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Ok, Ladies… what do you think of “period panties”? I’m not talking about the panties tucked in the back of panty drawer that are only reserved for those that you are actually on your period. No, period panties are panties designed to be worn without any sort of pad or tampon!! Yep, you drip directly into the panties.

I know this sounds a bit weird, risky, and a bit gross.  The whole idea gives me anxiety. But these panties are said to hold as much as 2 tampons would hold!! Unbelievably amazing though…

“Olivia” Thong $24

Here is a look at the panties:   These are from





Here’s how to use your Lilova


Every body is different, so is every flow. Knowing your flow will help you better take advantage of your Lilova.

1. If you have a very heavy flow, you should wear your Lilova as a back-up to traditional products on your heaviest days. You can still wear your Lilova alone of your lightest days.

2. If you have a regular or light flow, you can wear your Lilova on every day and night of your period, lucky you!

3. Other reasons to use Lilova:

Occasional Spotting

Postpartum Bleeding

Regular Discharge

Mild Stress Incontinence and Light Bladder Leaks

Everyday and Heavy Sweat



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Sterling Silver Eternity 2.0 Ct Cushion Cut Halo Wedding Bridal Set –

This gorgeous wedding bridal set is for the woman who is fiercely glamorous, chic and fashion-forward. From it’s design top to bottom: cushion cut engagement ring and cushion cut wedding band. The extra large halo and delicate side detail creates a high-quality promise, wedding, pregnancy or anniversary ring without the high price.

This ring is made of sterling silver with lab created high quality white sapphires that mimic diamonds. With color, clarity and excellent cuts to match natural diamond standards, Jewmara’s fine quality lab created sapphires provide the perfect level of brilliance, scintillation and fire — just like a natural diamonds. You won’t be disappointed!

This is 2.0 ct Cushion Cut Halo Set.  I love how glamorous this ring is! It is total bling perfection! The band has bling around the entire band! This ring set is definitely for the woman who love extreme bling!  Let’s talk about the price, though this ring looks like it costs thousands of dollars, this ring is under $200! has a large selection of both wedding and engagement rings to meet and budget. Here is the direct link to my very ring:

I love this ring! And I love the price tag!


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Ethical Beauty on a Budget

As people are becoming more aware of how different products can damage the planet, so the demand for ethical items is growing. With beauty products, for instance, women are seeking products that are natural. They do not want to be using chemicals that could harm their skin or for them to be in packaging that is not eco-friendly.

You may be surprised just how many things from your cupboards or on the food shelves in the stores, can be used in your beauty routine.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarb can be used in several ways including as a hand wash, a teeth whitener or a dry shampoo. It is also great for exfoliating, which it does in a gentle and natural way. Mix it with a little water and rub onto your skin, and then just rinse it off. The effect will be immediate and you will soon feel the benefit, especially if your skin is delicate.

Natural Makeup

There are many natural makeup products on the market these days, as the makers have realized what a huge base of customers there is for eco-friendly products. As well as doing the job just as well, they often have better aromas, as is the case with eco friendly nail polish. Most of these products get their smell from the natural products used in them, and these are much more pleasant than the smells given off by chemicals.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not only one of the best oils to cook with, but it also makes an amazing inexpensive moisturizer too.  You can use it all over your body and hair. It has a molecular structure similar to your skin, so it will soak in rather than sitting on top. This is brilliant because you are not left with a greasy feel after using it.

Another natural oil that is very good if you have a spot you want to get rid of is tea tree oil. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties so will kill off the bacteria that cause acne. You just have to put a little on some cotton wool and run the spot gently with it.

Other Natural Beauty Products

If you have some oats in your cupboard they are great for softening rough skin. Pour some into a net bag and put them in your bath. Face masks can be made from avocado, yogurt, and lemon mixed together, or by rubbing honey in to your face as it has antibacterial properties. Tomatoes are good for your face too as they have a powerful antioxidant that calms and brightens dull skin. If you get sunburned or stressed out skin tomatoes could be the ideal solution. Cucumber can help to reduce puffiness in the skin, especially around your eyes. Whatever you use around your eyes be very gentle as this is where some of the most sensitive skin we have is.

There is no need to spend fortunes on beauty preparations when there are so many natural things that can keep your skin looking good.

Ad Affordable Fashion Beauty Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends Lifestyle ROUND MUTI-STONE CREATED WHITE SAPPHIRE ENGAGEMENT RING

It’s January, and a lot of you lucky girls are celebrating a new engagement, maybe planning an engagement, or even wedding planning! And a big congrats is in order for such a special life changing event!! Yay!

You probably already have your engagement/wedding ring or you two are in the process of selecting. Nonetheless, I have an affordable option to present to you from jewelry. They are an online jewelry retailer that specializes in sterling silver and white sapphires.

I was given to opportunity to pick one of their gorgeous rings to wear and review! Here’s the ring I picked: As you see, this ring is super affordable, which allows you to have a second ring (if you already have one). But this is a great first choice too! I love a nice budget friendly option in any situation. has many different styles to choose from! They also offer engraving to the inner ring band!Hearttell’s packaging is very nice and pretty!! I love elaborate packaging! Packaging really makes the presentation.This ring is made with sterling silver and the stones are white sapphires. All genuine materials.

This ring is stunning! I could not believe how beautiful it was when I initially opened the box. I was literally taken back by its beauty!  Super shiny and it just looks like it costs thousands of dollars!

Be sure to browse, I know you will find something that you are going to fall in love with!

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New Glasses –

Since I’ve been wearing glasses, has been my go to source for my frames. Firmoo has tons of frames to choose from! And all the frames are super affordable!!

I enjoy switching up my look constantly and Firmoo allows me that opportunity to do it as much as I can stand to do it!

Here are my latest frames:

Big plastic frames are my style! I’ve never been a fan of metal frames for myself though I do like them.

For my lenses, as I do not have and vision problems, I normally order blue light blocking lenses in my glasses to help protect my eyes from the constant stares at my computer screens, my mobile phone, and mobile devices.

My eyes really do feel a difference when I’m wearing my blue light blocking glasses.

As you see, you can have protective/corrective lenses in stylish frames!

Style: LKFS8831R

I particularly love these frames because I can wear them/style them however I want!

Get your first Firmoo glasses for Only $9.95! Use code ‘zm995’ at (Free Shipping U.S.)


Click the pic to all my Firmoo Styles!

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Now that the holiday season is over, time to start a detox routine. For me, the holiday season is about good times, good food, and good drinks. I indulged completely this past season! I consumed lots of sweet treats and drank my fair share of eggnog! I believe I gained just about 5 pounds lol. Yep! I indulged and I enjoyed it!

So, now it’s time to reclaim my health and my waistline!

Just like every other New Year Resolution, I want to get fit and loose weight. Though I have had a gym membership for years, finding time during the week to hit the gym is a challenge because I work full-time. I am limited to the weekend only.

But here is how I plan to reset and reclaim my health.

Drinking More Water

I have began to drink more water each day and cutting down my soda intake. Water really helps with craving my need to snack and drinking water keeps the body and skin super hydrated. Overall, it just makes me feel healthier.


Though I work constantly, I find time while home to exercise a bit, Saturdays and Sundays I spend 1.5 hours in the gym each day.

Detox Teas

Detox teas are apart of my daily routine. I drink a tea morning and night because they help boost my metabolism to help promote weight loss and healthy digestion.


Each night, no matter where I am in the world, I make it business to get my full 8 hours of sleep. I have to have a full nights rest to even function properly. If my sleep is off, then my entire day will be off it seems.

I hope you find my suggestions, helpful! Here are a few of my favorite detox tea brands! 

Also here are a few things I like to take to the gym with me!

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Effective Anti-Aging Tips

Let’s face it; most of us dread getting old. When you see that first dreaded wrinkle it’s not a pleasant moment. Firstly, it is important to understand that there are two types of aging that occur in the skin. You have the type of aging which is unavoidable. As you get older your skin becomes less elastic and begins to droop. We can put this down to general wear and tear. However, the aging of the skin can also be brought on by sun damage. This is known as ‘photo-aging’ and it’s something that could have been avoided if you had not exposed your skin to the sun so much while growing up.

Nevertheless, it is not all doom and gloom. Age is just a number and with some top anti-aging tips and treatments you can ensure you stay looking as young as you feel. So, let’s delve right in with the all-important question; how do you stay looking young?


Eat well – Eating well is extremely beneficial for the skin. It is no fluke regarding why you are advised to eat five portions of fruits/vegetables per day. It is also important to drink the daily recommendation of eight glasses of water as well.


Anti-wrinkle products – If you take a look on the internet you will see that there is a wealth of different anti-wrinkle products available. Some of these are suited for use from an early age and they are recommended because they can help to prevent wrinkles. This is more effective in comparison to treating them once they have occurred. Make sure you choose your product with care.

Antioxidant intake – It is important to take a combination of antioxidants through both your supplements and what you eat. Dark colored vegetables are recommended, such as spinach, carrots and squash.

Choose products that come into contact with your skin with care – You can use this  leg shaver product list and other reputable product lists like it to ensure you choose products that don’t have a negative impact on the skin.


Exercise – A lot of people do not realize it but exercising can help with anti-aging. This is because it combats the loss of bone, density, balance, muscle strength and stamina that all typically increase with age.


Sleep – Many individuals undervalue just how important sleep is. You need a minimum of six hours sleep every evening. It is important for the mind and the body.


Anti-aging facial – You have probably heard about facials, but what is an anti-aging facial? Essentially, this type of facial incorporates all of the steps you would expect with the standard procedure, however, the beauty technician will use ingredients that are targeted at aging skin. This could be anything from collagen masks, to a chemical peel, to special serums incorporating vitamin C.

There are actually a lot of beauty treatments that aid with the aging process. Massages can help because they aid with the relief of stress and provide physical benefits as well. As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can keep looking and feeling youthful.


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Build A Killer Wardrobe By Taking Back Control Of Your Clothing Expenses

While we’d all like to be garbed in the latest fashion and wear something new every day of the year, our spending on clothes can sometimes get a little out of control. You can easily spend all of your disposable income on clothes, and then some, and have to pay off massive debts in the future.

Society says that you can’t have your cake and eat it when it comes to clothes shopping, but can you? It turns out that there are many ways to get your clothes shopping expenses down, allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle that you want to lead, without breaking the bank.

Forget Expensive Workout Clothes

Although you might want to look stylish at the gym, there are probably better ways to spend your money. Ask yourself what your priorities are. Would you rather look good in front of total strangers? Or would you prefer to save your budget for beautiful evening dresses to wear when you go out socially? It’s your call.


Swap With Friends

Your friends are probably in the same position as you: they want a killer wardrobe, but don’t feel like they’ve got the money to spend on creating one. Not to worry: try pooling your resources. Ask your friends if you can swap with them, trading older items you don’t want to wear anymore for theirs. You’ll be surprised what you can get out of them using this tit-for-tat method.


Use Wholesalers

Sam’s Club membership is something that came about when retailers realized that people didn’t want to pay high retail prices for everyday items, including clothes. Since then, many wholesalers have entered the market, offering members ways of getting the goods they need cheaply. You can often find clothing bargains if you’re a member of one of these clubs that blow retail prices out of the water.

Trawl Discount Stores

Buying a new Louis Vuitton handbag or Gucci dress is going to set you back a lot of money. But did you know that even the most famous brands like these sometimes fail to shift their stock? When they do, they pass it on to discount retailers who flog it for bargain bucket prices. Check out the discount stores in your area, look for designer labels, and start saving serious money today.


Stop Paying For Tailoring

Professional tailors are great. But if you’ve got a sewing machine, you can do a lot of what they do yourself, especially hemming. Your friend, for instance, might have a pair of jeans that would be perfect, if only the leg length were a little shorter. By hemming yourself, you could save over $20 per item.

Shop In Mens And Kids Sections

Men don’t usually pay as much for clothes as women, and so items in the men’s section can often be a lot cheaper than comparable goods in the women’s. Want a t-shirt or hoodie? Check out these unisex options in the men’s section: you’ll probably find them being offered at a discount, saving you money.