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O…M…G GEEEEE! Macy’s is having a really good sale right now! Especially on the Boots. I found 5 pair that I’m adding to my collection! These are super cute and stylish. I normally wear tons of brown boots and shoes so I opted to order black boots to begin the winter months. Besides… I have a few black handbags that I would love to put in heavy rotation this winter. So, I’m vowing right now to get more wear out of my black bags and to style the HECK out of my new black boots.

I feel like my selection is very well picked, we have both tall and short boots. All of which can be styled in so many ways!! Both up or down, great for work or play.

Ankle boots are great for work or play as the same with tall boots! Though with tall boots, they can dressed either up or down, jeans or dresses, and you will look well put together. Over the knee boots can be a horse of a different color! I feel like you have you to strategically put the outfit together depending upon the occasion. But over the knee boots look great when worn correctly. But by all mean, do whatever makes you happy, I, personally, just have my own way of styling them.

But browse my selection, maybe you will see something that inspires you.

Though I can browse the Macy’s website for hours!

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