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3 Routes To Looking Your Absolute Best

We all want to look as good as possible, but actually making that happen is often much harder than you might think. If you are keen to try and make some changes which could lead to you being happier with your appearance, then the good news is that there are many routes you can go down to make that happen. In this post, we are going to take a look at a few things in particular which you can look into if you are keen to look your absolute best. You might be surprised at how many of these you can take on board, and how effective they can be – so let’s take a look and see which of these might be worth pursuing for you individually. With any luck, you will come away feeling a lot better about how you look.

Understand Your Style

If you want to make sure that you are dressing in a way which is suitable and which looks as good as possible, then it is important to make sure that you understand your own style as well as possible. The better you know your own style, the more likely it is that you will choose outfits that really do work, and the more likely it is that you will always dress well for the occasion as well. By understanding your style fully, you will be able to look your best much more often without even having to change much else do it is definitely a good idea to look into this first and foremost. Get this down, and it will make an enormous difference to your overall look in no time at all.


Look After Your Skin

Your skincare is hugely important and central as a part of looking your best, and it’s something that you should be on top of if you want to look as good as possible on a daily basis. There are many things you can do to make sure that you are looking after your skin properly, whether that is simply drinking more water or ensuring that you find some good skin products to use on a regular basis. You might want to do some face toner online shopping and start using those products soon – and you will find that that alone really does help you to look much better in your own skin, literally. If nothing else, taking care of your skin will give you a good glow and a healthy look, which is certainly something that everyone can be proud of.


Keep Stress Down

Stress affects you in many negative ways, and it is important to make sure that you are aware of these if you want to look your best. One of the ways in which it can affect you is that when you are stressed, it tends to show on the face. This only means that you do not look as attractive, and if you want to look as good as possible there is definitely a huge benefit to trying not to be too stressed in your daily life. Remember that, and work hard to keep stress away.

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Screening The Sun Without A Dedicated SPF

Ladies, if you think you don’t need to worry about the sun because it’s almost winter, you might want to reconsider. In lots of ways, the wintertime UV rays are as damaging to a woman’s skin as the ones in July and August. November, December, etc. are not humid months and there isn’t as much moisture in the air. The result: the skin dries out and cracks much quicker than in the summertime.

The problem most women face is the deadline of time. You probably have a pretty strict regime in the morning and at night and don’t want to add anything else. Otherwise, it means waking up at 5:30 am to be ready for 8 am, and that’s too early. A woman needs her beauty sleep!

The good news is you don’t need to throw on a dedicated SPF to protect your skin. You can use loopholes to stay safe in the winter sun such as the ones underneath.

Use A Multipurpose Moisturizer

There are lots of creams on your bedside table and stacked on the bathroom mirror shelves. However, the majority of them do one thing: keep the skin moist. As far as lotions go, this is precisely what you expect from a product which claims to smooth out the skin. Still, it doesn’t mean ladies shouldn’t look for more from a moisturizer. They should, and a high SPF factor needs to be at the top for protection purposes.

Nowadays, every supplier adds sunscreen to products because women are demanding it. That means there are plenty to choose from, which makes it hard to pick one. An excellent product that stands out from the crowd is Magix Face Perfector. Not only does it have an SPF of 20, strong enough to deal with UV rays, but it’s oil-free too.

What this means is that you won’t look greasy and slimy out in public. Instead, your skin will be shiny and flawless without any nasty red patches.


Do The Laundry

You might think it has nothing to do with your skin, but the truth is cleaning clothes is an effective way to protect against UV rays. The trick is to wash them with a UV-repellent detergent. Then, the crystals from the powder will absorb into the material of your clothes and prevent the sun’s rays from burning through. Yep, the sun is powerful enough to do damage even when you’re covered. Rit Sun Guard is probably the most popular detergent right now.

As well as sticking to your delicates, the crystals rub off and fall onto the skin. Don’t worry because they aren’t harmful or irritating. What they are is a simple way to add an extra layer of protection to the outer skin. The more UV-repellent crystals there are, the less at risk you are.

Another reason to do the laundry is to dull the colors. Black, matte surfaces absorb heat and that impacts your skin. Dark clothes which have been through the machine won’t keep the same color intensity and will be less effective at absorbing heat.

Cover Up

Of course, the most obvious tip is to cover up and stay out of direct sunlight. The thing is you’re not a vampire and it isn’t summer. Walking down the street wearing a straw hat is going to appear a little odd. At the least, you’ll get some strange looks yet at the worst they’ll be nasty comments. As a stylish woman, you don’t want your desire to stay out of the sun to impact your choices.

With that in mind, it’s essential to winter-proof your closet. Yes, sunhats are outdated in the winter, but a beanie is well in fashion. Plus, it’ll keep you warm while blocking UV rays from the back of your head and neck. It goes without saying that sweaters and long pants are a must.

A shirt and jacket combo is a fantastic way to cover up and look stylish. Or, you can put on a long wig if you have short hair.

Think About The Shade

Again, staying out the shade is another tip which doesn’t need mentioning. But, the issue is women don’t focus as much on the dangers in the winter as in the summer. The glare of the sun might be in your eyes, yet you’re not bothered because it’s December and there isn’t a problem.

In July, you’d head for shade as soon as you walked into a bright patch on the sidewalk and you need to do the same in winter. Always look around for uncovered spots and then find a place which is sheltered.


Sunscreen is a must regardless of the season. However, if you don’t have any, these tricks will keep you safe.


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Are You A Fan of Fanny Packs?

There was a time when I absolutely hated a fanny pack! I mean… I thought they were the worst things ever! They just looked weird to me, and they just felt like they were for tourists and old people. That was my mentality when I thought of them.
Though I was forced to wear one as a kid on school field trips.

Today, in modern days, they have made a trendy comeback and I am here for it. I have developed a rather small cute collection of fanny packs or waist bags (whatever you like to call them).

They are very functional, though you are forced to be a minimalist when wearing it because you can only carry but so much stuff. I can only put my phone, cards (ID and debit/credit), a tube of lipstick, and my keys.

Here’s How I wear my fanny packs:

Affordable Fashion Fashion Trends Lifestyle

Sweater Weather 🍁

I love this time of year… Cooler temperatures and the beautiful colors that Fall brings! This is the time of year where I get to wear all of my cute boots and comfy sweaters.  So Guys, Layering is my absolute favorite! Oversized sweaters, scarves, and cardigans all give me life! All the Fall/Winter Feels!!

This is the perfect outfit for me for a day of shopping and or spending time with friends. Super cute and chic, and overall comfortable. Super easy look as well as affordable.

Tip: When styling oversized pieces, I feel that you need to wear fitted (tighter) pieces with them. With and oversized top, you should wear a fitted jean or legging. As not to make the look as if it is swallowing you or appear bulky.

Every Fall I re-up on more beautiful boots from JustFab. JustFab has the cutest on trend fashions at the most affordable prices. I caught these on sale! All boots were 3 for $39.95! Sounds crazy right!? I highly suggest that you check out the site, you will love it.

This is my favorite Fall combination! Fun, cute, and effortless! I hope you guys enjoyed this post just as much I as enjoyed sharing it!

Beauty Halloween Lifestyle Makeup by Mesha

Oh Deer!! Quick & Easy Halloween Makeup

This Deer makeup was super quick and easy! I used makeup that I already had! If you are looking for a fun fast Halloween makeup, then this is your look!

Im wearing Covergirl True Matte Foundation in D50 and D70.

Urban Decay’s Perversion liner on my lower lash line and upper lip.

Im wearing Mac cosmetics “Stone” lipstick on my botton lip.

NYX jumbo pencil in “milk” to create my deer dots.

My antlers are from Walmart for $3.

You can always amp this up to a more scarier scene by adding a bullet hole to the forehead for a more gorier look if that’s your thing. Me, personally, I love  blood and gore! Makes for a really good costume in my opinion, but that’s just me. Though cute and clean works too.

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Need a New Look on a Budget? Look No Further

It has happened to everyone. You get stuck in a rut of what is quick and comfortable, and before you know it, you are wearing the same tunic and yoga pants combination for months (or maybe even years). But, not everyone has the fund at their disposal to have a complete personal rebrand. Aside from Googling ‘best online womens clothing boutique near me’ here are some top tips for taking you from drab to fab, in your budget.

Decide what it is you are looking for, and why? Often we are massively influenced by magazines, and TV commercials, but not every style will work for everyone. For example, a highly active gym going fitness enthusiast isn’t likely to need the same clothing choices as a super busy mom who is heading from the office to a soccer match.

Do an inventory of what you have. Within every overstuff wardrobe is the perfect capsule wardrobe that is going to stand the test of time. And the best thing? You already own everything in it. Now you have decided what look you want to go for and why now is the time to build it.

General capsule wardrobes have the following items:

  • Light Jacket / Winter Coat
  • Boots / Sneakers  / Dress Shoes (nude or black)
  • Occasion dress / Day dress
  • Skirt
  • Basic plain white T-shirt / Black t-shirt
  • Button down shirt
  • Dress Trousers / Jeans / Sweatpants

Of course, if you’re a yoga teacher or an official body, you might want to throw in a few extra items in those categories – but not too many.

Likely you have many more accessories than your ever going to need. Much like the clothing you probably don’t need them all. Take a look at what has sentimental meaning, what you wear a lot and as for the rest? It’s time to sell them.

Once you have the list of things you’re going to be keeping, it is time to look at what you will be getting rid of and where you’re going to be putting them. Your options are sell, trade or toss. As the object of this is to update your look on a budget, ideally you’ll be looking to either pop the items on eBay, DePop or other local selling sites. If you have some, who are the same size as you then it is a great idea to trade a couple of items too.

When you are shopping to the gaps you have in wardrobe, buy the highest quality items you can afford and remain in budget. In the longer term, the higher quality is going to get more wash and wear, meaning it is technically a better investment than picking up ten cheaper items that are likely to fall apart in a couple of washes. Quality beats quantity in clothing.

Be sure that if you are buying online, you search for coupons and discounts. Even if you need to use a new email address for first-time buyer offers.

Remember that, in your quest to change up what you are wearing, the clothes don’t make the person.


Ways To Make Your Bungalow Feel Bigger

If you have decided to park your life in a Bungalow rather than a two-story house, you will notice a whole different way of living and it can actually be an awesome place to live. A Bungalow has no risk of you falling down the stairs when texting, the space is often open and bright, and you will often get a large outdoor space to enjoy all year long. But with the absence of a top floor you will lose a little bit of space, and here are some of the top ways you can add more space to your living area this winter in a bungalow.

“My Ideal Living Space Set Up… “

Work on height

Height is always going to be a big thing when it comes to a Bungalow and you will want to create an illusion of height if you want to make the room feel and look much bigger than it is. The main benefit of a Bungalow is the fact that the ceilings will be higher than a regular home and you can really turn this into a feature of the home by having some stunning beams on show and even thinking about installing a skylight or two for extra light and to draw the eye upwards when people visit the house.

Think light colors

If you want to add space and life to any small home you will always need to think about the type of colors you paint on the walls. For example, if you live in a bungalow and the walls are currently a warm red or plum color this will make the space feel more enclosed and although this can be super cozy in the winter, in the summer you will feel boxed in and oppressed. The best decision you can make is to choose a lighter color such as pastels and whites to create bright walls and allow you to add bright colors and personality with pieces of furniture and accessories, and this will create a modern contemporary design.

Knock down walls

Now, if you have supporting walls in your Bungalow we would obviously say to ignore this…. but if not, get the sledgehammer out! The main thing which you can benefit from by living in a bungalow is an open living space, and you can pretty much have the living room, dining room and kitchen all opened up and this can be an awesome home. Think about also changing your doors at the back of the house to sliding doors and bring some floor to ceiling windows for extra light and brightness. It will make a huge difference to the home immediately.

Play with texture

When you are trying to stick to pretty light colors and to make sure you have a sense of spaciousness in the home you will want to think about adding texture for a more rounded design. For example, you can think about bringing a mixture of wood, tile, and fabric into one space all in the same color but in a slightly different hue to give some depth of design. Having a grey carpeted floor with a grey sofa and a furry grey blanket, for example, can look great if the shades of grey vary.

Have legged furniture

If you want to bring more space into the living room without any effort whatsoever the easiest thing you can do is find a coffee table with long legs and get a sofa and chairs with legs too. The reason for this is that when you have the furniture with a space between the floor, you can see the space underneath the item which gives the illusion of the room being bigger than it is. The same thing applies if you were to have a room with lots of clear ornaments such as candle holders and vases.

Multipurpose items

Why have a bookshelf,  a DVD case, a sofa and a set of drawers? A lot of the time you can buy multipurpose items which make storage much easier and it rids you of needing lots of items of furniture clogging up the space in your home. For example, rather than having a DVD case, you can use your ottoman to store everything neatly inside without taking up much room at all. The same goes with storage underneath your bed and other things.

Keep it clean

If you really want to have a large looking home you need to make sure that you keep it clean and get rid of ant clutter which could make it feel cramped. Take the time every so often to clear out things you no longer want or need and this will make a massive difference to your bungalow and allow you to have a spacious and bright home which is inviting to anyone who decides to come and visit you.

Paint the ceiling

Just as we were talking about height earlier, one of the things you can think about if you want to make a small space feel larger is to paint the ceiling. The idea behind doing this to your home is to draw the eye upward as soon as someone enters the room. Doing this will make the room feel larger immediately and it can be a unique design feature which is a fun talking point when people come over. You can choose a bright and bold color, a pastel, or even hang some wallpaper up there for a unique design.

Organize your shelves

Shelving is a big part of any home and they can also make any home look tatty and in need of a clean. If your shelves are cluttered with lots of items and there is no space for anything to shine through, you need to have a clear out and reorganize things. The whole idea of having shelving for decoration is to be able to show off items in the home. If you space things too close together you won’t be showing off your ornaments and the room will look cluttered. Make sure to space items out and only keep items which you genuinely love.

Opt for wooden floors

Carpeted floors are usually the go-to for many of us in the home because it is the norm, but actually, a carpet can sometimes make the space feel more clogged up and cramped. To create a feeling of open space you can think of switching to wooden floors and they will open up the room and will reflect light around to make the home feel much brighter and bigger. It can be a great way to increase the size of your home without much effort at all.

Bring in some reflections

Mirrors will be your best friend when it comes to design in the home and adding a bit of space. When you are decorating the bungalow make sure to add in lots of mirrors to reflect light around the room as well as give the illusion that the room doesn’t end at the wall. It is a super easy way to add space and it will make the home feel much more welcoming.

Have fun with final touches

It is always good to add those final touches to a room to make it feel like a home, and the same applies to your bungalow when you want it to feel larger. To start with, a tall plant in the corner of the room will add to that idea of height and also bring some life and color to your home. You can put out cushions and a throw on your sofa, make sure that the table as a candle on it and just clean up and make the room feel like a home.



Are You Thinking Of The Future? The Things To Think About

Often we can be a little guilty of not thinking about the future, and I totally understand why. We are so encouraged to enjoy the here and the now, that we can often be distracted by what our future might hold. Which can then mean that we don’t live in the present. It is a tricky situation to find yourself in. However, part of living in the present is to take some time out to consider what your future holds, be that financially, the plans you want to look forward to, the things you can do and the goals you want to achieve. It helps to then be able to plan your present to get where you want to be, if that makes sense.

The future is something that seems so far away right now. Retirement is something that we know is in our future at some point in our lives, but we often don’t really prepare for it as much as we should do. Time moves quicker than we realise, and so it is always worth trying to make active decisions right now that can really help you when it comes to the future. So I wanted to share with you some of the small steps that you can take that will help you get to where you need to be.

Think about the financial side of things

One of the first things you can do is consider the financial side of things. The thing is, there are so many ways that you can contribute to your future finances right now. It might be looking at investments you can make, that over time will give you good returns. There can many complicated investments, but there can actually be simple ones that can help you get started. Research is always going to be a good idea for this. But, you don’t even need to look into complicated investments if that doesn’t suit you and your way of life. You can look at your current budgets and start to think about how you can make the savings. Boosting your income with online side hustles, selling unwanted items on eBay, and keeping things focused. Simple savings challenges, or putting more away each week or month can soon mount up as well. That and contributing to pensions, either through work, or privately will ensure that you can sustain a lifestyle in the future that you have grown accustomed to today.


Could you be making life changing decisions now?

Sometimes you need to start thinking about the future and making decisions right now could be really life changing for the future. One of the biggest investments that you can make in your life at an early age is buying a property. Mostly people tend to buy a property to live in. There home. They then work up the property ladder, increasing in not only the value of the property but also in the square footage of it. You then could also look at other ways that property that can actually make you money. It might be buying an additional property to rent out. Renting out can be a hugely profitable way to boost your income. Not only that, but you could also look at other ways buying property could boost your income. Holiday rentals or property abroad could be extremely profitable on a week by week basis. However, like anywhere, the property markets can increase your valuations, so you can then look at economical hdb resale value. Making wise choices now, especially with big purchases, can really add to the income you can have in your future.


What do you want to achieve and how do you plan on achieving it?

There is something quite fun about thinking about the future and that is taking a moment to understand what you want out of life. It might be that you like the idea of focusing on your career, and looking at the things you want to achieve within it, be that promotions or starting your own business, for example. If this is something that you want to think about, then you may want to start thinking about your resume and the experience you have in order to make it happen. However, maybe there are other things you want to think about. It could be that you have future plans to look at starting a family and settling down. Maybe to travel or see the world, work for yourself, do something for charity, change your life and your lifestyle. Spend some time thinking about it, because what you decide to do for the future, the things you do now will help you achieve it.


The later years in life

Maybe you need to think about what the future holds for you. Perhaps when work will be done for you, retirement days and how you may spend that time. The later years in life may seem like so far away, but as we all know time can move incredibly quickly. Retirement is something that you definitely feel like that you need to plan for it. The decisions now, can really help you fund a lifestyle in the future. We get so accustomed to things in the here and now, that if we don’t make good financial decisions, then you can fund and continue that lifestyle in the future.


Your health and happiness factors

Finally, your health and happiness are so important. So you need to think about what you want for your future and how you plan to feel it everyday right now. Your mindset is so important, not just for the now but also for the future. A positive outlook on life can actually make a great big difference to your future. It helps you make the right path towards what you want out of life. Which can make a big difference.


I hope that these points have you thinking about the small steps you can take to help you plan and consider your future.

Affordable Fashion Lifestyle | Pear Shaped White Sapphire Engagement Ring

So Guys! I had the chance to experiene a little piece of pretty from I’m truly at a loss for words when looking at this ring. This ring is amazingly beautiful. It looks so luxurious, that noone would believe that these aren’t diamonds. Nope! These are not diamonds. These are white sapphires set in sterling silver. I know right! Like, WHO KNEW!!??

I would have never believed that white sapphires would be so pretty. Now with this ring being made of sterling silver and gem stones, this makes it super affordable. You get 100% of the glam, but at a 70% less of the costs of diamonds.

If you are a cost conscious consumer, like me, then this is the way to go. And too, this is a great way to ad options to your jewelry collection. You may already have the ring of your dreams, but you might want to have a ring for travel or just to switch up the look of your ring finger from time to time.

No matter the reason you choose a ring from, you are making a very smart decision. And a very beautiful decision as well.

Here is the direct link to the ring I now own:

Be Sure to Watch My Youtube Review.

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Air Fried Naked Chicken Wings! #MyBellaLife

Recently, during Macy’s Columbus Day sale I purchased a Bella 2.6 quart air fryer! I have been wanting one of these machines for months now. I was introduced to this kitchen gadget by a friend whom loved it and swore by it. Though I must admit I was skeptical of air fryers, though Im skeptical of anything that has a 30+ minute infomercial.

But after experiencing the air fryer for myself, I was instantly sold! 

This machine makes the perfect wings! Im so happy that I bought it, I mean… it’s perfect for my busy lifestyle. I dont have to worry about messing up a bunch of dishes, pouring messy grease into a frying pan, and not to mention the clean up of all that grease splatter on the stove top! Eww! And there’s no nasty annoying fried food odor lingering around my apartment after using my air fryer!

This is how I prepared my wings! These are fresh chicken wings I picked up from the market. I seasoned them with my favorite seasonings. These wings were packed with flavor!! Yummmers!

My seasonings for my naked wings!

Once my wings were seasoned to my liking, I put them into the air fryer which had been pre-heated for 6 mins. I set the heat to 375. I let my wings cook for just about 36 mins. I did flip them after just about 15-20mins in.

These wings were perfection! Perfect for game night!! And prep and cook time is super easy!! I highly suggest this air fryer to anyone!!

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