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Drinking More Water

I have been drinking more water, Yep! Yes, Me! I can usually go weeks without drinking any water. I just do not like it. There… I said it. I can think of so many beverages Id love to have over water. But I get it, the body needs water. I can truly attest to how much better I have been feeling since opting for water as opposed to a sugary drink. But don’t get me wrong, I still drink them, just not as frequently. I have discovered a few ways to enjoy my H2O.

Let’s start with adding a few slices of lemon. I know you have all enjoyed a glass or two this way. I have learned (as well as experienced) that this is great for the digestive system. And too, you can also enjoy lemon water warmed up, its even better for digestion this way. Think of it as a tea perhaps… lol with out the tea. This is great to both start and end your day.

My second way, is by adding cucumber, sliced strawberries, and sometimes too slices of lemon. This gives the water a fresh naturally flavored taste. Not only does it look fancy but it feels even fancier drinking it. And I love keeping it in the fridge overnight, its even better the next day after the fruit has had time to just “hang out” in the water… so refreshing. This is a great way to enjoy water throughout the day and too a great way relax, detox, and unwind in the bath.

Girl, this gives bath time a new life! All the “thrills & feels” of the spa, just at home. Plus, its always great to bring a glass of water to your bath side, because you can feel yourself began to overheat and even sweat in the bath. So stay hydrated Sis! Take a glass of cold water to the bath.

My third way to enjoy my water, especially while on the go, its to use my Liquid IV water enhancer packets. I literally have them all their flavors. They also have the energy enhancers, immune system enhancers, as well relaxation/sleep enhancer packets. So not only are they good for you, but they flavorful too.

Girl, just drink more water, there are so many beneficial reasons to add more water to your diet/life. Yes life, because water is key to a healthier life! You will both feel and look better! Water helps promote healthier more hydrated skin.

Summer is approaching so now is the perfect time to become more in the habit of reaching for water over a soft drink.

If I can do it, you can too!

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