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Collagen: The Secret To Perfect Skin

There are loads of remedies and ideas out there to help you get amazing skin. What if I told you that the secret to perfect skin was hidden within your skin the whole time?! Well, it’s true! Collagen is the secret to fantastic skin that will look clear, hydrated, and soft. To help you understand this magical thing, I’ve put together a mini-guide that explains what it is, why it benefits your skin, and how you can get more of it:

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most common protein in the human body. It is found throughout your body, including the skin cells. Therefore, it plays a huge role in how the body works and how your skin looks. I won’t go into too much detail on this as it can get very scientific. If you are keen to learn more about collagen, Live Science has a great article you can read.

What are the benefits of collagen?

In the entire body, collagen has a variety of different benefits. However, for the purpose of today’s article, we’re only looking at your skin. So, how does it benefit this? Well, collagen is responsible for the firmness of your skin and providing it with a solid structure. Think of it as the poles in a tent – get rid of the poles, and your tent just flops down and becomes very loose. But, with the poles in place, the canvas is nice and taught, creating a firm and smooth tent surface. 

The same thing happens to your skin – it maintains structure and shape through collagen. Alongside this, collagen is also responsible for keeping your skin hydrated. As a result, people with a lack of collagen in their skin cells will see quite dry, wrinkly, and loose skin. Increasing your collagen production and maintaining a good level of this protein will improve your skin and make it look younger, firmer, and clearer. 


How do you get collagen?

As mentioned earlier, collagen is found in your body – your body produces it by itself. However, you can slow down your production of this protein for a number of reasons, the most common of which is old age. So, how do you get more of it in your system?

You’ve got a few options, the first of which is a collagen supplement. These come in tablet or powdered forms and can be taken daily. It’s an easy way to maintain a good supply of collagen throughout your body. Alternatively, you may consider something like this Soma laser treatment. Essentially, you use the heat from a laser to wake up the collagen cells in your skin and encourage them to multiply once more. The third option is to use creams or ointments that contain collagen in them. Most anti-aging creams have it, though this is believed to be the least effective option. 


So, now you know the wonders of collagen and how it helps your skin remain in perfect condition. There’s no way of knowing if you lack collagen other than looking at your skin and seeing the condition. But, there’s also no such thing as having ‘too much’ collagen! If you want to delay the signs of aging and keep your skin in great shape, you should definitely think about increasing collagen production. 

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