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How I AM Manifesting Greatness

“Today will most definitely be Great!”

So let me share with you my new manifest destiny! I have been claiming all things positive and putting my hearts desires into the atmosphere! Let me also add that I do believe in Christ and I do pray to my God daily… so to be clear, I do not want to seem as though I am claiming anything other than Christianty… now that I have given you my disclaimer, let me share with you my joys!

Ok, I know that you have probably heard people tell you to “claim things into its existance”, well that is manifesting! There are things that I candidly say out loud pretty often like, “I have plenty money” thats my absolute favorite! Here’s another disclaimer, I am far from rich, but im never withtout any of my needs and most of my wants! That is because I strongly believe in “speaking it into existance”. And to be clear, by saying this, this doesnt give me a false sense of “richness” either! I still purchase things responsibly in order to maintain financial control and stability.

Another stragey I use to help maintain a positive headspace, I have began to distance myself from negative people as well as negative thoughts. I understand that certain triggers are just going to force you to see things for what they are! I totally get that. This is where you confront the negative and come to a compromise that helps to get over the negative to get you back on the “positive path”. I know this is easier said than done, but trust me, after time and practice it becomes easier! Especially after you began to feel the difference in life, mood, and etc…

Here are a few tools that have and are currently helping me in claiming a positive life:

Journaling is a great way to both manifest and release negative as well as postisve energy. It has become a daily part of my life and honestly now my day feels “out of sync” when I skip a day of writting. I feel like you will enjoy journaling as it can be very ralaxing and theraputic. Start your day with it by claiming and affirming that you will have a great day, write it down. Or end your day by reflecting on your day, write it down.

Release it all Sis!

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