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Welcome back! So most of you have gathered that I am a collector of skincare products. I am always on the hunt for the best affordable products. Grant it that a lot of affordable brands are floating around online, but do they actually work is the question???

So I have been fortunate enough to try a few! But this one particular brand has really impressed me with its product quality and range. Though so far, I have tried, and really liked, the retinol serum and the neck firming cream. They neck firming cream is the product that I was most excited about trying. The neck can often be neglected and it is one is one of a few places that a person’s age can be easily detected. Yeah you can have a young looking face, but the neck can show signs of aging.

The Yeouth Neck Firming cream is a great way to begin combatting the aging process and smoothing the appearance of existing fine lines and loss of skin firmness. I love the way this cream feels. It has a very luxurious feel to it.

How and When to apply:

I typically apply this to my neck after my bath/shower before bed. And or on my total relaxed days when I am not wearing any makeup. And when I am feeling really fancy, I will layer both the retinol serum and the neck firming cream. When and if you decide to layer the products, you want apply your serum first. Allow it to melt into the skin and work its magic before adding your cream product.

The retinol serum is actually pretty good too! I love the consistency of it, really stays put on the skin overnight, and adds adequate moisture and what looks to be a certain “plumpness” to the skin. I am no skincare professional but these to products are definitely the ones to be adding to the collection. These products are sold on Amazon. But I have you covered, I have them linked in this post for you!

Skincare is a must and a priority!

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