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How to Put Your Luxe Look Together

Knowing how to pull together a luxe look is the key to getting it right. Pulling together all the individual elements of your look to create an all-around fabulous style for yourself takes some planning. However, once you have curated a closet for yourself that oozes luxe, you will find it so simple to create the style each and every day.

The luxe look is all about bringing together beautiful things to make you look and feel great. The look is classy, polished, and looks high-end. The great thing is that with a little work, you don’t have to spend big to achieve this, you just need to shop smart to look like a million dollars and as though you’ve spent a million dollars to do it!


Clothing Must-Haves

Getting ready each morning will be super simple by creating a capsule collection of clothes that you can trust to look great every day. These items will be your go-to pieces that are comfortable, fit well, and make you feel confident and ready for anything the day throws at you.

Introducing some essential pieces that you can use as a starting point to build your look is a fantastic way to begin creating your staple wardrobe. These basics will enable you to let your accessories do the talking, simply add a fabulous bag, the right jewelry, and perfect makeup to transform your basics from plain to perfection.


Items such as well fitting Women’s Leggings will be really handy, select a choice of a few pairs in different colors to wear, and then you might want to opt for some with more of a print for working out in and chilling out at home.

Sticking with the subject of pants, it’s a great idea to have a couple of pairs of really well-fitting jeans that you can either dress down with boots for every day or dress up at night with some heels. Jeans are always an item that gets a lot of use, so finding a pair that you love, are flattering, as well as comfortable is so important.

Another must-have basic is the vest top, get these in as many colors as you think you need. Vest tops are just perfect to use for layering up your look.

Everyone needs a little black dress or three hanging in their closet, they are so useful to have. Choosing little black dresses in different lengths and with sleeves as well as without means that they are on hand and ready to wear for any occasion. Pair your little black dress with heels and statement jewelry for a night out, or keep things more low key with subtle jewelry and longer sleeves for daytime – the little black dress is one incredibly versatile piece of clothing!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

No outfit is complete without the right accessories, especially when you are aiming for the luxe look. In fact, when trying to achieve a luxe look without accessories, you won’t look fully dressed. Build up a collection of stunning statement necklaces; these don’t need to be expensive; they just have to be pieces that you love and that make you feel fantastic. These can then be used for dressing up your outfits to create the ultimate style statement. Having some more subtle pieces of jewelry for more casual days is a good idea too, or for when your outfit is already so fabulous that statement jewelry is just not needed!

Your choice of bag plays an essential part in completing your outfit too, as it provides one of the final finishing touches for your look. Have a range of different sizes, colors, and style of bags handy, and ensure that they are both good looking and look expensive (even if they weren’t!).

Matching your footwear with your handbag is not essential, but can look really striking if you do manage to do this. While your shoes do not need to be expensive, buying shoes that look expensive is the key here. Your shoes offer a great chance to let your personality shine through, and just like your choice of handbag, your shoes can complete your look. Try adding a touch of glamour to your outfit with colorful or patterned heels to brighten it up and really stand out.

As you can see creating a fabulous look isn’t all about splashing the cash (unless you want to, of course), it’s about carefully choosing the right items that work together to create your overall look.

Affordable Fashion Amazon Shopping Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

30cm Chanel Boy Bag |

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Affordable Fashion Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends Lifestyle

3ct Cushion Wedding Ring Set |

By now, you guys know that I am all about living a practical Glam Life!! I love all things luxe and boujee, but I do not like the hefty price tags that come along with some things (but who does). offers really affordable diamond alternative rings at reason prices!! You will absolutley love your ring and feel great about wearing it. This ring is made of genuine sterling silver and the stones are white sapphires.

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Affordable Fashion Amazon Shopping Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

Leather CC Boy Bag Dupe – PiJushi |

I get that replica bags are not everyone’s cup of tea! But what about a good quality dupe? A dupe is an unbranded (no logo) version of a highly expensive version.

Like this bag by Pijushi. This bag is created to look almost just like the Chanel boy bag. This bag is made of high quality genuine leather and sturdy brass hardware.

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Amazon Shopping Beauty Beauty On A Budget Makeup by Mesha Makeup News My thoughts as a Makeup artist

Cotton Candy Glam + Fantasy Palette from Amazon

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At Home Gel Manicure | ULG

I really enjoy doing my nails at home! No hassle of waiting in a nail salon for hours on your off days or after you’re off work! Not only is it more convienent, but its so much more cheaper!! You will save hundreds of dollars per year by doing this at home yourself.

You will need to invest in an UV Led Lamp, Top & Base coats, and a few gel nail colors. This is where I have you covered! Be sure to Watch My Youtube video as I demo my new awesome at home nail supplies.

Affordable Fashion Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends Lifestyle

Chanel Flap Bag + LV Zippy Bag |

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Beauty Makeup by Mesha

Orange Summer Nights + Nude Lip

I love using bold colors like orange and magenta during the Summer months! This is the perfect look for a Summer night out or just for fun!! I used the Morphe Dare To Create palette for this look.

Affordable Fashion Amazon Shopping Boujee on a Budget Fashion Trends

Giant LV Monogram Speedy 30 |

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Affordable Fashion Beauty On A Budget Hair Styles

Best Natural Looking Curly Lace Wig | Nia Wigs

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This wig is from It is a human hair curly lace wig with a pre-plucked natural hairline. I have it in 14 inches, cap size large, and in natural black. Being that this wig is 100% human hair, you can alter the color by dying it should you decide to.

This unit is very comfortable as it does have an adjustable strap and a removable wig strap.

This wig is perfect for the summer months, little to very low maintanence. Be sure to watch my youtube review to see just how I styled this unit as well as the products used to give it its lustre.

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