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My Go To Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil & Routine

This is what my natural brows look like… YIKES!! This is the result of over tweezing them! Thin brows were once a thing!! Im not sure why it was a thing but it definitely was.

But whatever… Im over it and I deal with it. 

Im just happy that they trend has changed and larger more fuller brow looks are very much the thing right now. Anyway, I have discovered Maybelline’s Brow Definer and it is the best thing next to cheese slices ok! This brow pencil has changed the way I look at regular brow pencils. I will not be revisiting those ever, well I dont absolutley have to. Regular brow pencils or eyeliners leave my brow area really shiny throughout the day.

This pencil does not do that!! My brows are matte all day. It glides onto the skin really good when Im creating my brows too.

I use this pencil in Deep Brown.

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