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How To wear all black

Black has been a classic fashion staple for decades, and for very good reason. Black is simple, chic, stylish, slimming, and easy to style. However, a uniform of all black can also look severe, and black is not flattering on all skin tones. An all-black look can look incredibly chic, or incredibly boring, depending on you style it. Here’s how to wear all black in the chicest way. 

Keep Things Classic

The easiest way to make a style statement, even if it seems like it might be boring to dress in just one color, is to choose really classic pieces that will elevate the whole look. Anybody can put on an all-black outfit that is anchored by a trend-led coat or striking pair of shoes. However, it takes a much more advanced sense of style to combine a few timeless pieces together to create a chic all-black outfit. Look for classy classics, like a peacoat, cigarette pants, and Chelsea boots. Combined together, these will look elegant and interesting. There’s no boring outfit here. 

Add A Contrasting Accessory

Another easy way to add some more interest to a plain, monochromatic outfit is to add on an accessory that gives a bit of contrast against the black. The base of the outfit should still be gorgeous without the accessory, but a punch of something like a bright red handbag will lift the outfit to a much more interesting place and make you look much more stylish. 

Show A Little Bit Of Skin 

A lot of people reach for an all-black outfit in the winter, when they’re going to be wrapped up in a lot of layers to keep us warm and cozy. If the temperatures haven’t plummeted yet, you can break up an all-black look by showing a little bit of skin. You don’t have to go all out, as a little is very effective. For example, choose distressed black jeans with holes at the knee. This adds an edge to an otherwise classic look and shows some skin in a classy way. If you’re worried about keeping warm, add a cute wool hat to keep you comfortable. 

Go Casual

A lot of people think that wearing a monochromatic outfit is such a statement that you need to pull out all the stops and go smart. People choose structured tops, formal coats, and showstopping heels. Of course, this does look fantastic, but it’s not your only option for wearing all black. You can make a casual all-black outfit very easily too. A leather jacket is a great way to top off a casual outfit. Pair it with stylish, but casual pieces, like jeans and Vans shoes or Converse. This is a classic off-duty model look for a reason. You can buy great casual pieces from Memma.

Turn Up The Volume

A great to take a black outfit from boring and bland to a real statement is to add some drama with a voluminous piece. In the winter, the easiest way to do this is to put on an oversized black coat. Adding a voluminous piece of clothing, if you balance it with other well-fitting pieces, is a chic way to top off your ensemble. A great pair of sunglasses always helps too. 

Add Drama With A Vintage Touch

Black is a very popular color for formalwear, but if you want to add some drama to your everyday black look, try out a vintage style. A vintage look can be really interesting, even all in one color. You’ll look chic and fashionable, without the lower necklines and higher hemlines that modern designers often favor. As an added bonus, you’ll be warmer in winter too. The next time you’re struggling to decide on a new piece of outerwear, consider a vintage piece, like a beautiful cape, for some serious drama. 

Choose Accessories That Pop

An all-black outfit is an ideal backdrop for showing off your favorite accessories. A monochromatic outfit can be used to showcase a designer handbag, a statement necklace, or a pair of vintage sunglasses. Combined with black, these pieces can look incredibly chic. If you love your accessories, let them shine against a black outfit. 

Hide A Pattern 

If you love to wear all black but are worried your outfits lack visual interest, this is a great tip. Wearing all black is a simple look, but you don’t have to wear solid black clothes from head to foot. Instead, wear an outfit that appears to be plain black at first glance, but that offers some more visual interest through texture or a subtle pattern when you take a closer look. You can sneak in pattern through your clothes or your accessories, even it means straying away from solid black. For example, wear a houndstooth skirt in a black and white pattern, or carry a quilted handbag. 

Switch Up Your Shoe Color

A lot of women assume they have to wear black shoes if they’re going to wear an all-black outfit. This isn’t true. Your shoes can be a great place to add a pop of color, such as a red, or something more discreet like a brown. A black shoe would look good, but choosing a color adds something unexpected and fives your otherwise plain outfit another dimension. Some people will try to tell you your shoes need to match your outfit, but fashion rules are made to be broken. Experiment and see what looks pleasing to you. 

Choose Unexpected Footwear

Perhaps a simple pair of brown boots with your all-black outfit isn’t out there and unexpected enough for you. If so, you might love getting even more creative and experimental when it comes to your footwear. Instead of pairing your all-black-everything with a sleek boot or heel in black, which you might expect with a classic monochrome outfit, choose something different, like a chunky pair of trainers. For the right person, if you’re brave enough to risk it, this defies expectations and can be a really fun way to make your black outfit look more interesting. 

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