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Real Vs Fake Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Hello Ladies and Gents! I am very excited about this post because I have finally purchased my first authentic bag by Gucci. This is the Soho Disco crossbody bag, I picked this bag because it is a crossbody and I did not own a black crossbody.

If you recall and follow my blog and vlogs, you know that I purchased a cheap knockoff of this bag (I’ve never worn it) a couple of months ago. In that review video, I gave you my thoughts and opinions of the knockoff. I was completely correct! There is not comparison of the fake to the authentic. Like I have always said, you get what you pay for! But the fake inspired me to purchase the real one!

Here is a pic of the two side by side: 

Here is the authentic bag alone in all of its glory:  

This bag is now one of my favorite bags of my collection. I really like it. I find it great for traveling and for running errands about town. It’s the perfect size.

Bag features a long strap, stitched ‘GG’ logo, gold-tone hardware accents, and a top zip closure. Interior canvas lining features a small open pocket.

Strap Length 44″
Strap Drop: 20″
Height: 4.5″
Length: 6″
Width: 2″
Interior Features: Open pocket and lining.

Here are a few sites that I  love to shop for my luxury handbags:

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Designer Replica Haul |

Yet again I have purchased from the “sketchy” website. I know that a lot of you may have mixed feelings about this China based website due to long shipping times, horror stories from others, and or you’ve received items that just weren’t what you were expecting.

Many people called the website a scam, and I get it. But I think you get what you pay for! If you pay little expect little, that’s my motto.

This post is dedicated to showing you what you will receive when spending $12 for items! Yes, I only shelled out $12 for two knockoff Gucci items.

Here are the items that I ordered:

I think they look good for $12, Great actually! But unfortunately these aren’t not the knockoffs I’d ever consider taking seriously. Thought they look ok, the quality just isn’t comparable to the originals.

This is my second fake Gucci belt. The first one I ordered was from Amazon and it was twice the price and the quality is the same!

When ordering from sites like that ship from China, note that it may take 10-60 days to arrive. These sellers aren’t making fast shipping a priority when they are selling these cheap knockoffs.  Be prepared to wait!

These items took just about 38 days to arrive.

Here’s the seller I used:

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Luxury Replica Hual |

So… I was given the chance to shop with, they are a luxury replica website that only sells 5 star quality replicas. 5 star replicas are replicas (fakes) that look almost exactly like their authentic versions, only maybe slight differences if any at all.

This online shopping experience was my first with, and I’m very happy as well as shocked with my items. I can’t express how great the quality really is.

This was really my facial expression when I opened the shoe box! These boots are amazingly beautiful. I love them so much I can’t wait to wear them. DopestKickz Gives me all the feels!!! The lux factor is definitely there.

I prefer the LV Desert Boots in EU 40, though I wish I would have ordered the 41 or 42. Being that these are genuine leather, these boots will stretch and fit to my liking.

I also ordered a Cartier Bracelet. The bracelet is really nice, heavy, and sturdy. As you see, you do get the infamous screw driver to open and close the bracelet. It was beautifully packaged in the gift box and bag. Really great gift for a special someone (though I do suggest revealing that it a replica).

Be sure to watch my Youtbe video for the details and see my items in full glory. High Quality Gold Cartier Bracelet:

As far as shipping, shipping was very quick. It took 4 days to ship via DHL.

Use code “M10” to save $10 now!

Contact to get more discount now: Instragram: @perfect_kickz_ru Email:

IM/ Whatsapp: +16262068250

-High Quality Gold Cartier Bracelet:

-Louis Vuitton High Top Women Sneakers:


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Gucci Belt Replica From Amazon

Look what I found on Amazon!! And it was sold by a Prime seller!! This is a Gucci replica belt, I purchased it for only $14.99!

This belt is very much on trend right now, everyone and their great grandmother is wearing it!

This belt isn’t real leather, which is why it appears to be a bit wrinkled, and that happens with wear. Which is why, if you decide on this belt, you may not want to wear it so often as to preserve it a bit.

But other than that, this belt is really cute.

Amazon’s prices do fluctuate! So if you see a price that you like, go for it!! Because that price might not be available in the coming days.

Happy shopping!

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Are You A Fan of Fanny Packs?

There was a time when I absolutely hated a fanny pack! I mean… I thought they were the worst things ever! They just looked weird to me, and they just felt like they were for tourists and old people. That was my mentality when I thought of them.
Though I was forced to wear one as a kid on school field trips.

Today, in modern days, they have made a trendy comeback and I am here for it. I have developed a rather small cute collection of fanny packs or waist bags (whatever you like to call them).

They are very functional, though you are forced to be a minimalist when wearing it because you can only carry but so much stuff. I can only put my phone, cards (ID and debit/credit), a tube of lipstick, and my keys.

Here’s How I wear my fanny packs:

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Sweater Weather 🍁

I love this time of year… Cooler temperatures and the beautiful colors that Fall brings! This is the time of year where I get to wear all of my cute boots and comfy sweaters.  So Guys, Layering is my absolute favorite! Oversized sweaters, scarves, and cardigans all give me life! All the Fall/Winter Feels!!

This is the perfect outfit for me for a day of shopping and or spending time with friends. Super cute and chic, and overall comfortable. Super easy look as well as affordable.

Tip: When styling oversized pieces, I feel that you need to wear fitted (tighter) pieces with them. With and oversized top, you should wear a fitted jean or legging. As not to make the look as if it is swallowing you or appear bulky.

Every Fall I re-up on more beautiful boots from JustFab. JustFab has the cutest on trend fashions at the most affordable prices. I caught these on sale! All boots were 3 for $39.95! Sounds crazy right!? I highly suggest that you check out the site, you will love it.

This is my favorite Fall combination! Fun, cute, and effortless! I hope you guys enjoyed this post just as much I as enjoyed sharing it!

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Need a New Look on a Budget? Look No Further

It has happened to everyone. You get stuck in a rut of what is quick and comfortable, and before you know it, you are wearing the same tunic and yoga pants combination for months (or maybe even years). But, not everyone has the fund at their disposal to have a complete personal rebrand. Aside from Googling ‘best online womens clothing boutique near me’ here are some top tips for taking you from drab to fab, in your budget.

Decide what it is you are looking for, and why? Often we are massively influenced by magazines, and TV commercials, but not every style will work for everyone. For example, a highly active gym going fitness enthusiast isn’t likely to need the same clothing choices as a super busy mom who is heading from the office to a soccer match.

Do an inventory of what you have. Within every overstuff wardrobe is the perfect capsule wardrobe that is going to stand the test of time. And the best thing? You already own everything in it. Now you have decided what look you want to go for and why now is the time to build it.

General capsule wardrobes have the following items:

  • Light Jacket / Winter Coat
  • Boots / Sneakers  / Dress Shoes (nude or black)
  • Occasion dress / Day dress
  • Skirt
  • Basic plain white T-shirt / Black t-shirt
  • Button down shirt
  • Dress Trousers / Jeans / Sweatpants

Of course, if you’re a yoga teacher or an official body, you might want to throw in a few extra items in those categories – but not too many.

Likely you have many more accessories than your ever going to need. Much like the clothing you probably don’t need them all. Take a look at what has sentimental meaning, what you wear a lot and as for the rest? It’s time to sell them.

Once you have the list of things you’re going to be keeping, it is time to look at what you will be getting rid of and where you’re going to be putting them. Your options are sell, trade or toss. As the object of this is to update your look on a budget, ideally you’ll be looking to either pop the items on eBay, DePop or other local selling sites. If you have some, who are the same size as you then it is a great idea to trade a couple of items too.

When you are shopping to the gaps you have in wardrobe, buy the highest quality items you can afford and remain in budget. In the longer term, the higher quality is going to get more wash and wear, meaning it is technically a better investment than picking up ten cheaper items that are likely to fall apart in a couple of washes. Quality beats quantity in clothing.

Be sure that if you are buying online, you search for coupons and discounts. Even if you need to use a new email address for first-time buyer offers.

Remember that, in your quest to change up what you are wearing, the clothes don’t make the person.

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Replica Handbags from

So I ordered a few more fraudulent bags from I must say that I was very intrigued with my first purchases so I did it again. I will admit that these are top qaulity but they are nice for the little money I spent. I was able to get the both of these items for $10.99!

As I said, this was very amusing to me! I spent more than this on lunch per day so this was merely a drop in the bucket! But to my suprise, the items are wearable (still not my thing) though. Nonetheless, they are good for such little coin.

The seller I purchased from: Nixiao

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Replica Handbags From

Everyone knows that I’m a youtuber! Not only do I create content, but I’m obessed with watching youtube videos! I have noticed that alot of my favorite content creators have been sporting the cute bags in which they purchased from sites like

And Gucci has been really popular these days!! Gucci has been spotted all over social media on almost all of my favorite vloggers and bloggers.

So, I decided to order a fake! Yes… I know, I know, But I was just so curious. I did it! This is the bag I ordered. This bag, a real one, retails for $2,2200 at Nordstrom. Guys, I love fashion, but Im just not ready to make such an investment this bag.

I paid $12 free shipping for this bag! Here is the sellers info: Jinping220

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Comfy Jeans & Trendy Crop Top

To know me is to know that I love  a good tight stretchy jean! That’s why I love Cello Jeans. They fit like a dream and they are very body flattering and they make the booty look good!!

Both my top and my jeans were purchased from Ross Dress For Less! I always find the cutest pieces in Ross stores.

The top was $12 and my jeans were $14! I paired this look with flat sandals from JustFab.

I love how these jeans give you an instant butt lift!