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Happy Wednesday friends! I can only pray that everyone is having a great week!! So today I figured I would share a few of my favorite items with you! These are things that I use just about daily!! A lot of these items I discovered via recommendations from you guys!!
I have them numbered, but they are in no particular order. They are all equally used and loved by me! So we are going to just jump right into the list!! I will add that most of all the items can be found on For me, Amazon has become my go to place for everything, because they have literally EVERYTHING. And it helps tremendously that I have an Amazon Prime membership! This entitles me to FREE 2 day shipping and even 1 day shipping in some instances!!
Check it out, seriously, at least try the 30 day Free trial!! The holidays are upon us and it will come in handy!!
But without any other delay, let’s get into my “ Favorites” list!!

  1. Continuous Spray Bottle This bottle is so neat! I love having a continuous spray of water, or whatever custom mix , or product that you may decide to use in it, to care for my hair. Whether it’s one of my curly wigs or my natural hair.
  2. Car Dash/Windshield Mount This gadget is one of the best things smoking! It makes handling my phone in the car an absolute breeze. I’m able to see my phone really good while I use my navigation while driving. The arm swivels sand rotates nicely should you need to move it around. The suction cup is super strong.
  3. Saturday Skin Water Glacier just feels so magical on my face. Not to mention that it leaves my face super hydrated and feeling really soft to the touch.
  4. Rose Quartz Jade Roller is one of those tools that just enhances your skincare routine. It’s fun to use and it helps your skin in so many ways. I’ve been using jade rollers for years now. Here’s how I use it:
  5. Ring Camera Peephole this device is sooooo cool! I love being able to see what’s happening around my home whenever I feel like checking in. And it alerts you when others are near your door. For me, I love seeing how my packages are being delivered. And I’m also able to keep an eye on them while I’m at work!
  6. Canisters are great way to glamorously store small items in your home. I use them currently in the bathroom for cotton balls and cotton swaps as pictured. But you can use them on your desk to store things like thumb tacks, paper clips, and other desk items that could clutter it up.
  7. Gold Flatware just makes you feel glamorous when using it. And it looks so beautiful when your table or bar cart is set/setup. And guests will always compliment your flatware.
  8. Echo Dot has proven to be a big help. When I initially purchased it, I wasn’t sure how I really felt about it. I just wanted it because I’m a gadget junkie. But as it turns out, Alexa has become one of “Good Judies”! She greets me every morning with a custom script I created for her, informs me of the weather, traffic situations, and news briefings. I also control my porch light via my Alexa app. She’s truly an in home assistant!
  9. Leatherette Headbands are a new obsession for me! I have a big collection of them now that I’ve fallen for head band wigs. These are of great quality and super cute!
  10. Plush Bath robes just should be everyone’s favorite! This is the 2nd thing I grab right out of the shower aside from my fowl to dry off. I love lounging and doing my makeup in my bath robe.
  11. Facial Spin Brush is a must have in your skin care collection. It’s one of those items that I use at least twice per week. I really enjoy as well as look forward to using it. Gives the skin a deep clean leaving it feeling clean and more susceptible in receiving and retaining your moisturizer!
  12. Glass Coffee Mugs are very important part to the start of my mornings!! I love preparing my coffee in these mugs. It’s just something about watching your velvety smooth creamer flow into your House Blend Starbucks coffee. These mugs help create magical coffee moments!
  13. Bar Carts are a necessary luxury. At least that’s what I tell myself! Lately I’ve been styling mine and practicing using it for this holiday season. I’ve had mine for 2 years. They honestly glam up a room when it’s styled with your nice stem ware and bottles.
  14. Gimbal is new to my gadget collection. This device has me in love with my mobile phone all over again. I’ve been recording short smooth videos with this gimbal! Absolutely no shaky videos! Perfectly smooth videos.

It’s the simple things for me!

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