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Affordable Fashion Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

LV Neverfull GM 1:1 Replica |

The LV Neverfull GM is a very popular bag… I see it so much in airports. It seems to be a favorite for travel. It’s size is great to use as a small carryon bag. And too, if you are a person that needs to haul a lot of things around (like me) then you may very well like this bag.

This bag is a high quality 1:1 replica from This bag is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! The quality and craftsmanship is the BEST!

Such a beauty. This bag retails for $391, and it is worth every penny!

I am really enjoying this bag. I will be using it for traveling and hauling around my blogger needs as it will fit lots of stuff. The Neverfull GM is perfect for everyday use.

Should you decide to buy from, here is a coupon code for $20 OFF: Mesha1

Here is the direct link to this bag:

Should you decide to buy from, here is a coupon code for $20 OFF: Mesha1

Contact Zbags on Instagram: most_fashionable_bag

Contact Zbags on WhatsApp: + 16575221118

Affordable Fashion Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

LV Speedy 35 Bandouliere |

The Speedy bag by Louis Vuitton is a classic bag. It has been around for decades. The Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 was my first authentic luxury handbag. I fell in love with that bag, I eventually bought one in a bigger size, the 35cm. But it wasn’t until I began traveling that I decided that I wanted a Bandouliere because of its long strap that allows you to carry the bag as a crossbody or shoulder bag. The Speedy bags are for very spacious inside. The only downside is that there aren’t any compartments other than a small side pocket inside. Basically this bag is an open pit. So I can see how some owners can have a love hate relationship with this bag.  This is the Speedy 35 Bandouliere. This is actually a 1:1 replica from That means it mirrors the original in almost every way. I say almost, because there could be a minuscule difference that only the trained eye could find but only with thorough investigation.  website link

$30 Off code: Mesha

This bag is amazingly well made and it will patina or oxidize with time just as the authentic LV bags will.

As far as pricing, these type replicas are rather expensive. Though keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Here is the direct link to this bag:

Here is the direct link & Coupon Code:

website link
product link:
$30 off code:Mesha WhatsApp: +16085618818


Affordable Fashion Fashion Trends Fashion Haul Try On

Have you ever heard of I have seen it along the ads when I am in bed watching youtube videos! I have always liked the clothes being advertised and often wondered what they would look like in person. Until I was given the chance to shop to review some pieces for you here on my blog and youtube!

I picked 3 sweaters, 1 dress, and 1 denim jumper! I must admit that I am super pleased with each item.   This is super cute!! I love this sweater, I can do so much with this sweater. Size: XL  link:

 Size: XL   Link:

Size: XL  Link:

Size: L   Link:

Size: XL   Link:

Shop with confidence! Shipping is relatively fast and FREE!!

Affordable Fashion Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

Pouchette Métis Reverse Monogram |

Take a look at this beautiful bag! This bag is one of the most trending bags right of 2018. Even going into 2019 this bag is super fabulous!

This is the Pouchette Métis with the reverse monogram canvas.  I received this bag from, this is 5 star replica bag. It is an exact copy of the original Louis Vuitton Pouchette Métis.  This is bag is stunningly beautiful, well made, and very much worth the money. This bag is $255. This was one of the fairest prices I’ve found for this high end replica.

Here is the direct link:

Affordable Fashion Fashion Trends Luxe HW Skinny Jeans size 13 + Sweater

New jeans! Who dis!? These are my New FashionNova jeans! This is my second pair! This time I ordered a smaller size. I ordered these jeans in size 13.

I love the fit! Though these are a bit more snug than my first pair that I ordered in a size 15. I still love my size 15, but the size 13 got me all the way snatched! 

This is “Fuego In Me” crop top sweater be Fashion Nova.

Get 30% Off Your Purchase:

Luxe High Waist Jeans

Fuego In Me Sweater

Beauty On A Budget Fashion Trends Hair Styles

Janet Collection – “Aroma” Full Cap Wig

direct link to this unit:

I am really feeling this cute little bob with bangs! I love wigs with bangs, but this is my very first one of this type! I am glad I picked this one. I received this wig from, an online beauty supply store with a wide range of both human and synthetic wigs, braiding hair, and cosmetics. Be sure to check them out.

Affordable Fashion Amazon Shopping Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

Dress Coat + Fur Stole + Thigh High Boots

Dress Coat + Fur Stole + Thigh High Boots = Winter Slay!!

So by now you guys know that I enjoy winter fashions! I love layering and I LOVE BOOTS! Winter fashions give me all the feels!! I enjoy stoles, coats, and gloves!

In this look., I am wearing a few of my favorite Winter pieces. 

My black dress coat is from Macy’s, its by I.N.C created for Macy’s

My boots, faux fur stole, and turtleneck are from I found my beret on Amazon. I think that berets are so cute! Every woman should own a beret. 

My gloves are by Isotoner, I ordered these from Amazon as well. Though Target sells these very gloves too. I especially love these gloves because I can use my mobile phone while wearing them.

This CC bag is 5 star replica from It is the most beautiful replica a girl could own! THE BEST! If you are interested, here is the info:

website link
$30 off code:Mesha
Instagram:          WhatsApp: +16085618818

Affordable Fashion Fashion Trends Luxe HW Skinny Jeans + Sweater

I have been wanting to try FashionNova’s jeans for a very long time now! I finally broke down and bought a pair along with a cute sweater! All of my favorite celebrities and bloggers have been raving about them. Not to mention they look really good and they look as though they really fit like a glove. To be honest, I love a great pair of tight jeans!

These are the two items that I ordered:

As you see from the photos on the website, both the sweater and jeans look really cute! I wanted the black jeans too, But it was contingent upon how the dark wash Luxe jeans fit before I committed to two pairs. But Now that I like the fit, I will be ordering the black ones.

Get 30% Off!! Shop


Ad Affordable Fashion Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends Lifestyle

Sterling Silver Eternity 2.0 Ct Cushion Cut Halo Wedding Bridal Set –

This gorgeous wedding bridal set is for the woman who is fiercely glamorous, chic and fashion-forward. From it’s design top to bottom: cushion cut engagement ring and cushion cut wedding band. The extra large halo and delicate side detail creates a high-quality promise, wedding, pregnancy or anniversary ring without the high price.

This ring is made of sterling silver with lab created high quality white sapphires that mimic diamonds. With color, clarity and excellent cuts to match natural diamond standards, Jewmara’s fine quality lab created sapphires provide the perfect level of brilliance, scintillation and fire — just like a natural diamonds. You won’t be disappointed!

This is 2.0 ct Cushion Cut Halo Set.  I love how glamorous this ring is! It is total bling perfection! The band has bling around the entire band! This ring set is definitely for the woman who love extreme bling!  Let’s talk about the price, though this ring looks like it costs thousands of dollars, this ring is under $200! has a large selection of both wedding and engagement rings to meet and budget. Here is the direct link to my very ring:

I love this ring! And I love the price tag!