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DIY Lip Scrub!! Super Easy & Super Fast!!!

Having smooth suptle lips is easier than you think!! If you have or if you are currently suffering from dry chapped lips , then you have to try this!! I mean… it is well worth a try being that if will cost you nothing this very moment!!

Im sure you have both chapstick or petroleum jelly and sugar at home right? THEN YOU ARE IN LUCK!!

Start by scrapping off a tiny bit of the chapstick, then mix it with sugar ( you want more sugar than you have chapstick to make it an actual scrub).

It should have a thick gritty consistency.

Now begin to apply and rub it in circular motions on the lips. Repeat as needed to achieve the desired results.

Remove the scrub from your lips with a damp wash cloth and apply a generous amout of moisturizer to your lips to lock in the softness!!

If you have not tried Blistex Deep Renewal, I highly suggest it as well as Burt Bee’s Replenishing Chapstick! 

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