My Vitamin Routine

Ok, Sooooooo … I thought I would share with you what vitamins I enjoy taking almost every morning (especially during the Fall & Winter months)! I feel that it is very important for me to take these as regularly as possible to keep my immune system high and to help fight off all possible “heebie geebies” that could result in me becoming sick.
I work especially close to others and it can be fairly easy for me to contact something! Though, it is a requirement to wear a mask at my job, you can never be too careful as it pertains to your health.
So for me, my daily dose of extra immune support is in order! These are vitamins that I take. I do prefer a gummie form over a tablet or capsule. Gummies just taste a more pleasant and they feel less like a supplement or medicine. (But that’s just me…)
Nonetheless, here are my vitamins of choice:

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies:  I take these for weight management, gut and immune system health, and to help with my energy levels. These gummies have a pleasant taste unlike taking a traditional shot ACV. The amino acids in ACV, potassium, and enzymes can help relieve fatigue. And the Goli gummies provide a source of B12 which supports cardiovascular health. I take 2.

Tumeric Gummies: These are to prevent and relieve back and joint pains. I work a demanding job that requires lots of bending and lifting. And the aid in the speedy recovery from performing strenuous movements and activities. Tumeric has also been linked to healthy eyes, skin, improved cardiovascular health, mood, and aging. I take 1.

Elderberry Gummies: Elderberry gummies are just yummy yum yum! And I love them because they help boost the immune system, fight cold and flu viruses. I experience less inflammation and swelling. I often suffer from frequent headaches and I have noticed a decrease in the duration in which I have the headache. And these were recommended to me by a friend and I have been taking them since. I take 1.

Vitamin C Gummies: Vitamin C has always been my “go to” at the first sign of a sniffle. I have been taking these for years as it has always been said to increase your vitamin C when you are sick. These gummies do the trick and they taste so good lol like candy. I take 2.

I hope this helps or encourages you to being a vitamin regime!

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