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New Glasses –

Since I’ve been wearing glasses, has been my go to source for my frames. Firmoo has tons of frames to choose from! And all the frames are super affordable!!

I enjoy switching up my look constantly and Firmoo allows me that opportunity to do it as much as I can stand to do it!

Here are my latest frames:

Big plastic frames are my style! I’ve never been a fan of metal frames for myself though I do like them.

For my lenses, as I do not have and vision problems, I normally order blue light blocking lenses in my glasses to help protect my eyes from the constant stares at my computer screens, my mobile phone, and mobile devices.

My eyes really do feel a difference when I’m wearing my blue light blocking glasses.

As you see, you can have protective/corrective lenses in stylish frames!

Style: LKFS8831R

I particularly love these frames because I can wear them/style them however I want!

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Click the pic to all my Firmoo Styles!

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My New Glasses!!

New glasses! I orded these cute new black plastic round frames from They have the cutest, most affordable frames EVER! I opted for the blue light blocking lense coating because I work daily with computers and Im constantly on social media and responding to emails from my mobile devices and phone.

I love my new frames! Be sure to watch my Youtube Review of these glasses!


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New Gold Frames from Firmoo Optical!!

Everyone knows that I enjoy a pair of cute frames! And Firmoo Optical always has the cutest and the most trendiest glasses! They have glasses for both fashion wearers and those that need prescription lenses.

And too, Everyone knows that Im the queen of all things affordable!! These glasses are very affordable, over half the price you would pay at your normal eyecare visit!

I wear blue light blocking lenses because I’m constanly staring at my electronic devices, like my cell phone and computer screen. These protect my eyes from the harsh blue light and reduces eye fatiuge.

Firmoo can install blue light lenses in all of their frames!! 

These large frame lenses are great for makeup wearers!!  Style: YSL366

Wacth My Youtube Review of These Glasses + Dollar Tree Haul

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Great Great Glasses for Bloggers | Firmoo Optical

Blue light blocking lenses

This is my second pair of blue light blocking glasses from Firmoo Optical. These lenses have changed my life. 

These glasses are a must have if you’re on your mobile devices or computers a lot as I am.

My entire life revolves around my smart phone and computer.

Since using these glasses my eyes feel so much better and there is less stress on them. And going to bed at night is much easier… prior to wearing blue blocking lenses, it would take me longer to unwind. – Buy one pair and get one pair for FREE from
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Order a pair!

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Blue Light Blocking Anti Eye Fatigue Glasses!! offers a wide selection of eyewear for perscription and nonperscription wearers! This is my 4th pair of glasses from Firmoo! These, I must say, are my favorite so far because they are anti eye fatigue glasses! My eyes feel so much better while wearing these! I  only wish I had know about these sooner…

Try a pair! Your eyes will Thank you!

Firmoo Glasses:
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Order Today!! Fast & Affordable!!

This is my second pair of frames from The customer service is just as Awesome as the product!! If you wear glasses for either corrective purposes or just to switch up your look a but ( like me 😉 ) then you will love all of the affordable options and fast shipping!

Check them out! 

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