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My First covid 19 vaccine Shot

Today I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. I received the Pfizer vaccine. I have to be perfectly honest with you, I was on the fence about getting the vaccine. I’ve wrestled with the idea for weeks now. But I finally decided to just do it. Despite all the pros and cons I’ve heard from my peers and read online, I’m going through with it.
Though I’ve had Covid 19 in February 2020, the vaccine is said to help keep me from getting it again. And with getting the vaccine, this will make traveling among doing other things easier as well as safer.

And too, my employer is offering an incentive for getting the vaccine. Of course your employer can not make you get it, but offering incentives is a nice way to coerce you into getting it.

So about the actual shot, it honestly didn’t hurt. The needle was long and very thin making it absolutely painless. I literally didn’t feel a thing! Right after receiving the dose, I was told to wait in the observation area along with others who had just gotten either their first or second dose. In the waiting room, we were told what to expect as far as side effects. We were all also given literature about the Pfizer vaccine and how to care for yourself once you are home and should you begin to show signs of the symptoms we were told about in the observation area and or read about in the literature given to us.

Later in the day, I did feel a little tiredness, but that’s it! I did make certain that I drank plenty of water!! Other than this, I felt fine.

So if you are thinking about it, and if the side effects are your concern, I totally get it, because not everyone handles medications/vaccines the same. My experience may not be your experience. But only you can decide if getting the vaccine is right for you. For me, I knew I needed it in order to travel to certain places. I love traveling and I want to take my life back!! So I did it!!

So weigh up the pros and cons for yourself to help you decide if this is the right thing to do for you. But contracting Covid-19 will/could be way worse than the side effects of the preventative vaccine. But dont let me persuade you…

Be safe, continue to wear your mask, and wash your hands frequently!

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