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VALENTINE’s Day gifts for her

Welcome back! It’s always a pleasure to have you here! I thought I’d give you guys an insight as to what to get your special lady friend for Valentine’s Day. Me, personally, I don’t require a lot, but I do want to know that you thought enough of me to get me something! (And likewise)

I feel like all women enjoy beautiful bouquets of flowers and a beautiful heart shaped box of chocolates! Or a heart felt greeting card to accompany that box chocolates. To me, the greeting card is the most special, especially when it’s hand written inside.

If you’re aiming to really impress and “razzle dazzle”, then buy her some jewelry! Earrings, a necklace, or go ahead and make it official! Put a ring on it!! Valentine’s Day engagements are always special and super memorable!

But if you are not quite there just yet, but still want to get her something really good, think of what she likes!! Does she like handbags or gadgets? Then get her a nice bag or a new Apple Watch, AirPods, or tablet perhaps. The ideal gadget for me would be a new portable phone charger because I can never keep my phone fully charged!

So, think of her! Really observe her and maybe even subtly ask her what she would like to have! Whatever seems to make her “light up” when explaining is something that she would really like to receive from you!

I also understand that gift giving/receiving isn’t everyone’s love language… so maybe consider a nice evening in for dinner and a movie or maybe out if you guys are into going out in today’s climate …

Guys, I really hope this helps!! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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