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Im Fully vaccinated

On 05/17/2020 I scheduled my 2nd dose of the Covid vaccine. Today is the day that I’m now fully vaccinated. I am really glad I did it! Now I feel like I can resume my regularly scheduled life. I missed traveling so much, just before Covid hit, I had just received my passport in February 2020. That was a total let down to have not been able to collect any stamps in my passport.

But now that things are looking up and 120M Americans have been vaccinated, I think the world will be back to normal in no time. Though I do feel that wearing face masks is here to stay… I am actually fine with that!

About my experience with my final shot, though let me start by saying that my first shot was a breeze! I mean, I literally did not miss a beat! I went on with my day as normal! Even found myself purchasing a new car!! But my second shot only made me a little more lethargic. I mostly laid around the house… it made me super tired. Later that night I noticed that my lymph node in my left armpit (injection site arm) was swollen drastically and began to hurt. That pain and swollen area lasted for about an entire day and a half. Yes, the swollen did go down. That is the only scary thing I encountered.

Though before each shot, I made it my business to eat a nice meal before heading to the vaccination center. I know that taking medicines/getting vaccines on an empty stomach can cause for illness as well. This second time I ate breakfast as well as took a Goody Powder just to make sure I did not get a headache. Because headaches for me are always the absolute worst as I am a migraine sufferer.

I did drink plenty of water all day to make sure I remained hydrated. The next day, I mainly rested and payed close attention to my health to be certain that I was totally OK. I will add that you most definitely will experience soreness at the injection site in 1-2 days for about 2-3 days. I mean, you just had a needle to penetrate your arm muscle lol, so yes there will be tenderness and soreness. But try to keep moving it and massage it as not to setup any extreme stiffness in the arm. This is extremely important especially if you work a physically demanding job. I used my hand held muscle massage/relaxer gun to help relieve my arm.

My overall experience with the vaccination process was not bad at all. I am glad that I did it. I would suggest that all of my friends, subscribers, and blog readers get vaccinated! Because contracting Covid-19 is the worst! Trust me, I have had it and passed it to my guy friend unknowingly and it was the worst feeling in the world! We were down for weeks and I had a lingering cough for months… it was not cute!

If you are in the Huntsville Alabama area, sign up online to schedule your vaccination appointment here: Its quick and easy! The shots will be administered at the Jaycee Community Building at John Hunt Park Airport Road Southwest Airport Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801.

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