Easy Ways To Destress After A Busy Summer

Whether you work from home, or you have a regular nine to five job, it’s easy to get caught up in the same routine day in and out. When this happens, it’s easy to get caught up in stresses in all areas of life. As you know, this isn’t good for your health, general well being, and of course, the eye bags! So how do you break out of the rigmarole that you’ve got yourself into? I’ve got some fabulous tips on how to destress after a busy summer – the easy way! 

Learn that it’s okay to say no sometimes

When your life is going by at 1000 miles per hour, it’s easy to take on more than you can handle. Whether that be doing overtime at work, helping friends and family with personal errands, or even going out on the town, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to say no sometimes. Being on the go 24/7 won’t do you any favours, and you’ll soon begin to notice that when you do say no, that you’re not feeling as stressed or uptight. Say no so that you can head home, stick your sweats on, and catch up on some well deserved you time!

Remove yourself from the situation

When you’re stressed out, it can be difficult to break out of the rut that you’re in – so how do you beat this? To put it simply: remove yourself from the situation and have a break in routine, and simply have some time for you! Why not look for some places to stay so that you can have a break away from everything? Perhaps you could invite some family members or close friends to join you so that you can turn it into a mini vacation!

Treat yourself to some pampering

Let’s face it, nothing sorts a girl out just as much as having a good old pampering session. Treat yourself to a trip to the salon to have your hair and nails done, grab a bottle of your favourite poison, run yourself a hot bath and relax! It doesn’t always have to be large changes in routine to help you destress and hit the reset button. There are some fabulous face masks that you can pick up that will do wonders for your tired out skin!


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Chat it out with the girls

Finally, another way of destressing is by getting the girls together and putting the world to right! A problem shared is a problem halved, so don’t bottle up your stresses – even if they are minor. Plus, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom either! Spending time with friends and making eachother laugh is sometimes the best medicine to cure stress!


Follow these steps and you’ll soon see that you’re no longer fretting over the small things, and that you’re back to your normal self in no time!


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