 8 months later he jumped ship (I guess it’s true, some people are only in our lives for a season)! But enough of the sucky stuff, 2018 was filled with many small successes for me!

My Youtube channel grew, I gained 25K+ subscribers, 3.4M channel views, developed new partnerships with a few popular brands, and my blog itself became more attractive to readers as well as brands. 2018 taught me alot about online branding that helped me to better find my niche on Youtube/Beauty Community. Oh and I traveled a great deal too!

My New 2019 Monthy Planner

Moving forward into 2019, I want to continue learning, earning, and growing online as well as in my personal life. Though 2018 did not bring me a “relationship”, I am looking forward to dating more in 2019. I am hopeful that this will be the year that I find a real friendship/relationship that leads to forever! And too, I just want to be happy, healthy, and stress free! I Thank God for allowing me to meet 2019, and I pray for continued success!

Cheers to 2019!!


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Comfortable Winter Glam

Today was a fun day for last minute Christmas shopping! Though, honestly I was shopping for myself and people watching! I love this time of year, people are just so interesting LOL. Anyhow, This is what I wore:The sweater is from, I love oversized thin sweaters under my wool overcoats. I like to keep warm, but I do not enjoy sweating under my coats. always has the perfect sweaters that I need to look trendy as well as keep warm during the winter temps.

My jeans are jeggings by Lee. These are the most comfortable jeans a girl could own!

My faux fur stole is from JustFab! Fur stoles are great at making any coat or jacket look more luxurious! JustFab has this very stole in a few other colors as well. As you guys can tell by my blog, I am a huge fan of I shop the website each time I have the chance. Guys! The site is super affordable! You should join! 

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My Favorite Tech Items As A Blogger

As a blogger and content creator, there a few gadgets that you just have to have. I’ll admit that some items are just for kicks but most of them are definitely MUST Haves! In this post, I’ll share with you the items that I use the absolute most!


Daily, I use my iPhone to begin drafts for my blog, take photos, and keep up with all of my social media and emails. I really depend on iPhone drastically to keep me connected.


For more important posts (Paid/Sponsored) and YouTube video editing I use my HP Touch screen laptop. I love this laptop because it’s super powerful, has 1TB of storage, and it’s super easy transport. I take it almost everywhere.


When editing my YouTube videos, I use Cyberlink Power Director. This software is very affordable, easy to use, and allows you to create high quality videos in all formats. I highly recommend this software, I’ve been using it for years.



Though I use my iPhone for instagram photos when I’m about town, I primarily prefer my Sony a500 camera for my pictures. I love having high quality pics for both my blog and instagram. Without question, I always use my Sony a5000 when I’m creating sponsored/collaboration posts.

I love the Sony a5000 because of its compact size, making it easy to travel with, and because it takes super crisp photos and videos. This camera is worth the investment.


As far as my lighting setup, I use ring lights. Ring lights are best for filming situation because they are easy to move about my home, affordable, and they produce the perfect amount of light for filming and photography needs.

Though I have used umbrella lights in the past and they worked pretty good too. As I grew as a blogger, (you will too) I progressed to ring lighting.

I will suggest beginning with a ring light if possible especially if you’re a beauty blogger/influencer.

I hope this post helps you on your road to becoming a blogger or youtuber!

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Fun Ideas For Developing Your Own Unique Style

Developing your own unique style isn’t something that happens by accident. This is something you do by experimenting, and really staying committed to the idea of being comfortable choosing an outfit and enjoying it with little stress. Your outfits should be practical and make you feel good about yourself. If they don’t, then you should definitely take a look at some of the tips here that will help you to develop your own unique style.

Find Muses That You Can Take Ideas From

Start by finding fashion muses that you can take ideas from. Remember, this isn’t about copying them – you want to find your own style, not rip style ideas off from somebody else. However, you can pay attention to how they seem to have mixed up their patterns and colors and layered items so that you can do the same with your outfits. Follow pages that you enjoy looking at on Instagram and save outfits you really love for later. You never know when this back catalogue of nice outfits might come in handy to help you dress yourself!

Build Up A Solid Jewelry Collection So You Can Experiment

Something else you want to do is build up a solid jewelry collection. Having plenty of jewelry means you can continue experimenting with your look. Pile on the gold rings for women, wear statement necklaces and earrings, and just have fun with the pieces you wear. They can seriously enhance an outfit, so failure to accessorize is not an option. Even if you want to go for a more minimal look, some jewelry is a must. You can use it to show off your personality and enhance your look perfectly.

Figure Out How You Want Your Outfit To Make You Feel

How do you want to feel in your outfit? By figuring out how you want to feel first you can then build your outfit better. Do you want to feel cool and comfortable? Then throw on some jeans, trainers, and an oversized jumper. Do you want to feel flirty and girly? Maybe a skirt with a t-shirt tucked in and some boots.


Take Pictures To Document Your Look

Always take pictures to document your look. You can then go back and assess what you thought looked good and what you didn’t enjoy so much. Sometimes, you can only learn when you actually wear an outfit why it did or didn’t work. If you were super comfortable all day and felt great, you know it’s a winner. If you got irritated with something you were wearing, you know not to wear it again. It’s all about learning from what you’ve worn in the past.

Book An Appointment With A Personal Stylist

It’s ok to get some help if you need it. Not everybody was born with a natural eye for style! Book an appointment with a personal stylist and you’ll get an idea of the colors and shapes that suit you best.


Do you have any tips? Leave a comment!


Dinner at FireBirds Wood Fire Grill Hoover, AL

This weekend, I decided to take a mini road trip to Hoover,AL to visit my sister Diamond. We did a little shopping at Riverchase Galleria and Ross.

FireBirds’ was really nice, the setting was very cute and cozy. Perfect for date night. Though this was my first time ever visiting, it felt familiar for some reason. I loved it! The staff were super friendly as so was the food!

Here’s what I had:

Lobster & Spinach Queso Dip

We started with Lobster & Spinach Queso with tortilla chips, where they also served us a hot fresh bread loaf (I live for bread).

Then of course we had drinks! We both indulged in “The Double Black Diamond”.

“The Double Black Diamond”

For dinner, I was craving beef, so I ordered a cheeseburger well done with fries. This burger was DELICIOUS!! I rarely ever order burgers at swanky sit down restaurants. This was great move for me! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Best Gifts For Him & Her This Holiday Season | Amazon Shopping

This year I’m making my Holiday shopping easier by using and I’m starting early. Starting early, if you can, insures that you get all of your desired gifts shipped in a timely fashion! And also it reduces the risks of not having particular items in stock. What a nightmare right!!

Being that I don’t have a long list of people to buy for, shopping should be rather easy peasy! Here are  a few items that I should suggest for those guys and gals on your lists!

If you are looking to buy for a male friend(s), I have a few suggested gifts that I think he would enjoy.

Cologne Gift sets are always a hit, I have not met a guy yet that didn’t enjoy a nice designer cologne set.

Gadgets and Tech Gifts are great gifts, but you just have to know how much tech your guy likes, would he enjoy a smart watch or a fancy fitness tracker, a drone, or wireless ear buds.

Travel Accessories are really great gifts for him (if he loves to travel). I feel like everyone who travels a lot can stand a few extra pieces for traveling.

Now for you guys shopping for the girl(s) in your life, The same rules and thought process applies.

Perfume Gift Sets. Women love to smell nice, and guys you love it too. It’s always great to know what types of scent she likes, though we love to wear scents that we know you love too!


Gadgets and Tech Gifts are great for girls too! We love our smart watches, fitness trackers and wireless head phones.


Travel Accessories or Handbags are great for the girl on the go or the girl who loves her bags!! I love bags! I can never have enough handbags!


I hope my guide to gift giving helps! Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!



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My Weekend In Las Vegas, NV – December 18

I went to Vegas again! This was my second and last trip to Las Vegas of 2018. Vegas is one of my favorite places to go! So much fun, so many things to see, so much to do, and all the Amazing eats! I have been to Vegas many times and each time is as equally fun because I do new things and stay at different Casino Resorts each time!

This time I stayed at Tropicana Las Vegas! This was my first time and it was great! The staff was super friendly and it was located in an Awesome spot, making it super easy to get to some of my favorite spots!

Here is the view outside the balconies of Tropicana Las Vegas bungalows.

The views are beautiful, scenic, and the sounds of the waterfalls are so relaxing.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas soon, you most definitely want to stay on “The Strip”. This is where all the “Happening” is! I have stayed both South and North strip. I love either side, but if you are looking for the high-end shopping experince you will enjoy the North end of the strip. The South end of the strip is incredibly fun and appears (in my opinion) t0 be more kid friendly because there are many attractions for them like the M&M and Reeses candy shops, Roller Coaster rides and much more.

Ok! Let’s talk about dining!! My first night, I had dinner in the MGM Grand at Emeril’s by Emeril Lagasse of Foodnetwork.

Emeril’s inside MGM Grand

Lobster Bisque

Robert Irvine’s inside Tropicana Las Vegas.

Night 2, I dined at Rober Irvine’s inside Tropicana.

Liver & Onions

Salmon & Roasted Vegtables

Las Vegas is the perfect get-away to experience some amazing dining, shopping, and whatever else that tickles your fancy!

My Tips for Planning a trip to Las Vegas

I would suggest booking well in advance to get more for your money. Booking in advance helps you lock in cheaper nightly rates for some super nice hotels. If your schedule is flexible, it will always be cheaper to visit during the week. Please be advised that though you will get a cheaper rate, will have to pay resort fees in addition to the nightly rate.

Read carefully over the amenities that each hotel offers to insure that you pick the one best for your needs.

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