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Rose Forever velvet bouquet

OMGG! Im so excited to be bringing you this post!! This is something that I would have never thought I would own!

Though by now, Im pretty sure you have seen these glamourus velvet boxes of roses before. And yes, they are truly real roses!! But get this, these roses are said to live and smell beautiful for up to 1 year!! UNBELIEVABLE right!?! Nonetheless, these roses are nothing less that gorgeous. Im still in awe… I keep starring at them.

I have them on display on my coffee table. The flowers were sent to me by RoseForever as they have learned that I am a fresh flower fan! I live for a bouquet!! This bouquet could not have come at a more perfect time! This week is my birthday week! So for me, this is the peferfect way to kick start my week!!

These velvet box bouquets come in different sizes, colors and shapes and of course you can select what color roses you would like to have! These velvet bouquets will add a hint of glam to whatever space you decide to add them. These will make a pefect gift as Holiday Season is upon us!!

You deserve these Sis!! We deserve nice things!! Besure to browse RoseForever.com

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