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A Beautiful breakfast in…

The restaurant scene is still a bit different these days and or you may be still hesitant to have a “sit down” meal in a public setting. I totally understand it. But for me, I have been visiting restaurants and having indoor dining experiences. I just have to get out and be social from time to time.

But in today’s post, I have a fun way for you to enjoy a rather “Boujee” breakfast or brunch at home! Im all about a great at home experience as well! So here is how I treat myself to an appetizing experince in my very own home. I do this whether I am dining alone or with a freind. Though I must that friends always get an exciting kick out the “Boujee” experience I try my best to create.

I love creating a designer theme!

Any chance I get to use my tea cup set is a win for me! The set always puts me in a good mood, makes me feel both inspired and productive! I hope this post inspires you to do all the little things that make you happy!!

So pull out the fine china and those serving trays that you rarely use and USE THEM! Next, take to Pintrest and print out some nice shapes or logos and create a stencil for your coffee or tea!

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