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“Night Pearl Green” Contact Lenses –

Do you like my new contacts? These are from, in “Night Pearl Green”. I like them! They give me the subtle change that I like. Yes I love changing my eye color, but I do not like “in your face” colors. These are perfect on my dark eyes.

Here is the direct link: Night pearl Green:

If you need corrective lenses, Zebrant can add your prescription to your lenses!

Should you decide to order here is coupon code to save 15%!! CODE: meshamodel

Night pearl Green:

Ad Affordable Fashion Beauty Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends Lifestyle ROUND MUTI-STONE CREATED WHITE SAPPHIRE ENGAGEMENT RING

It’s January, and a lot of you lucky girls are celebrating a new engagement, maybe planning an engagement, or even wedding planning! And a big congrats is in order for such a special life changing event!! Yay!

You probably already have your engagement/wedding ring or you two are in the process of selecting. Nonetheless, I have an affordable option to present to you from jewelry. They are an online jewelry retailer that specializes in sterling silver and white sapphires.

I was given to opportunity to pick one of their gorgeous rings to wear and review! Here’s the ring I picked: As you see, this ring is super affordable, which allows you to have a second ring (if you already have one). But this is a great first choice too! I love a nice budget friendly option in any situation. has many different styles to choose from! They also offer engraving to the inner ring band!Hearttell’s packaging is very nice and pretty!! I love elaborate packaging! Packaging really makes the presentation.This ring is made with sterling silver and the stones are white sapphires. All genuine materials.

This ring is stunning! I could not believe how beautiful it was when I initially opened the box. I was literally taken back by its beauty!  Super shiny and it just looks like it costs thousands of dollars!

Be sure to browse, I know you will find something that you are going to fall in love with!

Affordable Fashion Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag –

Every girl dreams of owning a classic Chanel bag! You know, the ones you see on almost of your favorite celebrities! I have always loved Chanel!! Recently I have found a website that sells the BEST replicas EVER!! These are not cheap knockoffs from iOffer or some street vendor!! I am talking HIGH QUALITY, UNDETECTABLE replicas!

Here is the bag:

The packaging is EVERYTHING!! I mean, I get all the LUXURY feels when opening my order. This is a sturdy magnetic box for storage.

The Lambskin leather is GORGEOUS!! It feels so buttery smooth. PERFECTION!

It has all the proper markings. And it does comes with the “original” dust bag for storage. LITERALLY PERFECT! I will be ordering again from

Here is the direct link & Coupon Code:

website link
$30 off code:Mesha WhatsApp: +16085618818



Affordable Fashion Beauty Fashion Trends Lifestyle

Build A Killer Wardrobe By Taking Back Control Of Your Clothing Expenses

While we’d all like to be garbed in the latest fashion and wear something new every day of the year, our spending on clothes can sometimes get a little out of control. You can easily spend all of your disposable income on clothes, and then some, and have to pay off massive debts in the future.

Society says that you can’t have your cake and eat it when it comes to clothes shopping, but can you? It turns out that there are many ways to get your clothes shopping expenses down, allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle that you want to lead, without breaking the bank.

Forget Expensive Workout Clothes

Although you might want to look stylish at the gym, there are probably better ways to spend your money. Ask yourself what your priorities are. Would you rather look good in front of total strangers? Or would you prefer to save your budget for beautiful evening dresses to wear when you go out socially? It’s your call.


Swap With Friends

Your friends are probably in the same position as you: they want a killer wardrobe, but don’t feel like they’ve got the money to spend on creating one. Not to worry: try pooling your resources. Ask your friends if you can swap with them, trading older items you don’t want to wear anymore for theirs. You’ll be surprised what you can get out of them using this tit-for-tat method.


Use Wholesalers

Sam’s Club membership is something that came about when retailers realized that people didn’t want to pay high retail prices for everyday items, including clothes. Since then, many wholesalers have entered the market, offering members ways of getting the goods they need cheaply. You can often find clothing bargains if you’re a member of one of these clubs that blow retail prices out of the water.

Trawl Discount Stores

Buying a new Louis Vuitton handbag or Gucci dress is going to set you back a lot of money. But did you know that even the most famous brands like these sometimes fail to shift their stock? When they do, they pass it on to discount retailers who flog it for bargain bucket prices. Check out the discount stores in your area, look for designer labels, and start saving serious money today.


Stop Paying For Tailoring

Professional tailors are great. But if you’ve got a sewing machine, you can do a lot of what they do yourself, especially hemming. Your friend, for instance, might have a pair of jeans that would be perfect, if only the leg length were a little shorter. By hemming yourself, you could save over $20 per item.

Shop In Mens And Kids Sections

Men don’t usually pay as much for clothes as women, and so items in the men’s section can often be a lot cheaper than comparable goods in the women’s. Want a t-shirt or hoodie? Check out these unisex options in the men’s section: you’ll probably find them being offered at a discount, saving you money.

Affordable Fashion Fashion Trends


Well hello! So you are here for the fake bag info huh! Well here it is! The seller name is: Amazing689

I paid only $6.99 for this bag. This bag is a cheap fake but it actually looks good for the tiny price paid. Honestly, this bag is not for me, but I do like the style.

Though when shopping on iOffer,  you have to have patience because these items ship from China. These sellers are not sending these in a way to get them to you any faster, besides, considering the cheap prices… I mean, Can you blame them!?

seller’s link:

Prices are subject to change as each seller has that right to adjust their prices as they see fit. When searching iOffer, use words like: flap shoulder bag, gold chain strap, gg bag, gold g bag, etc…

Though, I do not carry these bags, I do not just throw them away. They are donated.

Affordable Fashion Amazon Shopping Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

Leather 35cm Padlock Handbag From Amazon

Everyone knows that this style of bag is my favorite of all times! I love the style, it is both simple and luxe at the same time! The buttery soft leather and gold hardware just can not be out done in my eyes. I can pair this style bag with just about anything and it looks amazing.

I purchased this bag from, just as I did with my other Leather 35cm and 40cm Padlock bags. This bag is very affordable. I paid only $119.99 for this beautiful bag.

35cm bag is very spacious

Link to bag ( & other colors):

Here are the stats & particulars:

  • Material: Genuine Top Grain Cow Leather
  • Gold Hardware With Padlock Closure;
  • Size 35cm: 14.1” long, 7.8” wide, 11.4” high, 3.93” handle
  • Inside Structure: large and roomy big compartment, One Slip Pocket And One Zipper Pocket ,enough for your daily use. Fit up to 9.7 inch ipad, A4 file, mobile phone, wallets, umbrella, keys etc.

This bag is very practical for everyday use and or special occasions. I eventually want to own this bag in chocolate brown and grey, then I do believe my collection will be complete.