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Are You A Fan of Fanny Packs?

There was a time when I absolutely hated a fanny pack! I mean… I thought they were the worst things ever! They just looked weird to me, and they just felt like they were for tourists and old people. That was my mentality when I thought of them.
Though I was forced to wear one as a kid on school field trips.

Today, in modern days, they have made a trendy comeback and I am here for it. I have developed a rather small cute collection of fanny packs or waist bags (whatever you like to call them).

They are very functional, though you are forced to be a minimalist when wearing it because you can only carry but so much stuff. I can only put my phone, cards (ID and debit/credit), a tube of lipstick, and my keys.

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Here’s How I wear my fanny packs:

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