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Bath Time Favorites

Bath time has to be one of my favorite ways to relax and just destress… I can not explain the delight that bath time gives me. It is truly one of those self indulging times for me. In this post, I want to share with you some of my favorite products that make bath time so enjoyable for me.

For me, because I am very extra, I have to set the mood. I am all about creating an entire mood! I have to have my candles to light the space! I usually light one or two… but feel free to light as many as you would like! And I have to have my relaxing music playlist going on Pandora Radio or either Amazon Prime music (usually slow jams).

Now for the products that just make the entire bath! I most definitely have to have a rich bubble bath to pour in as I run the bath. I love my bath water rather hot, but run your water at temperature that is most comfortable for you. While the water is still filling the bath and the bubbles are still bubbling, I pour in my bath salts and or drop in my bath bombs (sometimes both because I’m extra like that). But do you Boo!

Once my bath is filled, I get in and enjoy!! I normally bring in a glass of relaxing wine and or a glass of iced water, though I would suggest bringing both (gotta stay hydrated)! I would highly suggest having that glass of water… even add some sliced fruit to it to further create a spa like vibe.

I love bath trays, I own two that I love for different reasons. One tray just holds my drinking glass and other bath needs while my other tray can hold my iPad so that I can catch on my favorite TV shows or YouTube videos.

Selfcare is everything, remember to take time to just relax and self indulge! You deserve it Sis! Turn of the day, and tune into you.

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