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My Favorite Glam Bedroom Decor

Welcome back! Today I’m sharing all of my favorite items in my bedroom from Amazon and some items that I do plan to order really soon! But so far, I love the items that I have purchased so far! They are all super blingy, super girly, and extra Glam!!

Since moving, I thought this would be the perfect time to finally create a space that I would love. I have always admired mirrored furniture, but I thought that the pieces would cost a fortune! But after looking into it, I found that Amazon has a huge selection of affordable mirrored decor at reasonable prices. Here are some of the items that I have found so far…

Next items that I will be adding will be some rugs perhaps… and eventually Ill be adding all silver bedding to my room. But I really love the bronzed taupe colored bedding that I have now. For me, since I spend most of my time lounging and editing in my bed, its probably best to keep my bedding on the darker side. I find that wear and tear is easier to camouflage for me on darker bedding.

Be sure to check out the links above to shop the items featured. The nightstands and the vanity desk/entry tables are hot items on Amazon, which means they sell at a rapid pace…but they do restock often and there are many sellers that offer the very same items. So shop the site thoroughly to find the best prices as the prices change often as well.

Happy decorating!

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