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Beauty before & after pics

Iris Beauty Cosmetics – Midnight Gray Lenses, Lashes, & Liners

As you guys know I enjoy changing up my eye color from time to time. Wearing contacts is apart of makeup!! And they are so much fun to wear! 

Iris Cosmetics sent me a goodie box with some really nice items! Im most excited about the Midnight Gray cosmetic contact lenses. I have never worn Gray lenses but I have always admired the way they look on brown skinned ladies and gents.

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My Go To Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil & Routine

This is what my natural brows look like… YIKES!! This is the result of over tweezing them! Thin brows were once a thing!! Im not sure why it was a thing but it definitely was.

But whatever… Im over it and I deal with it. 

Im just happy that they trend has changed and larger more fuller brow looks are very much the thing right now. Anyway, I have discovered Maybelline’s Brow Definer and it is the best thing next to cheese slices ok! This brow pencil has changed the way I look at regular brow pencils. I will not be revisiting those ever, well I dont absolutley have to. Regular brow pencils or eyeliners leave my brow area really shiny throughout the day.

This pencil does not do that!! My brows are matte all day. It glides onto the skin really good when Im creating my brows too.

I use this pencil in Deep Brown.

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before & after pics Makeup by Mesha

New Year’s Eve Makeup with Glitter + Video

Bold Glittery Fun Festive Makeup! This is highly appropriate for Holiday Parties!!



Product Used:

Brow pencil: wetnwild “Simma Brown”

La Girl Pro Lid primmer “Nude”

Jaclyn Hill Palette dupe

Mac Cosmetics 3d Gold Glitter

Elf Cosmetics Glitter Glue

Maybelline Mascara “Baddest Black”

Mac Cosmetics Foundation – MatchMaster 7.5

Mac Cosmetics MSF in “Dark”

Sacha Butter Cup

Cover Girl Queen Bronzer “Ebony Bronze”

Ruby Kisses Blush Quad

Sleek Contour Kit “Dark”

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick “Nude dujor”

Mac lip liner in “Chestnut”

Ofra Highlighter – NikkiTutorials

Urban Decay “All Nighter” Setting Spray



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Battle Of My Favorite Setting Powders! Patrick Starrr vs Sacha!!

Both the Sacha Buttercup setting powder and Patrick’s Powder are my favorite setting powders! I absolutely love them both… Im not really sure which one is my total favorite! BUT… If I had to choose, Id go with the Sacha Buttercup… maybe… 

Take a look for yourself! Watch my Youtube demo and comparison video to determine your favorite!!

Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder:


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Colored Contact Lenses – Desio Lenses Attitude Collection

A vibrant and brilliant shade of green!

Have you ever wanted to experiment with colored contact lenses? Well I decided to try green eyes compliments of @Desioeyes.

I really like these!! 

Desio lenses allow very dark eyes to be lightened and bright eyes to be enhanced.

  • Replacement: daily
  • The final result may vary depending on the natural color of your eyes. 
  • Available with or without powers for myopia and hyperopia (from -13.00 up to +6.00):  If you require lenses with power, please let us know via message. Feel free to send us a copy of your prescription or a picture of your current lens box.

The blending effect

Desio contact lenses are designed to blend with your natural eye color to produce a more natural look.  Consequently, the effect given by the colored contact lenses may vary depending on the natural color of your iris.

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Contacts are so much!! 

before & after pics MUA must haves

Affordable Skin Bleaching!! Best Products for Lasting Results!!

Ok sooooo… I have been using skin bleaching products to bleach my neck as I am often reminded that my neck is so much darker than my face. This is very true! Ive had this issue for a very long time. Notice that I didnt call it a problem cause its never been a problem for me cause I am happy as well as confident in my own skin!! OKaaaay!!  Dont get it twisted… but as more and more trolls began to point it out, I began to notice it more… because as I said this has never been a big deal for me. 

But being on Youtube, as a beauty vlogger, I fell into the pressure to correct it. So I began my research for new products to try other than those that I have tried before from Walmart. Those products gave me temporary results that would never last. Which would always leave me saying FORGET IT! Im good, just is what it is!! As I said, I never saw it as a big deal.

Anyway… Im here now! These are the products that I used to bleach or lighten my neck.  These products will work on knees, elbows, facial darkness, and inner thigh areas as well.

Here’s how I apply my product:

I start by thoroughly cleaning my neck with my skin whitening soap. I love using my Micheal Todd exfoliating spin brush on both my face and neck, I find that this really helps expedite the process. But if you can get your hands a skin whitening soap that has exfoliating properties in it, that would be ideal.

Once that’s done, gently pat dry and apply the skin whitening cream. I do this 3-4 times per week. 

I prefer doing this during day over at night because the products can transfer to the sheets and pillows. So for me, I see it as a waste of product! It can only work if it’s on your skin.

Be sure to watch my Youtube Review of These products!! 

Direct link to the spin brush I use:



before & after pics

3 MONTH UPDATE!! USING VapoRub On My Scalp

Im so happy with my hair results after sticking with the Vicks Vapor Rub scalp treatment. My hair is much longer and still just as strong. My edges are still very well intact too might I add.

Watch My Video on My 3 Month Hair Growth Results!

Read these interesting article:

Link to purchase Vick’s Rub on Amazon:

before & after pics My thoughts as a Makeup artist

Kevin Aucoin Molten Lip Topcoats

This is a comfortable long-wearing topcoat that compliments any lipstick color and does not feather or bleed. The two prismatic shades can also be worn alone or mixed together for a holographic effect. Multi-dimensional pearls illuminate lips with the most intense pigments for a voluminous 3D reflection. Soft moisture-rich formula melts weightlessly onto lips and locks in an opalescent shine.

Use the Topcoat over one of our 6 Molten Metal Lip shades or lipstick to customize color. Create a holographic effect by accentuating all shades with a polychromatic shine. For a natural prismatic effect, mix both topcoat shades and press onto the lips with finger.


Use Kevyn Aucoin The Lip Brush and apply two liquid lipsticks together. Apply the darkest shade to the outside of the lip. Apply a medium or lighter shade to the middle of the lip. Press lips together to create an intensified, one of a kind, ombre lip color.