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Cute Boots | walmart 2020

Im so here for it!! Girl!! I could not wait to get this post up for you!! These BOOTS ARE EVERYTHING!! Walmart did not come to play with us this Fall/Winter 2020. So many cute boots and ankle booties to choose from! They even have over the knee boots! And Girl, I havent even mentioned the fact that they have tall boots for us “Big Legged” girls!! WIDE CALVED BOOTS … can I get a “Whoop Whoop”!!

But here are the 3 pairs of boots that I hauled in today! These boots give me all the “Thrills & Feels”!!

Im so in love with each pair I was able to snag! I went to 3 different Walmarts looks for these boots in my size! They are selling as fast as they can stock them!! These are boots can be styled in so many ways, either up or down, jeans or dresses! And they look good enough to be paired with designer items as I am a high low mixer! I love partnering with my exspensive items with my pricey items… I have always been that way. I guess I just love fashion!

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