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BEST Primer : GREAT For Oil Control

For years I have been using Milk of Magnesia as my face primer. I have spent lots of money on all sorts primers that would not get me close to the desired look I was after.

Then after searching the internet looking for tips and tricks on combating oil and making my makeup last much longer, I discovered Tatiyana “Beatface Honey” Ward!

She revealed that Milk of Magnesia was the best at giving your makeup staying power as well controlling the oil. Ever since I have been using it without hesitation on myself as well clients.

Milk of Magnesia as Face Primer

Not only is it affordable BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKS! 

So, now I’m pretty sure your next question is how do you apply it?

When applying it to my very own face I simply use my fingers to apply an ample amount to nose and cheek areas (my problem areas). 

When applying it to clients I always a cosmetic wedge to apply any types of lotions and potions. I would suggest using your fingers as less as possible on clients, In my opinion I feel that they are paying for experience that they aren’t normally doing themselves. Not to mention that it just appears more professional when you ,as a MUA, are using the appropriate tools. 

Try Milk of Magnesia, this product is only $1-$4. 

Let me know what you think!


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