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3 Ways To Deal With Seriously Damaged Hair

Everybody suffers from dry hair from time to time, but for some people, it’s a very big problem. There are a few different reasons that your hair can dry out and get damaged. It might be that you’re not looking after it properly or it might be that you’ve been putting too many products in it. Dying your hair too often and not using good quality dye is a common reason that people end up with seriously damaged hair. If your hair has seen better days and you’re struggling to deal with dryness and lots of split ends, there are ways that you can bring it back to life again. These are some of the best ways to deal with seriously damaged hair.

Wigs And Extensions

If the damage is particularly bad, you might find that it comes out in big clumps when you’re washing it and you have a lot of patches where the hair is very thin. It’s so hard to deal with this and it can have a big impact on your self esteem, so you need to find a short term solution that will get your hair looking great and give you your confidence back. You can use wigs and hair extensions to cover some of the thin patches and get your hair looking healthy again. Now that you’ve got a short term solution that allows you to wear your hair down without feeling self conscious, you can start looking at ways to repair your hair and get it looking healthy again.

Stop Using Hair Dye

Dying your hair is great fun and it’s an easy way to give yourself a completely new look, but so many people go overboard with it. If you’re constantly dying it and changing the color all of the time, that’s when you’re going to do some damage. If your hair is already very dry, you’re just going to make the problem worse. Bleaching is particularly bad if it isn’t done right because it opens the cuticles in your hair to strip the color out. When the cuticles in your hair are weakened, it makes it far more prone to drying out and splitting.  At this stage, it’s best to avoid any colors at all until your hair is healthy again, and then you should only be dying your hair occasionally and doing it with good quality products.

Use Products Correctly

So many people make the mistake of thinking that products are good for your hair so the more you use, the better it will be. But the reality is, using too many products or using the wrong products can do a lot of damage to your hair. The first thing to remember is that you need to use good quality products, not cheap ones. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your hair looking its best. You also need to choose products that suit your hair type. For example, if you have quite fine hair, you need shampoo and conditioner specifically for that, the same goes if you have curly hair. Using the wrong kind of product can do more damage to your hair.

Even the most damaged hair can look amazing again as long as you look after it properly and stop using products that damage it.

Beauty Beauty On A Budget Hair Styles

“Loose Deep” Bang & Drawstring Ponytail Set |

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Get the Killer Cheekbones You’ve Always Wanted

If you’ve ever wished for killer cheekbones that could cut glass, you’ve probably wondered if there are any easy ways to get them. You might not have been born with the cheekbones of a model, but that doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of options. You can still get your cheeks to look amazing, whether you do it with makeup or you want to try something that will last a bit longer. Emphasizing your cheekbones can give you the sharp look that you want so that you’re ready to take on any catwalk – or just your next night out.

Use Contouring

Contouring allows you to use makeup to shape your face, shading in the lines and shadows that you want. It’s a great way to get the cheekbones you’re looking for by highlighting them and adding shape to them. To make sure you contour your cheeks in the right place, suck your cheeks in so you know where the hollows of your cheeks are and to emphasize your cheekbones. Ideally, your contouring should end below your eyebrows. Use a contour powder or bronzer a couple of shades darker than your skin and a blush to create the contouring look you want.

Use Highlighting/Illuminating

Highlighting or strobing can be viewed as the opposite of contouring, but they can also complement each other. If you don’t want to use bronzer, it’s a good way to shape your cheekbones. The idea is to create the appearance of good lighting, not just for your cheekbones but other areas of your features too. Try a cream-based highlighter and apply it just above your cheekbones. A shimmer blush can also be a good alternative if you don’t have a highlighter, or you could use a powder highlighter, especially if you don’t have very prominent cheekbones.

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Help Your Skin Stay Young

As you get older, your skin produces less collagen, and this means that it starts to sag. Your face and your cheeks in particular can start to show signs of aging, and you might want to try and retain that youthful look. Some people choose to go to an aesthetic medical clinic for dermal fillers, which offer one option for plumping up your cheeks. Others even consider cheek implants to get the cheeks they want. You might also simply consider using anti-aging creams and other products that are designed to help you stay young.

Try Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are often recommended for anti-aging and to work the muscles in your face. Not everyone is particularly convinced that facial exercises can help you to get the looks that you want, but many people say that they do work for getting killer cheekbones and for a variety of other things too. You can try out some facial exercises to see if they might work for you. If nothing else, remember that smiling is sure to make your cheekbones look great.

To get the cheekbones that you want, you can try a few different methods. Find the one that works for you.

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Clearing The Creases In Your Foundations

When we wear foundation, most of us do so to give our skin that flawless finish. And, when we’re young, near enough any product seems to do that job. As soon as we start to age, though, we find that we’re dealing with the worst foundation flaw of all – exaggerated creases.

The sad fact is that, as we get older, our makeup has a harder job to appear flawless. This is especially the case when it comes to fundamental pieces like foundation. At the development of even fine lines, you may begin to find that your foundation doesn’t stay in place. Instead, it hugs every line and creases in the worst areas. By the end of the day, you can’t help but feel that you would look younger without any foundation at all.

That doesn’t mean you need to go cold-turkey on the products you love most. But, it does mean you might want to consider the following ways to clear creases in your foundation from now on.


Find ways to lessen the appearance of wrinkles

Seeing as fine lines and wrinkles are the main reason these creases keep happening, you may want to address the issue at its source. It figures that lessening these issues can help to address foundation creasing. In minor cases, you may find that moisturizer can hydrate your skin so much that fine lines near enough disappear. If the situation is a little more extreme, you could even book yourself for some wrinkle relaxing treatments which can also see lines lessen across your face. This way, there are fewer areas for your foundation to crease in the first place and thus less chance of it happening.


Remember that less is more

If your foundation is clinging in the wrong places, it’s possible that you need to remember how much less can be more. When we’re young, we can all cake foundation on like there’s no tomorrow. As we age, though, doing the same is sure to lead to trouble. While your impulse will be to wear more, you’ll be far better off reducing how much foundation you use. Ensure you still get the same results by adjusting your color or opting for full-coverage options. Then, dab on small amounts at a time, and stop as soon as you think you’ve covered everything.


Become familiar with base layers

Base layers are also your friend if creases are getting you down. These do what they say on the tin, and can provide a smooth layer on which to apply your foundation. Pick the right base layer, and you should find that creasing near enough comes to an end. You may want to opt for a primer, many of which focus on reducing pores and wrinkles for this exact reason. Or, you may prefer a BB cream which can provide even more coverage. Either way, using these as a base layer is sure to see your skin looking as smooth as it did when you were young.

Beauty Beauty On A Budget Hair Styles

Mane Concept Brown Sugar Drawstring Ponytail – Glamour Wave 20″

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