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My New Wedding Ring Set! |

I am in LOVE with my new wedding ring set from! This ring is so beautiful, the pictures just do not do it any justice! This is a sterling silver ring with white lab created sapphires! So Beautiful and So AFFORDABLE! This ring is under $200! To be exact, it currently retails for $150!!

Here’s the direct link:

Check out for affordable wedding ring set options!! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! I really enjoy the idea of being able to switch up my bling when Im ready! These rings are a great secondary option too!

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Going Through A Rough Patch Recently? Here’s How You Can Refresh!

It’s not always great, huh? Sure, this life provides us with some of the most wonderful and magical moments. What we’re, at times, inundated with is unfathomably special. But, in a strange way, we’re always brought back down again. This existence has a funny way of balancing things out. Whether you believe in the likes of karma, that every yin has an equal and opposite yang, or in nothing at all, you can’t deny the strange forces at play!

What causes these little episodes? Well, there’s no right or wrong answer because everybody is different and we all handle things differently. How we can bounce back after tremendously negative setbacks tells us a lot about ourselves, though.

There, again, is no wrong answer when it comes to removing yourself from the slump you’re in. Some can climb out instantly, and some might take, well, a little longer than that. If you’re feeling a little downtrodden right now, or you’re going through a super rough patch, perhaps some of these little ideas may refresh and rehabilitate you a little:


Work Out!

You’d be surprised at just how good you can feel after a simple jog. It’s in our nature to be physically active. It’s such an important cog in our inner workings that evolution decided to reward us with a positive mindset after taking part in exercise! In all seriousness, working out can allow you to lash out at any inner stress and problems you have. Mentally, it also enhances our wellbeing due to the endorphins that get released during and after a session.  


Change Up Your Look

If you’re coming out of a serious issue that you don’t want to look back at, then changing up the way you look could help you to move on. It’s a popular thing to do among people because it’s like creating a new you! You could get a nice hairstyle, shake up your outfits, or do something to your eyebrows – you can click here to visit this website; it’ll tell you a little about things you can do in that department! If you look in the mirror and the negative past, then that isn’t good! Maybe you should change it!                                                                                                                                                           


Open Up To Someone

Talk. Do it. If something is really eating away at you, then bottling it up is one of the worst things you can do. Not only are you not getting the problem sorted, but the weight on your shoulders gets heavier with every day that passes. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a friend or a family member, then there will always be psychiatrists and counselors out there that will listen to your problems and provide expert and experience help.


Go On Vacation!

If you have the money, then it’s a no-brainer! Life is to be lived to the fullest, and if you have the opportunity to experience new things, or to just relax in a much nicer climate, then you should go for it. Being in and around the same old spot for years can really bring you down – changing up your location might ease your mind a little and help you on your journey to a happier head.

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Working On Your Wellbeing Can Improve Your Self-Perception

Even those of us who aren’t particularly vain find ourselves worrying about the way we look. You should never feel forced to change your appearance for the sake of others, but feeling happy with your appearance on a personal level is important. If you’re doing it for yourself, then you have the right motivations. The crucial thing to remember is that you should focus on being healthy, above all else. Some people will always be the biggest winners in the genetic lottery, but there’s more to perceiving yourself well than being naturally attractive. The most important thing is looking after yourself. Healthier people feel more confident, and that should be your goal in life. Working on your wellbeing can improve your self-perception, so let’s talk about how you could make a positive difference to the way you look and feel.


Stay active every day.

One of the most important ways to improve your wellbeing and your self-perception is to stay active every day. Exercise doesn’t just improve your physical health; it improves your mental health too. It’s a vital way to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-term. You should make it your goal to move your body sufficiently every single day. You just need to find a form of exercise that suits you. Maybe you find it boring to run on a treadmill in the gym, so why not go running outside? Or maybe you hate exercising on your own, so you could find a running buddy to join you. You just need to find a way to make your workout routine feel exhilarating. Obviously, once you get into it, you’ll feel exhilarated (exercise releases endorphins in the brain), but you need to be motivated to reach that point. Find your motivation. Once you start being active every day, you’ll notice a difference in your health and the way in which you perceive yourself.


Eat nutritious meals.

There is no perfect body shape. This is something that’s hard to accept in modern society, but it’s true. Yet, so many people have unhealthy eating habits because they want to achieve the “perfect” shape. What seems to be largely ignored by the media and general society, however, is that undereating is just as dangerous as overeating. Being underweight is a health risk. The point being made here is that your health is always the most important thing in life. If “looking good” comes at the expense of your wellbeing, then you need to change your lifestyle. Plus, everyone looks better when they simply take care of themselves, so that should be your priority.


With regards to your diet, you should make it your goal to eat nutritious meals. Don’t shy away from carbs or calories. It’s important to avoid junk food, and you should always eat in moderation, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid food in general. Just ensure that every calorie counts. Think about the nutritional value of the food you eat. Get plenty of protein, iron, carbohydrates, calcium, and other important nutrients in your diet. Of course, some sources of those nutrients are healthier than others. You might want to consider substituting red meat (or any kind of meat) for beans such as lentils. There are plenty of plant-based sources of protein, and they don’t come with the negative consequences for your cardiovascular health that come with many types of meat.


Take care of your skin.

For most people, skincare is an integral part of their beauty routine. Again, much the same as eating well and exercising, adopt a healthy skincare routine will show its effects in terms of your physical appearance. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle, in many ways. Whilst we all come in different shapes and sizes, the importance of staying healthy is universal. It doesn’t matter if you’re curvaceous or skinny; all that matters is whether you maintain a healthy weight. And, as for your skin, all that matters is you look after it. Drinking plenty of water, for example, will help to keep you well-hydrated. It’s an essential part of a strong cosmetic routine.

You might also want to read some information about body treatments. There are laser skin and body treatments out there that could really benefit your health. The point is that you don’t need to shy away from cosmetic products and treatments; you just need to focus on what’s actually good for you. It’s the same as following a healthy diet – your main goal is to protect your wellbeing. So, avoid products that contain toxins and chemicals which will ultimately damage your skin or overall health even if they improve your appearance temporarily; your priority should be your health. If you take care of your skin, then you’ll improve your self-perception.


Sleep well.

Sleeping well is another important way to improve your self-perception. Getting 8 hours of rest every night positively affects your wellbeing on so many levels. It keeps your metabolism working properly, for starters; along with a well-rounded diet and a regular exercise routine, it’ll keep you in good shape. Getting enough sleep will also improve your mental health. If you’re trying to improve the way in which you view yourself, then making sure you rest properly is a smart way to begin. It can alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. And, as you probably know, your mental state is tied to your physical state. Sleeping well won’t just change the way you look; it’ll change the way you feel.

For instance, stress can lead to acne, so sleeping better could lead to smoother skin (tying into the advice given in the previous point about improving your skin by simply living more healthily). A consistent and sufficient sleeping pattern could also get rid of bags or dark circles under your eyes. We’ve all experienced that negative side of sleep deprivation. Of course, if the problem is that you simply feel too over-stimulated to sleep properly, then avoid your phone and other distractions. Make sure you don’t eat before bed either. You need to allow yourself to unwind. Once you start getting enough rest, your physical and psychological wellbeing will both improve. In turn, you’ll both look and feel better. This will definitely improve your self-perception.

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Custom Nameplate Necklace | Yafeini Jewelery

Get 20% off for orders $20+
Discount code: Mesha20

Affordable price + Fast free shipment
Varied selection of jewelry on the site.( necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc ) + Varied styles and fonts

Name Necklace I choose:

Affordable Fashion Amazon Shopping Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends Lifestyle

Well Planned | My LV Agenda MM Planners

Organization and planning is very important for me! Especially with keeping up with blog posts, youtube uploads, and my forever changing work schedule! Keeeping track of important due dates and “To-do List” is fun and easy using planners.

These are the two planners that I use, keep my life organized. link to planners:

Use code: Mesha666 for  12% OFF

I purchased my actual planner inserts from Amazon. I use the size 3 inserts by At A Glance.

Planner Dashboards are cute and add a personal touch to your planner. I love to use really cute ones, or dashboards that have inspiration quotes.

Using Stickers is also a fun way to plan! Not only are they fun to use but they give your planner a really beautiful unique look!

My pens that I use with my planner are from Amazon as well, these are really fun girly Diamond pens.

Link to planners:

Use code: Mesha666 for  12% OFF

Hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to leave me any questions that you may have about customizing your planner!

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This Continuous Spray Bottle Is Great!!

This spray bottle is AMAZING! It is both easy and fast to use! In minutes you will have more hydrated and more manageable curls! I highly recommend this bottle for wigs, weaves, and natural hair.

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Skincare Tips For A Glowing Summer Look

Great skin is something that everyone wants to have, but it’s not always something that most people are blessed with, and although that doesn’t necessarily mean you have especially bad skin, it can still be the case that you may deal with bouts of dry skin during the winter months or have to deal with hormonal breakouts more than you’d particularly care to.

No matter what your skin type, there’s certainly a lot of different products out there, and although it can be a bit of trial and error to find the right one sometimes, you will usually find something that works for you.

Of course, if you’re having real problems with your skin or feel like you need a more professional product, then you should consider looking for Skin Doctors products in your area to see if they can help you.

If you’re just looking for more general tips on how to have a nice summer look on your skin this summer, then here are some for you.

Go easy on the makeup:

Most of us ladies love a good bit of makeup because, not only does it give us a boost of confidence, but it allows us to be creative and artistic, and there’s just something quite magical about it that almost brings us back to childhood.

However, too much makeup is never a good thing. Unless it’s for the stage, makeup should never resemble a mask – it’s something that should simply be used to highlight the desirable features we already have, and this is especially true in the summer.

If you want to have a nice summer glow and have your skin looking fresh and supple, you’re better of going makeup free, or at least cutting right down and using something like a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation so that your skin can breathe more easily.


Stay hydrated:

Drinking enough water is something you should be doing all year, but of course when you involve heat then you’re more likely to get dehydrated, so it’s not only good for safety purposes, but if you want to have a nice complexion, then drinking water and eating hydrating foods such as cucumbers, grapes and watermelon are going to make a big difference.


Keep up your routine:

If you have a skincare routine that you practice everyday, then you shouldn’t let this slide just because it’s summer. You may need to look at different products for that time of the year, but your skincare routine is something that’s really important for keeping your complexion youthful and healthy all year round.

Use sunscreen:

One of the things that contributes the fastest to ageing skin is prolonged exposure to the sun, and although some sun is good for the skin and overall health, you need to make sure that you’re protecting your skin against the harmful aspects of the sun by using sunscreen. This means all over your face, on your lips, on your neck and behind your ears.

You should apply it before any other products such as make up so that you’re getting the full benefit of the protection.

Avoid too much alcohol:

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a fruity cocktail or cold beer next to the pool during your summer vacation, so as with most things, it’s fine to have a few drinks, but it’s important to remember that alcohol will dehydrate you, so not only will this increase your chances of getting drunk faster and having a terrible hangover, but it will also have an impact on your skin if you’re not bringing in enough hydrating drinks to counter the alcohol.


Quit smoking:

Another major culprit in ageing skin is smoking, and although less people are smoking now than ever before, if you’re still one of the people who do, then you may want to consider the effect it’s having on your skin as a good reason to stop because it really will cause your skin to lose its shine, and will also result in things like wrinkles and breakouts which can cause your skin to look older than it is.


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My SmileDirectClub Aligners Have Arrived!!

Finally, after 4 short weeks my SmileDirect Club aligners have arrived! I am super excited to embark on this journey. So just about, 3 weeks ago I shared with you my experience of creating my molds for my aligners. It was a very simple and easy process.

Once they recieved my molds, just about 1 week later, my aligners were in production. Product seemed to have only taken about 1 full week. Then, within in days,  I was emailed my FEDEX tracking number (which was a Friday). My aligner kit was on my doorstep on Tuesday!!

Here’s whats in my box:

  1. I recieved the teeth whitening system.
  2. Carrying Case for my aligners.
  3. Lip balm.
  4. Smile Stretcher.
  5. Motivation Quote Cards (Nice Touch!)
  6. MY ALIGNERS!! All 5 months of them as per my treatment plan.
  7. Informational booklets on how to use it all!

Are you ready?!  Join The SmileDirectClub TODAY:

This is the most affordable way to get the smile you desire!!  Be sure to check them out to learn more and to see if this is right for you!! It’s a very easy Stress free process!!!

Don’t wait, Join the SmileDirectClub Now:

This is what your very first kit from SmileDirectClub will look like:

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How to Put Your Luxe Look Together

Knowing how to pull together a luxe look is the key to getting it right. Pulling together all the individual elements of your look to create an all-around fabulous style for yourself takes some planning. However, once you have curated a closet for yourself that oozes luxe, you will find it so simple to create the style each and every day.

The luxe look is all about bringing together beautiful things to make you look and feel great. The look is classy, polished, and looks high-end. The great thing is that with a little work, you don’t have to spend big to achieve this, you just need to shop smart to look like a million dollars and as though you’ve spent a million dollars to do it!


Clothing Must-Haves

Getting ready each morning will be super simple by creating a capsule collection of clothes that you can trust to look great every day. These items will be your go-to pieces that are comfortable, fit well, and make you feel confident and ready for anything the day throws at you.

Introducing some essential pieces that you can use as a starting point to build your look is a fantastic way to begin creating your staple wardrobe. These basics will enable you to let your accessories do the talking, simply add a fabulous bag, the right jewelry, and perfect makeup to transform your basics from plain to perfection.


Items such as well fitting Women’s Leggings will be really handy, select a choice of a few pairs in different colors to wear, and then you might want to opt for some with more of a print for working out in and chilling out at home.

Sticking with the subject of pants, it’s a great idea to have a couple of pairs of really well-fitting jeans that you can either dress down with boots for every day or dress up at night with some heels. Jeans are always an item that gets a lot of use, so finding a pair that you love, are flattering, as well as comfortable is so important.

Another must-have basic is the vest top, get these in as many colors as you think you need. Vest tops are just perfect to use for layering up your look.

Everyone needs a little black dress or three hanging in their closet, they are so useful to have. Choosing little black dresses in different lengths and with sleeves as well as without means that they are on hand and ready to wear for any occasion. Pair your little black dress with heels and statement jewelry for a night out, or keep things more low key with subtle jewelry and longer sleeves for daytime – the little black dress is one incredibly versatile piece of clothing!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

No outfit is complete without the right accessories, especially when you are aiming for the luxe look. In fact, when trying to achieve a luxe look without accessories, you won’t look fully dressed. Build up a collection of stunning statement necklaces; these don’t need to be expensive; they just have to be pieces that you love and that make you feel fantastic. These can then be used for dressing up your outfits to create the ultimate style statement. Having some more subtle pieces of jewelry for more casual days is a good idea too, or for when your outfit is already so fabulous that statement jewelry is just not needed!

Your choice of bag plays an essential part in completing your outfit too, as it provides one of the final finishing touches for your look. Have a range of different sizes, colors, and style of bags handy, and ensure that they are both good looking and look expensive (even if they weren’t!).

Matching your footwear with your handbag is not essential, but can look really striking if you do manage to do this. While your shoes do not need to be expensive, buying shoes that look expensive is the key here. Your shoes offer a great chance to let your personality shine through, and just like your choice of handbag, your shoes can complete your look. Try adding a touch of glamour to your outfit with colorful or patterned heels to brighten it up and really stand out.

As you can see creating a fabulous look isn’t all about splashing the cash (unless you want to, of course), it’s about carefully choosing the right items that work together to create your overall look.

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3ct Cushion Wedding Ring Set |

By now, you guys know that I am all about living a practical Glam Life!! I love all things luxe and boujee, but I do not like the hefty price tags that come along with some things (but who does). offers really affordable diamond alternative rings at reason prices!! You will absolutley love your ring and feel great about wearing it. This ring is made of genuine sterling silver and the stones are white sapphires.

direct link to this beautiful set: