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My Current Skincare Regimen + MixEasy

I am so happy to be sharing with you my skin care regimen! You guys have been asking for this for some time now. I will admit that my product brand selections does vary, and does often change as I am afforded the opportunity to try new exciting products. MixEasy recently granted me the opportunity to try a few products from their line up. I opted for the facial cleanser and eye cream. Those are two of my main skincare products that are a must have. Though I tend to stick with the same products as I have learned what works best for my skin. I understand that many of you are confused on the order in which skin care products should be applied.

For me, I begin with cleansers that both cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. I consider my skin to be combination ( both oily and dry). My T-zone area is oily, whereas my cheeks can suffer from slight dryness from time to time (usually during the winter months… which is typical for most). I do enjoy using a facial brush with my cleansers when washing my face, neck, and chest.

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Once my face is nice and clean, I pat dry or use a damp cloth to remove excess water from my skin. After a few minutes, my skin should be calm. Then I add my face serums then my under eye serum/cream. Once I have given those time to set in and settle into the skin, I begin to add my moisturizer. And I never sleep without my lip balm.

Here is a helpful guide to walk you through your new skin care routine.

  1. Cleanse/Exfoliate
  2. Toner, Mist, or Facial Essence
  3. Treatment Products (acne spot treatments)
  4. Face Serums
  5. Eye Cream
  6. Moisturizer
  7. Facial Oil
  8. SPF Sun protection
  9. Lip Balm With SPF
  10. Makeup (primer, foundation, concealer, powder, etc.)

I really hoped this post helped in beginning your routine are adding a few products to your existing routine.

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