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Beauty Hair Styles

“DTB Brava” Yaki Drawstring Ponytail – Vanessa Hair

Do you like this yaki drawstring ponytail? Or Do you like this yaki Drawstring ponytail?!? Because this ponytail is giving me LIFE! I love the way it matches my natural texture, it looks really natural. This ponytail is called “DTB Brava” by Vanessa Hair. link to ponytail:

Drawstring ponytails are a quick and easy way to switch up your style. Not only are they fast, but super affordable.

Amazon Shopping Holidays Lifestyle

Best Gifts For Him & Her This Holiday Season | Amazon Shopping

This year I’m making my Holiday shopping easier by using and I’m starting early. Starting early, if you can, insures that you get all of your desired gifts shipped in a timely fashion! And also it reduces the risks of not having particular items in stock. What a nightmare right!!

Being that I don’t have a long list of people to buy for, shopping should be rather easy peasy! Here are  a few items that I should suggest for those guys and gals on your lists!

If you are looking to buy for a male friend(s), I have a few suggested gifts that I think he would enjoy.

Cologne Gift sets are always a hit, I have not met a guy yet that didn’t enjoy a nice designer cologne set.

Gadgets and Tech Gifts are great gifts, but you just have to know how much tech your guy likes, would he enjoy a smart watch or a fancy fitness tracker, a drone, or wireless ear buds.

Travel Accessories are really great gifts for him (if he loves to travel). I feel like everyone who travels a lot can stand a few extra pieces for traveling.

Now for you guys shopping for the girl(s) in your life, The same rules and thought process applies.

Perfume Gift Sets. Women love to smell nice, and guys you love it too. It’s always great to know what types of scent she likes, though we love to wear scents that we know you love too!


Gadgets and Tech Gifts are great for girls too! We love our smart watches, fitness trackers and wireless head phones.


Travel Accessories or Handbags are great for the girl on the go or the girl who loves her bags!! I love bags! I can never have enough handbags!


I hope my guide to gift giving helps! Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!




Winter Beauty Tips | SKIN + LIPS

Hey everyone, as we know, Winter is around the corner (feels like it’s here already) so we need to be ready for the harsh Winter weather. Last Winter was extreme harsh for me, not only was it super cold here in Alabama, but it was even colder at night. I was working night shift at my job. The Winter air was bone chilling and felt like it was burning my face.

I began to add beauty oils to my daily makeup routine. Normally I would never need to add oils to my skin as I have oily skin. But beauty oils in the Winter are definitely a must during the frigid Winter month.

Here are a few that I use:

Applying beauty oil to your skin before applying your makeup provides a layer of protection to the skin while soothing it from the extreme cold. And it prevents the skin from becoming dry due to the frigid temperatures.

The Morgan Miller brand is really nice and it’s affordable. It retails for about $14 on Amazon. I began using it Winter 2017 and it was a skin saver! Be sure to add a beauty oil to your skin care and makeup routine this Winter, your skin will thank you for it.

My Favorite Lip Care Product

And we can not forget our lips! I always put on a layer of lip balm to prevent lip dryness. My favorite lip moisturizers are by Blistex, Nivea, and Cerave. I also try not use lipsticks with matte finishes as much, as they are normally super dry, but they tend to be extra harsh on my lips during the Winter months. So I reach for satin and creme finishes because they help my lips retain the moisture they need in low temps.

I hope this was helpful!!



Beauty Hair Styles

Stylists Give Their Two-Cents For Achieving Luscious


We’d all love to have perfect hair. But achieving that silky, luscious, vibrant look can be difficult. It relies on many things coming together, from your diet to your hair care routine.

Stylists understand what goes into effective hair care. They know what women need to do to keep their locks looking beautiful. Here’s what they say you should do for luscious hair.

Quit Using Shampoo Everyday

There’s no denying that shampoo has its place in every haircare routine, but using shampoo too often can have damaging effects according to Top stylists say that shampoo strips the hair of its natural protective coating, exposing the brittle, weak interior. Dry hair that breaks easily is often the result of over-shampooing your hair.


Reese Witherspoon’s styling says that women who want their hair to remain elastic and glossy should opt for shampooing once or twice a week and use dry shampoos in-between if they feel that they need to.

Add Extensions

If you look at sites like, you soon realize just how much choice there is out there for women who want to modify their style quickly. Sites like these cater for practically every style a woman might want. What’s more, it’s a surefire shortcut to more luscious hair, thanks to high-quality, human hair strands. Instantly look gorgeous.


Scrunch Hair For Volume

Curly hair can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. First off, women with curly hair should do all their styling work while the hair is wet, according to celebrity stylist Robert Vetica. He says that brushing and scrunching should be done while the hair is wet. Scrunching while wet increases the volume of hair and reduces frizziness. Finally, he suggests that women use mousse in the scrunching process.


Prevent Damage By Detangling With Fingers

Many women, according to stylist Vernon Francois, attack knots in their hair with aggressive brushing. But, he says, brushing like this causes damage to the hair strands over time, especially for women with longer styles. Rather than tugging at one’s hair with a brush, he recommends that women use their fingers instead. Fingers are a lot more gentle and can often be used to coax hair to unknot without applying excessive force. Francois says that using fingers on curly hair is useful for separating individual curls, making hair look more natural and less distressed.

Don’t Pull Hair Back Too Tightly

Ponytails and hair-updos are popular when you want to get your hair out of the way. But the way that you tie up your hair could be having an impact on your scalp and hairline according to celebrity stylist Phil Smith. Smith says that women who tie their hair back too tightly risk damaging the fine hairs at the front of the scalp, potentially leading to a receding hairline. He suggests that women apply minimal pressure possible to these sections of hair; otherwise, they could become weaker and thinner. You don’t have to avoid loose hairstyles entirely: just make sure that they aren’t tugging on the scalp.


Lifestyle Travel

My Weekend In Las Vegas, NV – December 18

I went to Vegas again! This was my second and last trip to Las Vegas of 2018. Vegas is one of my favorite places to go! So much fun, so many things to see, so much to do, and all the Amazing eats! I have been to Vegas many times and each time is as equally fun because I do new things and stay at different Casino Resorts each time!

This time I stayed at Tropicana Las Vegas! This was my first time and it was great! The staff was super friendly and it was located in an Awesome spot, making it super easy to get to some of my favorite spots!

Here is the view outside the balconies of Tropicana Las Vegas bungalows.

The views are beautiful, scenic, and the sounds of the waterfalls are so relaxing.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas soon, you most definitely want to stay on “The Strip”. This is where all the “Happening” is! I have stayed both South and North strip. I love either side, but if you are looking for the high-end shopping experince you will enjoy the North end of the strip. The South end of the strip is incredibly fun and appears (in my opinion) t0 be more kid friendly because there are many attractions for them like the M&M and Reeses candy shops, Roller Coaster rides and much more.

Ok! Let’s talk about dining!! My first night, I had dinner in the MGM Grand at Emeril’s by Emeril Lagasse of Foodnetwork.

Emeril’s inside MGM Grand

Lobster Bisque

Robert Irvine’s inside Tropicana Las Vegas.

Night 2, I dined at Rober Irvine’s inside Tropicana.

Liver & Onions

Salmon & Roasted Vegtables

Las Vegas is the perfect get-away to experience some amazing dining, shopping, and whatever else that tickles your fancy!

My Tips for Planning a trip to Las Vegas

I would suggest booking well in advance to get more for your money. Booking in advance helps you lock in cheaper nightly rates for some super nice hotels. If your schedule is flexible, it will always be cheaper to visit during the week. Please be advised that though you will get a cheaper rate, will have to pay resort fees in addition to the nightly rate.

Read carefully over the amenities that each hotel offers to insure that you pick the one best for your needs.

Mesha has given you a FREE Uber ride (up to $5). To claim your free gift, sign up using this link:

Beauty Hair Styles

“Lovelight” – Sensationnel Drawstring Ponytail

Ok, let’s talk about this ponytail! Now, I love a quick and easy hair style! Drawstring ponytails can’t be any easier! Fast Glam without  sacrificing any glam feels!!

Be sure to watch my YouTube install! Really easy to follow! Direct link to ponytail:

The hardest part of installing a drawstring ponytail is putting your hair in a sleek ponytail. My real hair is kind of thick so it takes me a few tries to get my hair sleek and flat.

I use Softee styling gel to achieve all of my sleek styles.

I did find this gorgeous ponytail at my local beauty supply store. Drawstring ponytails normally retail between $9.99 – $19.99 ($19.99 being on the pricier side). This particular ponytail “LoveLight” is by Sennsationnel and I purchased it for $12.99.

As far as care tips, I’d always suggest taking it off at night before sleeping.

Beauty Hair Styles

Burgandy 99J Lace Bob Wig – Eayon Hair

Ok, let me start with the stats for this unit:

Human Hair Type:100% Brazilian Virgin Human
Hair BOB Lace Front WigsHair
Texture:Body Wave
Color Shown:#1B/99J
Baby Hair:Yes,all around the perimeter
Bleached Knots
Cap Size: Medium
CapLace Color: Medium Brown

Direct link:

Brazilian 99J 12inch Bob Wig

This wig is super cute! It looks soooooo natural, I love the lenght and density! This unit is perfect for everyday wear.

Be sure to check out my Youtube video review!

Beauty Hair Styles

Box Braided Wig – FNH GLS01

I finally got my hands on a lace front box braid wig! This is the GLS01 from Friday Night Hair. It retails for $51.99.

This wig has totally exceeded my expectations! I didn’t really know what to think, nor did I really believe that I would like it so much!

This unit can be styled in various ways despite that the fact that only the front ear to ear portion is braided. I was able to create a cute half up half down style. 

The hair line is a bit round but that can be manipulated as well. I gelled down a few baby hairs in front in an attempt to camouflage the hairline a bit. Link to this unit:


Sunday Funday – Brunch Date

Today was abnormally nice weather in Northern, AL… just yesterday it was literally raining all day. Today the high was 70 and the sun was out bright the entire day! Perfect weather for a Brunch Date. Today was my friend’s birthday so I invited him out for lunch! We dined at Grille 29 of Providence.

“Chicken & Waffles” Brunch Dish – Grille 29

I ordred Chicken and Waffles while my date had the Seafood Mac & Cheese. That Mac & Cheese was sooooo good! I ended up finishing his dish. I dont think he was expecting it to be so rich in so food! It was packed with cheese, crab meat, and shrimp.

I had a very nice productive day, lunch was great and I was able to get back home with enough time to finish a few projects and prepare for work Monday morning. I hope you guys have a good weekend! Im already looking forward to my next one!!

Beauty Hair Styles

TBB Activa- Vanessa Hair

New Wig Alert! How do you like it? I love it! This wig is by Vanessa Hair.

This wig is so cute and creative!!

Here are the details of this wig:

NAME: Vanessa Synthetic Tops Braid Band Lace Front Wig – TBB ACTIVA
MATERIAL: Synthetic – High heat fiber
TYPE: Lace front wig
LENGTH: Medium
HEAT SAFE: Yes – Up to 360ºF / High heat fiber

  • Twist Braid Band Included
  • Vanessa Tops Braid Band Lace Wig: Complimentary Braid Band for Glamorous Styling Versatility for All Occasions
  • Glamour Style
  • Elegant Semi Up
  • Sporty Full Up
  • Braid headband Accessory
  • Adjustable Elastic Band

Vanessa Swissilk Advantage

  • Ergodynamic design for premium quality
  • Greater tensile strength for greater durability
  • Stays soft for greater comfort and reduces irritations
  • Advanced contouring for undetectable hairline and best fit

Care Instructions

  • Gently shampoo in moderate temperature water. Rinse in cold water.
  • Squeeze excess water, drip dry. Do not use external heat or brush when wet.
  • Using curling iron between 320°F – 360°F (optimal temperature: 340°F) rolling hair for 10 seconds. Allow fiber to cool.
  • For tighter curls with ceramic irons, place paper on neds before rolling.
  • Brush your Vanessa® hair enhancement out for other styling options


Ok! Very Cute right!! Here is the direct link to purchase this very unit: