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3 Great Hacks For Saving Money On Your Online Shopping

Online shopping is something that almost everyone has done. Whether it’s a regular event or it was a one-off, the fact is that shopping online is a convenient, easy, and enjoyable thing to do, especially when you can find well-known brands and go to familiar websites so you know you’re buying exactly what it is you want. 

The only thing that is potentially problematic when it comes to online shopping is the cost. You’ll often find that you are paying for the convenience of this mode of shopping, which means you’ll be spending more than you would have if you headed out to the mall or high street. Rather than continuing to pay more than you should, here are some great hacks for saving money when you shop online that will help you hugely.

Choose The Right Time 

Although one of the big benefits of online shopping is that the stores never close, there are still some times that are better to go shopping at than others. Studies have shown that the ideal time to shop is on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. These are the days that the best deals are often advertised, and you’ll therefore get more for your money. As you get close to the weekend, the prices may rise, or the deals might end because this is when more people have enough time to browse online. 

If you can’t shop during the cheaper periods, then try to at least stay away from Sundays, which are considered to be the most expensive day to shop on, and where you are unlikely to be able to make use of any potential deals. 

Get Cashback 

Some stores will offer specific deals that mean not only can you enjoy the bargains already on the site (thus saving you money), but you can also enjoy future savings. Cashback is an example of this. Cashback is money that is paid back to the user when they buy something, and if you look around online, you’ll find there are sites specializing in this. It means you can obtain cashback from Macy’s (I love Macy’s!) and other well-known stores, saving yourself money without having to compromise on quality. 

Another option might be to use coupons that you can find online. The coupons or discount codes can be a great way to save money – enter the code at the checkout and a discount will be automatically applied to your basket. Make sure you search around for cashback sites and discount codes before you start shopping, as you can’t apply them retrospectively. 

Use The Live Chat

If you’re the kind of person who likes to negotiate and make a deal when you’re out shopping, you might think that this isn’t possible when you’re shopping online. However, it just might be. If the site you’re using has a live chat facility, this could be the perfect opportunity to get some discounts on your purchases. 

Of course, you’ll need to have a fair price in mind, and you’ll need to be polite to the live chat person you’re ‘talking’ to, but if you ask for a discount, you might get it. Even if you don’t get it, you’ll be no worse off, so it certainly can’t hurt to ask.

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