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Secure The Wig Sis!! I Tried The Bald Cap Method


This bald cap method seems to be the trend and the key to having your wig lay flawless flat around the perimeter of your head.

So… I decided to give it try as I had a photoshoot recently and I needed mIy wig to behave. It just wouldnt be a good look having my wig sliding around on my head or the lace blowing in the wind to expose my stocking cap! How embarrasing right?!?

Let me say that the bald cap method is extremely effective. My wig stayed in place for 3 days ( though it could have stayed a couple more days). This method does take just about 30mins give or take… mind you that this was my very first time attempting this.

Though I did make a few mistakes along the way that I quickly learned from.

Here are the things you need to do this method:

  • Blow dryer
  • comb
  • got2b glued gel
  • got2b Blasting Spray
  • beige or skin toned stocking cap

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Watch Me Try The Bald Cap Method For The First Time

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