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Easy Quick Glam French Press On Nails | Kiss

Press on nails are heaven sent right now! Now… mind you, before quarantine and “Social Distancing” I was into press on nails. But, now with everything that happening, press on nails are the perfect way to keep our nails looking as best as possible. I picked these beauties up from my local Dollar General Market. These nails in store retail for $3.For this at home beauty regime, you will need a nail file, nail clippers, and nail glue. All of which you can find in the same aisle as the nails.

Step 1: Buff the top of your natural nails. This removes any oils and creates texture helping the press on nails to better adhere.Step 2: Sort the press ons nails so that they fit each nail properly.

Step 3: Glue nails on! I like to place the glue directly to my natural nails then press down the press on nails!!

Be sure to watch my Youtube tutorial video on these very nails!

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